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St Leo East End Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, im just about done with this trifling skank whore from st. Leo. She used to be a barmaid who made out with her clients for more tips, then she would leave with them that night and f’ them for cash. Prostituting ass trifling ho. i wouldn’t let this b**ch come near me cause you could get an drd just looking at this whore. Shes f’ed literally every man shes ever worked for in the bars shes worked in and shes f’ed most of the clients too. She drinks like a fish and f’s any man who will give her the time of day. Her name is Virginie Mallette (on fb and in real life) and if i ever have to deal with this b**ch again .

I spy a flapjack gap.- nik

Two-faced Disaster

carina wtf

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here you have a beautiful disaster. Well actually the worst catastrophe I’ve ever met. She’s the best liar and manipulator you’ll ever encounter and she loves to use her fluttering eyelashes and her big boobs to get what she wants when she wants. Obviously she doesn’t mind opening her legs up either for a different guy or gal or more every day either to get what she wants or just ’cause she’s bored. And trust me I would know I lived with her, I helped her get clean off her me** addiction and numerous other drugs. But in the end she thought the best way to repay me was to steal from me and every other friend she ever had. And she’s such a dumb whore!!! She’s deathly allergic to THC and chocolate and the stupid b**ch will eat and smoke it every day and get allergic reactions so violent she has permanent nerve damage! BEWARE she may act all cute and innocent but she’s the worst drd you’ll ever catch!

Sticks it to Anyone


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet this User nick named Toodzhin is a 42 years old male that lives with his parents almost his entire life on welfare undergoing investation for fraud in Nova Scotia back in Montreal loves sugar daddies and sugar mommies. but watch out. he has no loyalty what so ever & cannot be trusted. all he cares about is what you can give him. professional pot head and gamer he spends his life on games and smoking pot. He dose not commit to anyone and if he does he wants something. has no problem sleeping with your girlfriend. manipulator he will tell you everything you want to hear.

Verdun Slag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s bout time somebody put this girl on blast she is the biggest slut f*cked and sucked every dick in high school and in verdun. This fat slut f’ed every guy at the restaurant she worked at only got the job from f’ing her boss thats how she gets all her jobs she f’ing her fat 50 year old rich boss now braggin how he trippin over her but he got a small dick, f’ed all her fathers friends she still sends me nasty ho picks of her tits saying she wants to suck my chocolate rod last time she sucked me raw and scared my dick from her front snagged tooth. she hangs her tits out she likes having the smacked and sucked on and telling me she wants to ride me and shave my balls she like to be rough and in charge dirty ho gave a guy warts and nobody wants her shes a washed up slut they all know she spreads easy and spreading warts. was f’ing her cousins man. don’t go spending the $75 at the Mtl sex show to see her you can f’ her for free dirty bar drunk brings all men home and her kids see her with guys n and out and flashing her tits is her fav stay away from this whore ask anybody and they tell you what she is known for .

Miss Steal Your Man


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is rosanna campisi, st Leonards biggest hoe bag. This dirty slut has 2 kids with my cousin and decides that she wanted to bang my man unprotected. They’re both f’ing pigs and I can’t stand them for putting my children and I through this. This girl really doesn’t mind being used like a year old dirty tampon. She really needs to start focusing on her kids instead of how many co*ks she she can take in her mouth. She even f’ed her cousins ex and one of her really close friends ex too. She just really doesn’t know how to get a man of her own. No man wants to stay with her cuz everyone knows she’s worth nothing but a nut. Rosanna I’m coming for u. Have hands when I see u cuz I swear I’m gonna knock ur ass down to size when I see u. The both of u are selfish pigs and should be ashamed of urselves.

Olivia Evans Dirty MFC Cam Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she can block her cam page from local viewers- truth is her pic is all over the internet cause people post screen shots. Just search schoolgirlivy mfc. She has a list of things she wants bought for her on Amazon- check out her twitter @schoolgirlIvy. She will even give you free shows thru snapchat but you have to send her money to get her name. She whines how her family is all fucked up, how her dad was never around. Dirty girl needs a bath.

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