Why Do I Get Treated Unfairly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got hurt in a oilfield accident in April 2013 broke my tibia, fibula, crushed kneecap, broke pelvic, cracked pelvic, dislocated shoulder. Was released on Jan. 31 2014 by my dr. in the state of Oklahoma they can stop your work comp as soon as Doctor releases you. Filed for unemployment they denied had to appeal fought for six months until I got approved.  Received till October till I was notified I exhausted my benefits. Still hadn’t received settlement finally get to have settlement negotiations they offer $80000.00, I decline two weeks later still no court date lawyer advises me that if I go to a trial I wouldn’t receive half that so at this point…. I’m tired and broken from the peasant they’ve made me become. I accept I only get 27,000 for after lawyer fees and back child support here I sit today disabled with no means of income and broke living off my mother who is 63 years old child support racking back up and the oilfield still receiving billions of dollars yearly. The accident wasn’t my fault by any means. I just want what I’m deserving of which I guarantee is more than this!!!

I feel for you bro, but you chose this path in life. Every decision we make guides us to who we become. You need to move forward and gain control of your life one day at a time… do not let someone else dictate your outcomes anymore.- nik

Elk City Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ron ONEAL is the most disgusting man I’ve met to date! He’s a cheater, a master manipulator, a player, a compulsive liar, and the list goes on.. He’s been in a relationship for 7 months with a girl that he has cheated on with 5+ other women who have all ran into each other and found out about his lies. He’s filthy.. And there is nothing charming about the guy. He spews so many lies from that unhygienic unbrushed mouth of his so please don’t be his next victim… P.S. He works at AT&T, lives in a shitty stinky apartment with nothing but a air mattress and a dog that he allows to tear all of his stuff up and shit on every inch of his carpet. He drives a Chevy pickup and a VW Jetta, and will claim that he only has 2 children when in reality he has 3. ALL BY DIFFERENT MOTHERS!! What a winner right?

This Hot Asian Girl Will Use You


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl supposedly gets a lot of dates with men. I tried really hard to be her perfect boyfriend but she didn’t appreciate it. She will use you and spend your money like her owns!!!!  She seems fun at first but slowly her true color shows!!!!!  She will go out and spend time with soon many man I’m not even joking.

Frank Anthony The Stripper in Poverty


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Frank Anthony. He goes by many fake names and will steal people’s identity and credit card info; so be sure to hide your wallets around him. He is a rapist and will beat women if he knows other men aren’t around. Be careful never to leave your drink around him; he has no problem slipping date rape and then bragging about it to others later. He’s been stripping since he was old enough yet never has a car, home, credit or any belongings. He lies and says his car is being fixed or something each time. His drug problem was so horrific; he slammed my co-workers head int gravel because he said she was a python. He doesn’t understand meth is ruining his life and makes him so paranoid. If you date him; check his credit and background. He owes every company money from apartments to cell phones. Since he has anger; he gets evicted from any place he’s ever lived. He punched holes in walls, throws anything he finds and has the temper of a two year old. I was lucky enough to get away after letting him live with me for months. Each day he claims he’s a super model and great dancer yet doesn’t have anything to show for it and is old. His legs are tiny but he works out his upper body with steroids so he looks very interesting. I had to throw him out after my mom visited and set you a hidden camera after I noticed things coming up missing. I was trying to be a good friend. He went into her purse and stole. Hours later; I caught him going through my closet. I was creeped out when I came home one evening and he had his cousin naked on my new recliner and was rubbing her in lotion. He claims they’re not first cousins and it’s over but I was never able to forget it. I’m finally getting my credit back in line after he scammed me numerous times.

You can’t judge someone with 2 first names.- nik

Beware of this Womanizer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. I want to warn all the ladies out there from Oklahoma, Texas area. I had the “pleasure” to meet this guy Jeff aka AJ awhile back at a local bar. He seemed very charming and surprisingly said he was never married, single professional who is contracted by the military in our town. Come to find out he’s nothing but a broke opportunitist, womanizer, cheater, thief and a true leech! He lies about everything and anything, from the fact that he lives with his dad ( I found out his father has passed years ago) but in reality he uses a friend who’s much older man to live rent free in that mans home! I did some research and found out he’s actually a window tinter in Lawton and has no connections with the military whatsoever. Also I found out he’s engaged to a woman who lives in another state and lies to her, cheats and uses the fact that she’s been with him for more than 8 years. He stole $ 20.000 from her and she kicked him out. I’m not sure why she would take him back but he cheated on her multiple times with other women. We spoke on the phone and I’ve heard a horror stories about him . I guess his single now since she kicked his ass to the curb. He’s nothing but a liar and a 43 year old loser who uses people and has nothing of his own. He started his window tinting business on that stolen money and works out of that mans home garage . I’ve contacted few of the people he’s been with and that all tell the same story. He cheated lied and used them all. The funny part is he’s quite the racist but he’s half black! Girls consider yourselves warned!

Deadbeat That uses Woman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy,Quinn Simmer,is the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever met ! He lives on the reservation in Ada,Oklahoma and spends all his time picking up single moms and helpless women to take advantage of them ! He is 22 years old and cant keep a job. He lies to women and tells them he loves them,so he can move in with them and take advantage of them,mistreat their kids and spend all their money. This bum has no where to live so he goes on fb and picks up women in nearby towns and begs women to give him money. He traveled to L.A. a few months back,and got a young woman pregnant and now refuses to take care of the baby !!!!! His excuse is “Im just sexy,I dont need a bitch ! ” Nik,please expose this homeless,trashy,begging,son of a b,for the garbage he is !!!!!!!

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