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Ottawa’s Version of Kylie Jenner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hunter Lynn Of Ottawa although she goes around telling everyone she is related to the Jenner’s. This girl keeps all the makeup companies thriving with the pounds of shit she uses on her face. One of the loosest ladies of Ottawa she is willing to go the extra mile for the right price, but don’t let this fool you, she is lose lose lose and full of drds. Her main lay is Brad Mclean who is in his words “the next up and coming singing talent” but he is also a 30 year old man who is hooking up with this dirty bondo applicator. She deserves to be up on the dirty simply because she is willing in a heart beat to belittle any other girl who makes her insecure or tries to challenge that she isn’t related to the Jenner’s or Kardashians…

Ottawa Deadbeats Unite


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest group of deadbeat dads in Ottawa… Literally. They all have multiple kids with multiple teenage girls and support non of them in any way and are all in their mid 20s. They think they are in a unique rock/rap/gangster hiphop band that is going to break through the scene and make them multi millions and fame and fortune to follow. These idiots spend their time ridding the city buses and “jamming” at various teenage girls houses in their basements perfecting their “break through sound” and partying with under age kids who supply them with smokes, beer and a place to rest their sorry asses.

Gross sabrina Beatrice Elizabeth Humphreys


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik. Sabrina Beatrice Elizabeth Humphreys is the most gross girl I’ve seen. Her hair is NEVER clean, her face is full of scabies and so is the rest of her body. She’s such a goof, she says she’s getting her life strait when all she’s doing is drugs and getting pregnant. She’s the biggest attention seeker and emo trash I’ve ever met. This girl will be in your boyfriends messaging. First she will ask if you’re still there, and if he says no she’ll say “I love you baby” and “so when are you going to break up with her to be with me? “. Girl NO ONE wants you. Your boyfriend is just using you for sex and the money you don’t even have. Skyla doesn’t even know how to dress. As you can clearly tell. She plays dumb as hell whenever she’s been caught. And she acts like her life is worse than the kids in Africa While she’s a spoiled brat. WHY DON’T YOU JUST CUT YOUR WRISTS LIKE YOU SAY YOU DO? p.s it’s pretty sad that you had to be posted up twice by the same person because you don’t know how to tell the truth. You’re a relationship destroyer. Bitch. Maybe close your legs and just maybe other girls wouldn’t call you an ugly whore. Also, the test came up positive. You have drd. Stop trying to hide it I saw the test results myself.

You’re not gunna get any compliments on your self cut hair.  Stop fishing.- nik

Wolf in Sheeps clothing


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is like the ugly gothic version of Mean girls Regina George. I have been her friend for several years and just cannot stand it anymore. She used to cheat on her ex boyfriend Mike all the time and pretend it was Okay. When Mike finally got wise to her s*it and started dating someone else this girl started spreading rumours about the other girl. She would pretend the other girl was stalking her ex, harrassing her and telling any person she could find what a horrible bi*ch that other girl was. That’s not all. This girl is rumour hungry because of how insecure and awful she is. Other offences include pretending a guy raped her, threatening to press charges against him and then telling every single person she met even that he raped her. She has completely ruined the scholarship she received to go to school. She blew it all and owes tones of money. She was pregnant for awhile and had a miscarriage. I know for a fact she was drinking constantly and not eating properly in order to miscarry then she whined and complained about it all the time for sympathy. She has also been searching for a job for ages and cant find one. So she just uses everyone with her sad sob stories in order to get favours from them. Christina you are no the victim you keep pretending to be.

Just because you have a smooth sharpie stroke doesn’t mean you should make them longer.- nik

Amanada lynne lepage aka MacMillan

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the most nasty chick alive she lost her son an doesn’t have him because she’s unfit she has a bf but sleeps with old men for money , she did drugs while she was pregnant an still does she’s a speed freak an drinks everyday of her life watch out girls she’s a home weaker who will ask your man if he wants head shell bang anyone in town she does needles has an drd CAS had to go in her house an take her kid BC he was being neglected she beats her men an try’s to say she’s being abuse doesn’t no her sons father never has food shell try an take your man an give him an drd she’s a slut walks the streets at night waiting to be picked up for money shell get so drunk an act like a crazy animal she has a BAd criminal record an can’t get a real job other then sucking dick an f’ing yup she’s a bad ass hoe no joke just feed her an shell give it out for free …

Some things should be left for the imagination.- nik

Look Out Ladies Dead Beat Dad


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dead beat dad Jibril Ahmed refuses to pay his court ordered child support for 2 children one of whom has a disability, however he has money to pay escorts and strippers for sex then post the pictures as evidence. What a low life loser.

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