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Slore of Real Sports


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start with this one? This ugly troll thing right here is the biggest whore I’ve ever met. She’s dating my boy who is completely clueless to her little shannanigans. She’s f’ed back of the house guys as well as front of the house guys, she’s let them gang bang her and dump their load all over her and even I was trapped into her stupid little game. She tries to make you feel sorry for her so you end up pitty f’ing her which turns out to be the worst sex ever. Dudes I’m telling you jacking off was more satisfying than anything that broad could do. Not only did I have to go through the worst sex of my life I soon found out after that the nasty hoe gave me an drd. All the while her boyfriend has no clue that she’s f’ing anything she can get her hands on. This hoe doesn’t care who you are, if you have a girlfriend or even a family back home.

Use a sharpie.- nik

Tatyana Blaedow Failing Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tatyana Blaedow, the best mother of the year! Almost as good as ChiChi the failing mother ! This girl smoked dope while being pregnant, when she was dating her ex. Not only was she smoking dope, but she was railing anything she could get her hands on in the McDonalds bathroom on Rideau. As if she wasn’t dirty enough already ? Talking about dirty, how many drd’s is this girl going to contract before she learns to wrap it. Already has one deadbeat baby daddy and trying to find another person to take care of her son that she doesn’t even have, cause drugs and selling her ass for money is more important. I would know, because she gave it to me. Her poor boyfriend knows she gave him drd, yet he doesn’t have the balls to confront her, cause maybe it was from when she f’ed his cousins. she bounces from crib to crib and sleeps with the guys to get what she wants. She just moved in with her new boyfriend( poor guy) he has no idea. Good luck getting your kid back while smoking mad amounts of weed making your canned potato’s for your amazing boyfriend who doesn’t deserve you.

Leslie Stenning Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here, Leslie Stenning, is the dirtiest homewrecker you will ever meet. She pretends to be your friend, but when you aren’t around, she’s trying to get in your boyfriend, or girlfriends pants. She also has drd, but refuses to tell people she has it before she sleeps with them. She stopped taking her medication, cause she’s busy getting speed, weed, booze and other drugs. And she wonders why she lost her kid ? Maybe instead of blowing sh*t up your nose, clean yourself up then try getting your kid back. She uses and abuses people, and acts like she’s queen sh’t because a lot of people know her. More scum of the earth right there. And sorry princess, those who know you left you, for your compulsive lying and ” bad habits”. No one has anything good to say about you. She’s threatened pregnant women numerous times, so obviously she’s mother of the year. Round of applause for cl” and drd you spread ! grow up Leslie, you’re being a bucktee. I feel bad for your kid, and hopefully people wrap it before they tap it. ./ fair warning, stay away from her, and keep your man or woman away from her as well !!

Phil Hudson-Berry God Father


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Here’s a winner. THIS dirt bad became his own god child’s father. Why cause his new fiancé child is sick and he wants to use her for her money. Clearly that’s what’s going on seeing as he cheats on her all the time. He gets shut down alot also. He has no respect for children as he takes his fiance money to buy his drugs eg speed ..pepsi.. weed and booze. He’ll never change he already lost his daughter. This guy needs to grow the f’ up stop being a whore and a mooch. Lives off her for free and sum. Guys a joke

Me?- nik

Goofy Compulsive Lying Junkie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creature goes by the name of Tylor Campeau. He is a compulsive liar and a thief. He has stolen several phones/iPods including mine, as well as scammed me out of $200 from my bank account. The guy even sold me a $25 Cineplex card for $15 so he could buy some acid. He got Devyn Guest pregnant and she had to get an abortion because of him, and he talks sh*t about her like mad for no reason. Tylor also tried to suck Austin Gowan’s knob for a gram of pepsi and got whacked with a crowbar for it. He will also start fights over Facebook and make people reach places and then not show up. When I ran into him shortly after the bank scam he gave me $60 back without me even having to threaten him. Just watch out for this guy because he will act extremely nice to you at first.

That room screams twink.- nik

Goof with no respect for women


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rob Goldblatt is a sick goof who needs to be called out. Rob cheated on his girlfriend from day one for 1 1/2 years. I know this because I’ve seen the texts talking sh*t about the women hes hooked up. Constantly sending texts talking about the appearance of women and the sex hes had with them. Who knows if he as a disease but I bet 100% that he does. Not only does he treat women with disrespect but his own family as well. Pretending to be his own brother calling in and changing all his personal info with various accounts he has. To treat your own blood like that is seriously disgusting. Rob Goldblatt is asking to be burned I’m posting this as I’ve had enough of hearing about how he disrespects women and family. He’s sick in the head. He’s on Tinder 24/7 searching for the next girl he can f’ over so stay away from him.

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