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Henderson aka Dj skinny uses women for money


This guy uses women and his baby mother for money and Begs them until they say yes and his kids are hungry and hes posed to be Dj and hes using women and would even go down to suck their p*ssy to get the money our to just have sex that’s his signature move his tongue does the work any women that has sex with this guy has no respect for them self he still live at home with his mom until she kicks him out he looks for another women to manipulate go fine a job and hold a job cause Dj thing is not for you if you using women for money and not getting payed enough and wash does dirty dreads thats why you on the DIRTY

Those hands are killing me.- nik

Skid Stain Reesie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is doodoo stain reesie I call her that cause if you got rid of her ’05 side bang hairstyle she has a huge sh*t stain on her forehead anyways that’s the least of her problems… This girl has a f’ing daughter that got taken away from her cause literally all she does is party ! She “works” for an agency called Purple mango dolls and basically what they do is go from club to club escorting and being ratchet with their fat selves. Girl hit the gym with those chunky legs and TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN DAUGHTER! do it for the sake of the child so she doesn’t turn out like you! Oh and btw REESIE I would get some lazor removal done on those ratchet tattoos you have going all over your chest , hands and back YUCK..just made ur body so much worse. Anyways I have lots more to say but you guys get the point.

Some Type Of Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, where do I start with this bitch?!? She had two kids for a guy that was never with her and she can’t take care of them, always looking to leave them somewhere so she can go party and whore around!  She’s out twerking in the club and at hotels but struggles to feed her kids, uses their government money to buy new weaves and to go clubbing. Bitch you need to take care of them kids before hey end up just like you.

40 Year Old Child


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start? lmao this guy! this guy is in love with bathroom selfies! he’s a lying insecure dirty b*tch! he cheats on his girlfriend(s).. he thinks he’s living the thug life at 40 years old.. he’s another wanna be rapper! he’s verbally and mentally abusive.. he’s manipulative and completely psycho! he will seclude you and control you! he is in a relationship but still sleeps at his ex’s house! he’s hypocritical and a liar. he is 40 but acts 14. don’t get me wrong he will draw you in and put a hold on you… but it wouldn’t be very unhealthy.. I really dont understand what anyone sees in him.. wouldn’t be surprised if he fukd everyone and part of the animal kingdom! I cant believe hes not up here already! I know you girls wish you thought to put him up here! everyone deserves to know about this dirty bird..

St – Henri Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you think the other girls on this site is bad? Ha well well, you have no clue.that is NATASHA BERRY.a.k.a the night crawler. this is the definition of hot rotten garbage! The no brain stripper in montreal. She call her selfVANILLA! WTF iT makes me never want to eat not drink vanilla shit ever!! She have a son. She doesn’t take care of !! At all!! All she does is vaccum and jump on it. she got no teeth she have dentures (blllaaahhkkk))) gross cause she doesn’t brush her teeth. She think she cute but NOT she think she fine but HELL NA she think she proper but F*** NO!!!!! When you see her it makes you say “”””WHAT IS THAT!!?????!!! But anyhow let’s see how much comment this trifflin crotche gets.

That hats for toonies.  I decided.- nik

Purple Mango Dolls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Purple Mango Dolls, lol. Let’s just stop right there, who the fck in their right mind calls themselves dolls and your an adult. S/O Reesie who probably forgets her daughters name after the drunken/escort nights she goes through and Becky who can’t even take car of her child and is mad at her baby father for leaving her escorting ass. But number 1 shootout goes to Sasha the ring molly poppin/pepsi snorting leader haha. This girl has no idea how to manage and run these girls. She relies on money from her fraud scamming lightskin tall dude with glasses whose name is Jamie. I can’t believe my city has allowed these girl to carry on with this behavior for this long it’s sad. Just #purplemangodolls on Instagram to find all these hoes/escorts Fella’s they all have boyfriends which will make the f’ even better .

I love how those muffin top sweaters were added to the outfit.- nik

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