Pepsi & Caviar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Imola  goes by the name of Gina travels to several different clubs Windsor Montreal known for her serious dedication & devotion of her pimps she hops & drops on the regular she is a 27 year old washed up Esscort who thrives on going to work every night to get hammered sniff pepsi bang customers in the back for chump change that fulfills her next bag ! She awake every morning with nothing on her continents but a line of pepsi & washes it down with a shot of Henny she’s a classy one a real Gem !! her fake tits & pen tattoos are quite appealing lmao she looks like she is the main character staring on Planet of the apes with her deep dark raspy un feminine voice she will f anyone who she suspects is doing big things mainly PIMPS DRUG dealers and TRICKS and if they have a child on the way or children in general she is right in there because her woumb is so polluted she cannot concieve her own ! She loves posting adds on back page Because it’s the closet thing to a photo shoot she has ever been exposed to !! You guys would really love her now let’s give her a round of applause here she is EBOLA

What’s with the cup.- nik

Priska the real scam


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m here today to talk about this filthy lying whore Priska Dimami. She is a pathological liar , originally from brampton came to montreal to study journalism in Concordia university , Wich is funny cause I was once her friend and use to hang out with her like almost everyday and dont recall her going to school once. She tells all of her friends hat she works in an office and pretends shes all innocent. Well, shes not she is an escort who has sex with a 50 year old man just so she can get free heels , purses and trips to LA. Be carefull, she moved in with few of her friends and Ive been told that she is also a cleptomaniac and wil steal everything and anything one of her close friends told me she even caught her wearing her panties.

This ones a head scratcher.- nik

Andrew Dawson is not a model Christian


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am posting a former colleague since this guy thinks he’s some prize. First of all, Andrew Da***n was given favoured treatment from McGill University Medical School because of his dad. Secondly, this guy is a country bumpkin who doesn’t know squat (other than theory) and he sucks as a doctor due to his mistreatment of people. Andrew is cheap and not a nice person, despite his appeal to “Jesus.” Didn’t Jesus teach humility and to treat people the way one wants to be treated? He’s jealous and overly competitive of guys. Other doctors don’t like him once they get to know him, since he’s an arrogant jerk. I would not want my kid treated by this dude, since he is not as patient as he should be. Sorry. It doesn’t help that he’s constantly flirting with whatever blondes he sees (even teens from what I understand). Please put this guy in check, since he can’t be going around hurting people and their feelings.

Quite the questionable shot with his legs in the air.- nik

Southshore Super Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the biggest whore in history of slores. Mikhiala Henry AKA walking DRD. She claims ot be in love with her man and his son but she goes around snorting pepsi and drinking with anyone who’ll pay for it. She’s been caught in mans homes broken up families. She claims to be a good girl but just like her brothers she aint nuthin but a drugged up idiot. Back stabbing cheating lying ho. anyone that touches gets a infection. shes soooooo in love with her man but when hes not around acts lilke she single. watch out you the pretty face can be make you a fool and get you next all it takes is a little drugs or boozxe and shed be all on you.

Sarah Chiovitti Lives Online


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this tramp is named Sarah Chiovitti.. she lives in Montreal and spends her time online on many dating sites , posting videos of herself on YouTube , taking selfies and putting on make-up . She also likes to smoke cigarettes ( 2 packs a day ) , she claims to be a child of Satan and she pulls out her own hair and laments about life saying she is a tortured soul . She hooks guys online with her slutty photos but in real life she is a blimp ! the girl is fat and sweaty and smells like an ashtray . She has many ‘ boyfriends ‘ . Sarah Chiovitti is a big fat lying parasite , she cheated with her boyfriend’s sister and says it was natural  Guys and Girls stay away from this Dirty Ho and you might just get away clean and without trauma from seeing her naked . Sarah is a headcase.. Multiple personalities , a big liar , a fake and a witch. Montreal beware !!! Sarah please stay out of Ottawa ! You left a trail of stank behind you here . If you like sweaty bbw’s try badoo or pof and look for this girl.

She’s not aggressive enough with her crop shot.- nik

Can Smoke but Can’t feed her kids


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Maria benoit is so nasty her house is never clean and she doesn’t have any food in her house. She rather smoke weed then feed her kids also she has sex with random men in front of her kids for drugs. Her friends dont even like her But she is two faced just like them Her baby father who looks likes smeagul from Lord of the rings doesn’t even want her..who wants to k** them selves over a man who dont even pay child support. This girl is so fat she has dirt rings around her neck. Can’t pay rent; clean her house; or take care of her kids.

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