Bre Tiesi Thinks She Has Us Fooled


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Bre Tiesi was recently showing off her new Maserati she claims she just bought. Does she really think that we believe she is making that kind of income off being a sh*tty Instagram model and bottle girl? This girl is so sad. She try’s so hard to pretend she isn’t a P4P yet we see her hanging with the likes of KFC, posting expensive cars she could never afford, not working yet somehow going on lavish trips. When will any of these girls learn they have nothing to offer to society? That they aren’t real models? And that their fake lifestyle is provided by old men?

That armpit though. It’s winking at me.- nik

Alexandra Bring Is Something Else


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I found your new nanny Alexandra. She has a pretty face and a great thigh gap. Her waist is one in a million. You know damn well you would wife her up if you weren’t already married.. I bet she would keep your house squeaky clean. I wonder if she speaks English?

Her legs are really buff. I’m not sure. More intel please.- nik

Girls Beware of Con Artist Jim Anthony


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jim Anthony he claims that he is a venture capitalist living in Beverly Hills. I met him off a dating website. We were talking for some time and he offered to help me out since my family was struggling financially. At first, I was pretty hesitant. He assured me he wanted to do something nice for me and spoil me. As time progressed things got even weirder and creepier, he tried pressuring me into sending him nude photos and videos saying he would pay me 5k a month to be his SB/girlfriend and that he already had 3 in different states. He tried making me apply for a debit card…which I’m pretty sure was a scam. A lot of things started to not add up…I remember him telling me that him and his wife divorced, then changed his story and proceeded to tell me she died?  Weird. Also, he lied and said he was in a car crash then texted me pretending to be one of his assistants saying he was in “a coma.” Of course I thought this was total and complete bullshit and Im pretty sure this guy has watched one too many episodes of general hospital. So I texted him off a texting app asking If this was Jim Anthony and he said it was him. So caught him in that lie… Not only that, but I decided to do some investigating; I looked up his number and full name and found several articles about him being a scam artist/creep trying to con young girls into sending him nudes and sleeping with him. So girls, PLEASE be careful and do not talk to this man and Nik please put this creep on blast, he needs to be stopped.

So did you sleep with him for money or not?? I’m confused.- nik

NRP — Sharkey Breaks The Internet (Part Two)


The much anticipated part 2 that takes you back inside the mind of street mogul James Theodore Sharkey. Nik dives deeper into Sharkey’s journey of love, drugs, prostitution, heartbreak and secrets. You cannot miss the continuation of this movie!

Miami Realtor Lauren Sencion is a Cyber Bully

Lauren 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Lauren Sencion is a realtor from Miami, FL has been linked to several cyber bullying Twitter and Instagram accounts. She has been an avid supporter of Jenna Jameson and has been attacking Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller for the last two years. Lauren has even attacked anyone that encourages and supports Tito and Amber. She’s gone so low to make fun of people’s children on social media, as well as create slanderous fictitious posts about people she has never met on your website. Jenna Jameson is the ring leader and Lauren is her right hand person along with Kate Soby from California, Colleen Marini from Nevada and Jessica Leigh from Texas. Lauren Sencion keeps deleting her social media accounts or changes the user name, they actually ALL do. These losers have nothing better to do than attack good people and make fun of them when in all actuality, none of them are easy on the eyes. I wonder what Lauren’s husband, Ulises would think about his wife being a cyber bully and stalker. Who is she to talk about anyone’s looks? Lauren and her team of keyboard warriors are LOSERS! Get back to work, ladies and get a life!

All you Jenna Jameson weirdos need to grow up (or go to church).- nik

The Company I Left is Screwing Me Out of Wages


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to love/hate your site, but I’ve come to realize you’re actually a source of wisdom via lived experience. This isn’t your usual submission, but I thought I’d ask your advice. I put in my two weeks’ notice at my old job for a better opportunity for my career, and they dismissed me before that time. They do this to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who puts in a professional two weeks’ notice because the owner is insecure, mentally unstable and paranoid about his employees. He treats any leave, no matter how nice, as a betrayal. But they pay you the full two weeks anyway, so whatever. Before I left, I decided to talk to a manager I trusted and liked there about how a recently promoted supervisor was saying sexist stuff to me along the lines of any opinion I had just being emotional (I was the only female in my department) as well a as a handful of other incidents, like speculating on how it must be in my relationship with my bf, and would make extremely crude jokes in the workplace from derogatory remarks about LGBTQ, how his Hispanic wife never has the “headache problem” and is always down for sex, how “negging” is a good way to bed women, calling anyone who disagreed with him retarded, etc. Anyway, I told the manager my concerns about him and the manager seemed shocked and that he was taking it seriously. I’m not the only one with complaints about how a lot of managers there acted, but no one complains because they’re scared of getting fired. I felt safe knowing I was leaving anyway. Well, they told me they would pay me through the end of the month, but it seems that actually didn’t happen, and when I asked them about it they claimed it was a mistake and would be fixed BUT warned me that I was being threatening and might be burning a bridge with them. I’m furious with them because it smells like it was retaliation, and if so that’s 100% illegal. Someone there even warned me they might do this! I’m hesitant to go the legal route, but so far I haven’t had any deposits in my account. How long should I wait? Any advice?

Walk away. Any future employer gets wind of this… you will be typecast as a liability. It’s very unfortunate and you are in the right, but don’t risk your future over a couple thousand dollars.- nik

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