How Come Cecil The Lion’s Life Means More Than A Childs


JUNIOR VARSITY:  Nik, Cecil the Lion has become a household name in less than 24 hours thanks to social media, TV news, talk radio and more, but why? How come no one cares about the countless children that die everyday in Africa because they can’t get food or water. Why aren’t all you IDIOTS posting these children on your FB to raise awareness… why the F*CK is Jimmy Kimmel not using his show to promote the dying children but goes out of his way to show so much love and respect to Cecil?

Deep JV 💯.- nik

OC Cakeface Ashley Nicole Floris


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Ashley Nicole Floris the biggest lesbian cake face in Orange County. This girl is a liar, cheater, hypocrite and wears more make up than Oprah. She will mess with you, talk 💩, mess with your head and pretend everything is fine. She wears so much make up to try and cover her ugly disgusting face and disproportionate features. She also is a dirty stripper that puts half naked pics on her Instagram showing her manly body.

Those 💅 were definitely done at the Westminster Mall.- nik

Nik Richie Is Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, WTF are you talking about here and defending the family now in all the posts about these trashy foks?! I’m over The Dirty. Nik, you seriously are not down enough for this site anymore. You are thanking Kim and Kanye on IG and posting their designs for baby shoes?! Really??? Can you please just be real in life? I bet it makes you so salty that now in life all the people you made fun of have millions while you and your wife scrape for any kind of media attn now. Ain’t nobody gonna give it to you. You are officially over. Go be friends with Kim and Kanye now. Bye!

Obviously your brain lacks the sarcasm card.- nik

Dale Cowan is a creepy bouncer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dale Cowan is a creepy bouncer at American Junkie. Dale it’s your job to keep people safe, not to try to force girls to date you by abusing your very limited power as a bouncer. Maybe if you weren’t such a wannabe and got a real job the girls you are hating on would actually want to hang out with you. Why don’t you and your tiny d*ck head back from whence you came.

Hand-me-down suit and a Smirnoff Ice…what a guy!- nik

Stephanie’s Photoshop FAIL


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this photo speaks for itself.  Stephanie are you serious with that photoshop it’s obvious you edit all your pictures you post, but this is just ridiculous. You are delusional for posting this and delusional if you think Being that skinny looks good!!

Where is the photoshop?- nik

Kendra Kennedy Needs To Stop


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I present you Kendra Kennedy aka Heaven Sapp. This girl is the biggest sloot in the entire OC. She is now web camming and claims to be fitness model. Her poor mother is a devout Christian and she is ruining the family name. Please blast her out so she will stop!

Is she serious with that chest? Tijuana special.- nik

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