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Cowboy Gangster


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ottawa’s cowboy gangster. He rides all the youngest, infects anyone he can with drds and all from the comfort of his mom’s couch. He also claims to be the leader of the notorious west side and kids fear him across the city. Of course as hard as he is his mom and dad still drive him from place to place our give him bus tickets and change to call home….. He is one Ottawa boy you never ever want to cross onto his bad side.

Questionably forgy.- nik

Crystal bossi – update


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and fellow Ottawa citizens what the deal on crystle she was recently arrested for assaulting an uber drive along with Jesse Karan and Farouk timbilla there hasn’t been an update in over a month about any of them , are Jesse and crystle still working at the strip club and are they still allowing crystle to continue the law degree , she lost custody of her daughter whom is living with her mom and crystle is living back at her moms aswell , she back to escorting on the side to pay lawyer bill . All after bragging months ago how well she’s doin . Thank God for the karma train is all I can say

Also See: Crystal aka Christay Karamel

Disgusting Teacher


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the biggest cum dumpster thief of Ottawa, Kayla Horvat. This dirty little gutter pig is a teacher by day, bartender by night giving handjobs behind the dumpster at The Playmate to the big tipping customers, goes back inside without washing her hands and continues to serve drinks and steal from customers for her Molly addiction. I’ve heard this donkey brag about stealing kids lunches when she comes down. If she teaches as good as she give handy jobs in the parking lots then she’s also a shi**y ass teacher because this beat up hoe is rough on the shaft but according to my boys can take a face full of man gravy like no other. whether she serves you drinks or teaches your kids be careful. She’s known to have drd but at least the other infections are curable.

Another wanna be rapper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Matthew Clement (the white one lmfao) better known as “Casper”. This guy thinks he’s the hardest guy in the south when in reality, he’s about as soft as the pillsbury dough boy. Where do I start? When he’s not drinking or poppin Molly, he’s looking for girls to bang. Can’t find any? That’s ok he will make it up and tell everyone then when you find out? Blame it on being drunk. Classy. Anyways Casper here brags about his rapping LOL he’s even worse than Jordan YOLO and that’s saying a lot. Haha he likes to steal and take advantage of as many people as he can and f; girls he just met on their living room floors. Just heard one of them he f’ed is also pregnant. Hahahahaha oops. No guys in all seriousness he’s super badass, his parents don’t even know he smokes cigarettes. #thuglife.

Daren Russ is low-life pervert at Carleton university


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Daren Russ, the nastiest and perverted bastard to prey on unsuspecting university students..not only does he back in to campus dorm web cams, he uploads them to the web for all to see. U can find this disgusting slop looking down your shirt or up your skirt at any of the labs and library while you go about your day…you don’t need a university degree to know that he’s a fat piece of dog sh*t that leaves hidden cameras in the washrooms and change rooms while jerking off in his little cubby at work. Next time your in your dorm room hooked up to campus internet, look at your webcam and know this nasty slob is hacking it and stealing your files and recording you undressing completely unaware. This pos even asked if I would suck his greg in the library after hours…beware of this registered sex offender at Carleton university, he’s watching you and posting your every naked move on the internet..

Ottawa Hospital


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy 6 foot 4 ball of charm one of the most foul you’ll ever meet. Super nice when you first meet him, but Google any of his social media that he will say he “doesn’t have ” and you’ll find his wife who he has been with for ten years . She has no idea . Travels for work , from Toronto . Avoid Sean like He plague And he is bad in bed .

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