40 Year Old Child


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start? lmao this guy! this guy is in love with bathroom selfies! he’s a lying insecure dirty b*tch! he cheats on his girlfriend(s).. he thinks he’s living the thug life at 40 years old.. he’s another wanna be rapper! he’s verbally and mentally abusive.. he’s manipulative and completely psycho! he will seclude you and control you! he is in a relationship but still sleeps at his ex’s house! he’s hypocritical and a liar. he is 40 but acts 14. don’t get me wrong he will draw you in and put a hold on you… but it wouldn’t be very unhealthy.. I really dont understand what anyone sees in him.. wouldn’t be surprised if he fukd everyone and part of the animal kingdom! I cant believe hes not up here already! I know you girls wish you thought to put him up here! everyone deserves to know about this dirty bird..

St – Henri Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you think the other girls on this site is bad? Ha well well, you have no clue.that is NATASHA BERRY.a.k.a the night crawler. this is the definition of hot rotten garbage! The no brain stripper in montreal. She call her selfVANILLA! WTF iT makes me never want to eat not drink vanilla shit ever!! She have a son. She doesn’t take care of !! At all!! All she does is vaccum and jump on it. she got no teeth she have dentures (blllaaahhkkk))) gross cause she doesn’t brush her teeth. She think she cute but NOT she think she fine but HELL NA she think she proper but F*** NO!!!!! When you see her it makes you say “”””WHAT IS THAT!!?????!!! But anyhow let’s see how much comment this trifflin crotche gets.

That hats for toonies.  I decided.- nik

Purple Mango Dolls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Purple Mango Dolls, lol. Let’s just stop right there, who the fck in their right mind calls themselves dolls and your an adult. S/O Reesie who probably forgets her daughters name after the drunken/escort nights she goes through and Becky who can’t even take car of her child and is mad at her baby father for leaving her escorting ass. But number 1 shootout goes to Sasha the ring molly poppin/pepsi snorting leader haha. This girl has no idea how to manage and run these girls. She relies on money from her fraud scamming lightskin tall dude with glasses whose name is Jamie. I can’t believe my city has allowed these girl to carry on with this behavior for this long it’s sad. Just #purplemangodolls on Instagram to find all these hoes/escorts Fella’s they all have boyfriends which will make the f’ even better .

I love how those muffin top sweaters were added to the outfit.- nik

Joke of a Man


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this yannick Laving my friend dated this guy he is a complete A-HOLE, he cheated on my friend with his dirty ex, months before that he broke a home and almost got her killed BECAUSE the guy accused her of cheating with this a-hole, he uses girls for money, he can never make up his mind, he talks a lot of shit about the people he hangs with including the girl he’s with now, calls the cops on everyone when he can’t take the heat, he causes drama and then says he doesn’t like it, he’s the most dramatic person I know and he’s a real hypocrite to, he also pawns stuff for money he’s always spending his money on stupid things and also he says he’s been in mma with George st Pierre but never really was haha so montreal you have been warned

The biggest Sloot in Lachine


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik so this chick right here monica latrielle is such a whore she will have sex with anyone and she already has a man the one in the picture, she goes from guy to guy, shes slept with a whole entire house of guys a few months back, she always has money on her but she makes her boyfriends pay for her, she takes other people’s boyfriends and then drops them like it’s nothing and pretends like it wasnt wrong for what she did, she stalks people daily it’s really creepy, she’s 23 years old and still lives by her mom’s rules, she also tried sleeping with her boyfriends friends just to get some cash, booze and cigarettes,she is literally such a whore that she has a nick name monicock plus she has cly***da once and lastly she claims to hate drama but every other day she causes it and then wonders why at the end of the day why people are talking crap about her, I’m suprised her boyfriend can stand her ass and hasn’t dumped her yet montreal you have been warned and ladies watch your man

Walking Trash Conroy Edwards


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me please introduce mr Conroy Edwards a walking drd Conroy is in his late forties married got about 5or6 kids that still goes around sleeping with everybody in Montreal he is nasty let me tell you it’s like he never bathes his d**k smells like piss always like he doesn’t shake it off and he’ll put it in any girl willing to take it he thinks he’s gods gift to women and I don’t know why girls keep giving him their time although the girls aren’t much to talk about most recently he’s been with a certain cr*ckhead that’s been posted here this guy has no shame I feel sorry for his wife and girls beware he recently gave my friend a drd stop giving this guy Ur time ladies he has nothing to offer no education no money Conroy u are exposed act Ur age

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