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Yotta Life Has Made It

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out this video exposing Yotta Life! He doesn’t seem as of a gigantic douche as portrayed on TheDirty, but definitely still douchey. That said Nik, has Yotta Life finally made it?

Why so loud? Something is not adding up about this HoliLife.- nik

Who Is My Dream Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I follow this beautiful dime on Instagram. Killer body gorgeous face. She always posts pics of Versace shopping sprees and her brand new Porsche. She seems to be a perfect sugar baby and envied by many. Please tell me who this girl is and what club she’s at in Toronto. I must have her!!!! Anyone have any info on her?

The nose needs to be fixed… even filters cannot hide the tip girth. And the labia mouth is not pretty.- nik

Malpractice Just Needs Validation


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Tiffany posted this earlier and it just proves she is desperate for validation and of course all her little minions comment on it! Hey Tiff, you’re a Pepsi head, bulimic and a hot mess. Get some therapy and see a psychiatrist. It’ll help wonders!

Maybe her boobs are real?- nik

Jasmine Jamile Hooper Is A Pathetic Junkie


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jasmine Hooper, pretty much the Australian leper mixed with a bit of Shark Tales. I used to go to school with this broad and back in the day she was pretty hot. She actually came from a good family but she’s always been a try hard gangster b*tch that thought it was cool to hang out with criminals and junkies. Now only does she now hang around bikies and crackheads and broke losers with face tattoos, she seems to think it’s cool and makes her tough. 8 years later and unsurprisingly, she is totally NOT hot anymore and has clearly wrecked herself with drugs. She doesn’t just hang out with trash anymore, she well and truly has made the transition to just plan and simple being trash herself. Every now and again she will upload a video of her being “harassed” by the police when it’s really just her abusing them for pulling her up on something minor like speeding until they arrest her then she goes on Facebook and claims she was the victim of police brutality. She’s a pathological liar and claimed to be a “top model” on Facebook because she did some modelling for her mums company once and was in a seedy motorbike enthusiast magazine. Girl is on the dole and broke as hell, always begging people for lifts to the courthouse or her probation office but then still thinks people will believe she’s got money and designer stuff. Her friends from school and her family want nothing to do with her anymore because she’s such a disgrace but she deludes herself into thinking it’s not her fault. Now one of her junkie friends has stolen her car but she won’t report it because “F*cK da p0licE”. Jasmine sort your life out you junkie scum. You have well and truly hit rock bottom but tbh I don’t even feel sorry for you because you 100% brought it on yourself. You’re such a loser now it’s hilarious.

Does it say “Death Before Blow Jobs” on his forehead? Hooper you really need to LaserAway that sh*t. I really have no tolerance for face tattoos… makes ZERO sense to me.- nik

How Is Cindy Kilian Traveling So Much


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Cindy Kilian, I have this girl on Snapchat because her Instagram is hot, but she’s a shady one. Looks like she has guys flying her out all around the world, buying her everything she wants. Always with a new guy every night at the club taking care of her bottle bills and dinner tabs. Seems to live a pretty glamorous life on the expense of someone else. She doesn’t seem like nearly the smartest at all to be able to afford any of this. Caught her saying “this one must really be in love already if he’s buying me another flight” really?? You should be careful. Does she ever have clothes on?? Who’s mom is proud of something like this. A friend of mine was on seeking arrangement a few weeks back and stumbled across her profile, looking for “high financial expectations” of course lol. Any king street club album will showcase you her almost naked body on any given night. Saw her in The Weekend video too. What do you guys know about her.

Guys actually pay for this chunk? No way.- nik

Ryan Gosling’s Mentally Challenged Cousin Talon Reid


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this ugly piece of poop is from Columbus, Ohio. His name is Talon Reid. He is broke but pretends to have a ton of money on social media. He considers himself an actor/model/musician/DJ… yes, DJ.  I can’t stress enough how ugly this kid is. How in the world does he consider himself a model?  Anyways he goes to parties and takes photos with D-list, washed up actors. When he meets someone somewhat famous, he posts pictures of them and claims they’re his home girl or home boy. He brags about his party lifestyle and I just want to curb stomp him. I hate his face so much and everything he is about. He is the biggest douche bag ever and I can’t believe he isn’t already on this site. You should check his Instagram out, he tries so hard to be cool.

I don’t see any Gosling in him. Is that a front?- nik

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