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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty ass bitch will sleep with almost anyone who will give her the time of day. she’s a leech, she dates people and sucks them completely dry in every way. she has a new gf every week it seems. she treats her friends like shit, and when she realizes that she’s lost everyone, she begs for her old friends back. she’s a thief, even has a mugshot to prove it. this bitch is just like her nasty mother. they have matching mug shots. classy. at one point she actually thought she had what it took to be an actress, she packed up and went to California only to go crawling back to her ex. she is the scummiest of all scum. stay far away!

From Jville To Otown & back again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this hoe bag’s name is Christina mullins. First I must say stay away from her (girl or guy), just cross the street when you see her. This bitch lived in jacksonville where she was horing herself out for weed, blow, pills and who knows what else, she got married (if you can believe that) at a young age & got divorced not long after (not surprised). She had a few kids by a couple of different guys, but she couldn’t afford to take care of them so her parents had to. She was working for her dad that owned a bunch of Mcdonalds but once he found out what she’s doing in the freezer/the bathroom/behind the building/in the parking lot & etc, he packed her shit up and sent her out to my city….better known as Orlando (bad move). When this slut was living here for a couple of years she was working at the mall and some other fast food places trying to make a dollar, but that didn’t stop her from going out and drinking and opening up her legs to some of the guys and girls in o-town that just wanted to hit it and quit it. The dirty little hamster some how got back to jacksonville (good riddance bitch, get out of my city) and she’s picking up where she left off. To the people of jacksonville if you are that desperate for a piece of ass, the only thing you have to do to get into between her leg (which I hope is a last resort), just buy her a few drinks and give a fake name and a fake story so that way she can’t find you afterwards.

Shirl Clark Is White Trash After All


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shirl Clark walks around Winter Park and downtown Orlando with a total diva attitude, turns out, she is just white trash, my gfs and I just found her mugshot, the charge domestic violence! Shirl needs to stop acting with such uppity attitude, after all, she is just as trashy as all the other people she constantly seems to sneer at.

Looks like roid rage to me- nik

Chilen Beauty in the 403

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aint much to say but this chick is the beautifulest in the 403. Clean classy chick. Its been a honour falling in love with her. I fukin miss her everyday. Nothing wrong with her. I jus wantef to put her on blast on her to show her beauty.

Orlando Porta Potty Madison


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I always see this wannabe Miley Cyrus chick with a tacky-ass spray tan out and about in South Beach/Orlando. Her and crew are always loud and annoying. I did some creeping to find out that this girl’s name is Madison. As I was creeping through her Instagram, full of “modeling pictures” and her and her crew at the Versace mansion lingerie party, it’s clear that this girl think she’s a model when she’s busted. When I googled her, n nothing concerning modeling or recording came up instead a arrest record for her popped up. Let’s be real – this girl is not model material. I have a funny feeling that she’s a porta-potty with some gross old GoPro to support her wannabe modeling/recording gig. What do you think, Nik? Do you think she’s model-material? How did this nobody trying to become hot sh*t in Orlando?

#TagYourSponsor.- nik

Old Slore

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty m*th hoe by the name of Ellen Katherine jumps from motel to motel looking for men black or white who have any kind of drugs especially MTH just to freeload off ur dope. Then when the men run of dope n money she leaves them high n dry. This hoe basically lives off the streets n crashes at random peoples motel room for free n then when she stays at their motel room she causes drama n as like she the victim to get attention. She always tallks shit about how her boyfriend beats her up which ain’t even true. Then she comes running back to her boyfriend for a day or two til he runs out of money. She basically just fucks any men n don’t take a shower for days. She doesn’t clean up after her self, she expects everyone to do everything for her like if she were a princess, which she’s far from one. Watch out for this hoe she jacks ur money n if u happen to fck her make sure u get checked cuz she was fuming a dope dealer who has H** without using protection. U can hit her up on Facebook: Ellen Katherine n you’ll see all the men she’s fuked in the past week. If you have a dub of ice she’ll suck u twice.

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