I Need Some Advice


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, 26 year old guy here. Freshly divorced after I caught my wife cheating on me after 11 years together (we met sophomore year in high school). I obviously haven’t lived at all. I have had sex with one woman my whole life and I am ready to get after it. I want to leave every memory behind. I don’t want to live in this town any longer, I want to discover. I have been doing research and read an article on HP about the top 7 cities for singles. You have traveled all over this country and you have been there and seen it yourself. I make around $110,000 per year, I have an engineering degree so getting a job anywhere will be really easy for me. For being 26, good looking, athletic man where would you go if you were me? I don’t want to waste another day in my 20’s being miserable because of my dreamkiller.  Here are the top 7 cities.

1. Miami
2. Houston
3. New Orleans
4. Austin
5. Atlanta
6. Las Vegas
7. Nashville

If you are looking for consistent sex — Seattle. The chicks are decent, a little pale but they have sex to overcome depression. Plus, the sports life is good. If you are looking to rebuild a fun life for the next 4 years my only answer from the list would be Austin. Also, don’t get into any serious relationship again until you are 30. Be in love with yourself and the rest will fall into place.- nik

Danelle Hurst is now a daycare worker

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Danielle Irene hurst is been known for being a bad mom blowing smoke into a child’s face wishing she had an abortion and now a daycare worker in Arnold 2 people have stopped taking their kids to daycare because of her history its a total shock this is happening it’s good that informantion about her is posted on here so parents know who to trust she should not be able to take care of kids because of her drug/alcohol abuse around her kid she has been reported and they still have her? It’s very pathetic and low

Mr. 615 Has A Lamborghini And You Don’t


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, haven’t seen Mr. 615 on TheDirty forever. so here is an update. he is doing better than ever and is richer than ever. check out the Lambo he got several months back. where is your Lambo Nik?

I love how Mr. 615 still rocks the blue tooth.- nik

Warning: This Guy is Crazy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love the site! This is Jaime Chavarria. I dated this ass clown for about 6 months and things were going great ’til Halloween weekend. We rocked our costumes,went to a bar in my town, had a good time ’til we got back to my place. There’s no telling what he did when he kept disappearing whIle at the bar but he absolutely unloaded on me at my house (which I own). I shut (not slammed) my bedroom door to get him out of my face only to have him literally bust thru the door. I ran to my bathroom to hide. My firearm was in another room and unfortunately ran so quick I forgot to pick up my phone. I stayed barricaded for 3 hours!! Not sure why he didn’t barge thru that door but when I finally came out, my house had been destroyed!! Doors off their hinges, furniture turned over, food from the fridge strewn all over the house and my phone was missing. All this because I had hidden his keys (without his knowledge) before we went out that night because he started drinking early in the day. Needless to say I gave his keys back. Before this night, he had been kind, laid back, intelligent… exactly what I wanted in a partner. His actions overshadow any ‘quality traits’ he feels like he has. He has since told me the fear i felt that night came from his heart full of love (!!!!) I filed a report for the damages and could have prosecuted but I’d rather expose him here! Hope this alerts other females who may cross his path. He snifft around POF but may be on other sites, as well. Did I mention he works in Safety? And how ’bout those killer ninja sword tattoos?! Lol!

Hailey Snead Gold Digging Mommy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hailey Snead of Hendersonville/ Nashville Tennessee. Hailey Is a drug addict, loser who is an unfit mother. Hailey drinks and drugs it up every weekend, while god knows who watches her daughter. Hailey will spread her fat legs for any older man who she thinks has money. She recently was dating a 50 year old man and hated on every other girl to him. She will have three ways with other girls and her baby daddy, after being with a sugar daddy in the same day. Please put this SKANK hater on blast.

Chris Stacey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chris Stacey of Nashville, Smyrna, Murfreesboro. Chris is a 40 year old goober who thinks he is a professional softball player.. I thought chics played softball? Chris has a gorgeous sweet wife, until recently he was caught in Mickey D’s parking lot getting oral from a local scally. To make the situation worse, he was caught by his son! Chris takes steroids and uses a juiced bat in softball.. I guess to make up for having a tiny Greg.

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