Yves and the Classless Ottawa Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the up front runner for the classless trash award must go to Yves Belanger and his crew. Yves is well known in the Ottawa area for his criminal activities and for being the biggest snitch there is. He has a wife that he constantly cheats on while he is away on “business trips” and kids that he thinks he is the world’s greatest dad to, which is the furthest thing from the truth. When he discovered he had an drd gift from a recent trip he blamed his wife for not being hygienic enough… Like wtf? Yves owes so much money to people he is in a constant state of hide and seek. Well Yves the dirty army has you locked down and is about to blow your game up.

Chris Ratfogolin Garbage


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser was conning everyone he met out of all their money so he can lose it at the casino. He uses his Mothers love for him to suck her dry slowly killing this poor lady. All for cr*ck coc**ne and gambling. The rest of his family have disowned him and he is staying at drug rehabs and other rent free government facilities this also allows him to find new victims for his pleas of needing money to pay off debts. He says he is solid but having an Italian name doesn’t make you solid. He has involved the wrong people in a scam he commited and when caught the piece of sh*t told police it was them and not him. This f*ck has been playing a weasel for way to long and I’m glad to say he gambled one to many times. F*cking Fugazy.

If your married she’s interested


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wanda can’t keep a husband so she borrows other women’s husbands. She knowingly dates them and seem to think that they are now hers. She is delusional she calls the wives and tells them that she’s the girlfriend and that the wife is a nobody compared to her. She believes what the men say and thinks that the wives are the liars. She is old and ugly. Lies about her age and thinks she’s a catch. Lol. If anything you’ll catch something from her. You would think at 53 years of age she would of grown up but she acts like a kid with no common sense But in the end she’s always alone. What a life she choose to live. Karma will get her good and keep getting her until she learns that being a whore and dating attached men is wrong. Women should stick together so men can’t get away with cheating but I guess when you desperate you’ll believe and do anything a man says.

Got Bruce?- nik


Homeless Wigger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Cody Pagnan (the white one lmfao) better known as “WOP”. This guy thinks he’s the hardest guy in the south when in reality, he’s about as soft as the pillsbury dough boy. Where do I start? When he’s not drinking or poppin Molly, he’s looking for girls to bang. Can’t find any? That’s ok he will make it up and tell everyone then when you find out? Blame it on being drunk. Classy. Anyways Cody here brags about his rapping LOL he’s even worse than Jordan YOLO and that’s saying a lot. Haha he likes to steal and take advantage of as many people as he can and f; girls he just met on their living room floors. Just heard one of them he f’ed is also pregnant. Hahahahaha oops. No guys in all seriousness he’s super badass, his parents don’t even know he smokes cigarettes. #thuglife.

Looks can be deceiving


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I barely even know where to start with this thing.. Its f****ing crazy and has absolutely no morals, itll sleep with anything it finds even mildly attractive its always out and about doing god knows what and even though it goes around doing whatever it pleases without considering anyone elses feelings not even their partner It has the balls to snap when your out with your friends just hanging It cries and pouts like a baby seal when it gets caught being a slore and tries to whine its way out of sh*t Its simply pathetic to watch one freakout like a baby when its a grown person Grow up get your f***ing s**t together and worry about yourself

Counters don’t lie.- nik

POF teaser

Nik, this is Ally the biggest tease on POF. She isn’t serious about finding her soulmate. She only cares about bringing nice guys down and making them look bad. She doesn’t meet a lot of guys because she is a combination of a two-faced witch and a bully. This girl needs a reality check by moving out of her parents house for starters and some growing up to do. She won’t make it working at Wal-Mart but she should be lucky she isn’t working at the Nuden.

Whose she hugging?- nik

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