Goofy Compulsive Lying Junkie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creature goes by the name of Tylor Campeau. He is a compulsive liar and a thief. He has stolen several phones/iPods including mine, as well as scammed me out of $200 from my bank account. The guy even sold me a $25 Cineplex card for $15 so he could buy some acid. He got Devyn Guest pregnant and she had to get an abortion because of him, and he talks sh*t about her like mad for no reason. Tylor also tried to suck Austin Gowan’s knob for a gram of pepsi and got whacked with a crowbar for it. He will also start fights over Facebook and make people reach places and then not show up. When I ran into him shortly after the bank scam he gave me $60 back without me even having to threaten him. Just watch out for this guy because he will act extremely nice to you at first.

That room screams twink.- nik

Goof with no respect for women


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rob Goldblatt is a sick goof who needs to be called out. Rob cheated on his girlfriend from day one for 1 1/2 years. I know this because I’ve seen the texts talking sh*t about the women hes hooked up. Constantly sending texts talking about the appearance of women and the sex hes had with them. Who knows if he as a disease but I bet 100% that he does. Not only does he treat women with disrespect but his own family as well. Pretending to be his own brother calling in and changing all his personal info with various accounts he has. To treat your own blood like that is seriously disgusting. Rob Goldblatt is asking to be burned I’m posting this as I’ve had enough of hearing about how he disrespects women and family. He’s sick in the head. He’s on Tinder 24/7 searching for the next girl he can f’ over so stay away from him.

Cheatass Bro


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a discusting ass cheaters .. Behave ladys he lnows how to talk to you girl to get what he want .. Is good at manipulating girls .. He cheated on me with a other girl without using no comdom .. She didnt know he was with me .. He told the girl it was 1 year he disnt fck .. Mean while he was with me .. Discusting ass loser .. He always told me to trust him that hes not a cheater that hes loyal blah blah blah .. Anyways ! Wargning girl he migth be cute but hes a a-hole .. Woman beater .. That dont care about nothing .. He still live with mamy making her pay for evrything cause hes too lazy to go work..

That looks like a lady bun.- nik

Nick Bazinet Triple Threat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this guy out, there’s many manipulative guys out there but this one is for sure f’ed up, for real this guy cries and lies. Three of his ex’s confirmed it was good for me to expose for who he truly is. This guy will lure you in, he will act all innocent, tell you lies to make you fall for him. Straight up Nick Bazinet just because Dad didn’t want your ass doesn’t mean you can take it out on these sweet ass girls. He actually uses that as an excuse for everything he’s done wrong. These three girl’s names will not be mentioned for specific reasons. Ima start from the beginning. He cheated twice (that she knows of) and he spent an entire night asking girls if they were “dtf tonight” on tinder, he was constantly hiding his phone while texting, crying and apologizing to make her stay, talking to girls while she was sleeping, talking sh**…  (**life story removed**way too long)

King and Queen of ODSP


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are the undisputed king and queen of ODSP in Ottawa. While people are hard at work contributing to society these two are at home smoking “medical” marijuana, popping various “items” and washing it all down with “beverages”. They also hold the rewards for most frivilous legal aid uses in the years 2010 thru 2015, racking up millions of dollars in wasted tax dollars. If you as so much as look at them the wrong way on the street you can expect legal papers will be filed. They have so much time on their hands and vow to destroy anyone who may cross their paths. Nik please put their vows to the test !

Tara the talking trash can


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tara mooney, I don’t think I’ve met a dirtier girl. Actually I don’t know i would even consider this thing a girl it’s more of a nasty alien looking dog. Tara will sleep with anything that moves or that she can fit her big mouth around. Tara cheated on her boyfriend and lied to me that they broke up so she could get in my pants for alcohol. and gave me the c**p AND drd! She has ruined my life! She uses multiple men for drugs and alcohol without her boyfriend knowing. She does anything and everything with a man to satisfy her needs to be intoxicated. She pretends she’s a dealer when she can barely get enough c**ck to support her own addiction. She posts statuses about how she’s depressed and being a cra** dealer has emotionally destroyed her. When actually I know personally none of that is true. She’s never sold drugs in her life. She just tells people that so they will feel bad for her and because she thinks a drug dealer is a cool image to have for yourself.she has also cheated on everybody she’s ever dated and if you’re in a relationship she’s especially interested. She’s a boyfriend stealing slore. I’ve seen it firsthand. She toys with men’s heart to get whatever she wants from them then tosses them like trash on a highway.

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