Tara the talking trash can


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tara mooney, I don’t think I’ve met a dirtier girl. Actually I don’t know i would even consider this thing a girl it’s more of a nasty alien looking dog. Tara will sleep with anything that moves or that she can fit her big mouth around. Tara cheated on her boyfriend and lied to me that they broke up so she could get in my pants for alcohol. and gave me the c**p AND drd! She has ruined my life! She uses multiple men for drugs and alcohol without her boyfriend knowing. She does anything and everything with a man to satisfy her needs to be intoxicated. She pretends she’s a dealer when she can barely get enough c**ck to support her own addiction. She posts statuses about how she’s depressed and being a cra** dealer has emotionally destroyed her. When actually I know personally none of that is true. She’s never sold drugs in her life. She just tells people that so they will feel bad for her and because she thinks a drug dealer is a cool image to have for yourself.she has also cheated on everybody she’s ever dated and if you’re in a relationship she’s especially interested. She’s a boyfriend stealing slore. I’ve seen it firsthand. She toys with men’s heart to get whatever she wants from them then tosses them like trash on a highway.

Caldwell’s Version of Tough


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kienan Reno part of the hard hitting and very tough street crew from Caldwell, Ottawa’s so called underbelly of sh$t. Kienan runs with all the “Homeboy Crew” as they call themselves hoping to one day be taken seriously. His street cred is backed up by the infamous Jordan Whelan, Jesse Thivierge and the other Ottawa “Thugs ” alreeady posted here on the dirty by the dirty army. He knows how to get the girls as he says but only gets 12 and 13 year olds, who think he is the next big street rapper… (why in Ottawa are all these wannabes hardcore rappers?) This guy is constantly getting beat up because he runs his mouth and cant back it up, he has a “studio” in his parents basement and has his boys over for pijama parties….. Nik in Ottawa with these idiots we are totally doomed as a society and the future is darker and darker…

Going nowhere but down


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cody Lamothe or ( little man) is the defintion of a complete and total loser! He literally is a little man… He’s like a little b**ch who has no accomplishments except for having a child and another on the way at 20 years old! He’s dirty, he complains all the time about shit that’s doesn’t matter while his gf is pregnant going to work at A&W 5 days a week. While he sits on his ass and does nothing. He’s just this small little insignificant turd who thinks he’s like f’ing lebron james cuz Cody has a embarrassing and obviously miss placed ego… This guy has no accomplishment what so ever to be proud of. He’s an idiot! He doesn’t even know to were condom! He’s broke with 2 kids, one on the way and there both with 2 different women… My suggestion stay away from little Cody Lamothe. He might get you pregnant or ruin your life like he has his girlfriend..

Tina the Travelling Tramp


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tina, she is Ottawa’s travelling tramp “hairstylist”. She will willingly travel long distances to exchange her services of “hairstyles” for cash and or product. This girl has so many drds that she needs an extra styling bag to carry the medications for them. Tina absolutely loves married men and offers a “hairstyle without any glove” special just for them. Tina is also a crazed stalker with a rap sheet that is longer than any line of product she can ever ingest. Her kids are always 4th or 5th in line depending of what travels she has lined up and what she can get as far as her product of choice… Stay clear of the skeletor looking thing…..

She needs to fire her hair stylist.- nik

Danish Warsi Wants Shariah Law in Canada


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is pure evil. he beats women, hates canada, always berates canada and talks about how great pakistan is. he says he is only in canada to take advantage of the system and try and bring shariah law to ontario. if you arent muslim, in his opinion you deserve to die. he is a serious threat to our security. he can barely even speak english. he beats women and thinks he is so cool. if you see this man, turn the other way, asap.

Yves and the Classless Ottawa Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the up front runner for the classless trash award must go to Yves Belanger and his crew. Yves is well known in the Ottawa area for his criminal activities and for being the biggest snitch there is. He has a wife that he constantly cheats on while he is away on “business trips” and kids that he thinks he is the world’s greatest dad to, which is the furthest thing from the truth. When he discovered he had an drd gift from a recent trip he blamed his wife for not being hygienic enough… Like wtf? Yves owes so much money to people he is in a constant state of hide and seek. Well Yves the dirty army has you locked down and is about to blow your game up.

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