THE DIRTY ARMY: What the hell is this? I seriously can not tell if this is a human or a beached whale. I almost vomited on my keyboard when I saw this.

I glad he is taking care of his flakes with Head and Shoulders.- nik

You Might Be A Redneck


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this the most white trash thing you have ever seen or what?

The best part is… she is not even pregnant.- nik

Sigma Chi At It Again

Sigma Chi at it Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Tuesday suspended Sigma Chi fraternity after newly unsealed court documents detailed a series of alleged hazing incidents, including one in which a stripper allegedly used a vibrator to anally penetrate a fraternity pledge during an initiation party.

Not for nothing, but Sigma Chi might be for the Gays.- nik




THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the Sigma Kappa Sl*t I was f*cking for a while, She had a file of pictures for her boyfriend that she let me have ;). Sorry CT.

Aren’t your shoulders suppose to be wider than your butt and hips?- nik

Movin’ On

She must be from Jersey.

Get Out Of The Water You Are Making It Look Fat


THE DIRTY ARMY: GROSS… you need to go on a diet.

All of you.- nik

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