Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

August 27, 2014 Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chesapeake, Greensboro, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, The Dirty, Virginia Beach, Washington DC 2


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

Click here to get your TICKETS for tonight’s show at Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for August 29th show at Jiffy Lube Live in Washington, DC!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for August 30th show at PNC Music Pavilion (formerly Verizon Wireless Amp) in Charlotte!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for August 31st show at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta!!!

Click here to get your TICKETS upcoming shows!!

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Do The Columbus Cougars Look Better In Costumes

August 27, 2014 Columbus, Cougars, The Dirty 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found pics of the Columbus Cougars. Do they look better in Costumes?  I surely believe they do!!! What about you guys?

What the hell is that blue thing?- nik


Local Columbus Celebrity Cougars

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Sexy Man For Us Ladies

August 27, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 417

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this man is soooo damn sexy. I want to ask the girls out here.  If this guy had a DRD, would you still have sex with him?

Ladies please answer the question.- nik

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The Truth About Ashley Cormier

August 27, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 98


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Cormier, whore, hooker, liar, gold digger, sloot, two faced, diseased, thief, drug addict and the most selfish, self centred old ass bitch you’ll ever meet. She lives right outside Belleville, Ontario. But spends most of her time in Toronto with her boyfriend. She uses him for money and cheats on him all the time. She has multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies. She’ll bang anything for a fresh pair of Loubs and a Luis. She’s a total c*m dumpster.  She has no self respect or morals. She is a pathological liar. She has no friends because she sleeps with everyone’s boyfriends. She thinks she’s better then everyone and makes fun of people that are not up to her standard. She a f*cking physco, if she sees someone prettier then her she’ll throw a tantrum like a spoiled little bitch. She’s always posting ugly selfies. Get over yourself!! She has an incredible body but don’t be fooled it’s from steroids. Nothing natural there. She recently won first place in some stupid bikini body building show probably because she slept with the judges.

Let me guess Ashley — this is not true (lol).- nik

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Olivia Lee Can’t Be For Real

August 27, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 63


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw her as a pilot, I always knew she has pilot license but air show? That’s so ridiculous! I also saw a Trump logo on a plane. She probably slept with Trump to get that plane to fly it on air show? I also saw her trying to land that plane on top of the Trump building. What the f*ck is going on with this train wreck? She almost ruining aqua building.

Red Bottoms are for Hookers.- nik

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Coolest Guy In Miami

August 27, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 89


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is with all these posers on Instagram? My father always told me rich people don’t show their money because that is a sign of weakness. This looks like weakness to me.

Those are definitely valet type shoes.- nik

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The Thief, Liar And Two Faced Hillbilly

August 26, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Business, The Dirty 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Mr. Richie and Dirty Army, I have been a fan of your website as long as I can remember, you present facts and information unlike other websites is anyone up who? exactly. My post is about this scum bag H** Jackson. He owns two gym companies called Factor Fitness, He started the companies from scratch so he thinks he can treat people anyway his wants. He degrades women, lies and cheat his customer out of money. For example free work samples that comes in books he charges money for customer to buy them. He lies and tampers with clients flies. One of his trainer quits because he was sexually harassing her. He screwed his friend wife. H*l is a liar and manipulator. Do you think one day karma will come for him?

What’s his full name?- nik

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Yara Khmidan Is Your Brunette

August 26, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 44


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Yara Khmidan. A model for and Beach Bunny Swimwear. She is close to perfection for a brunette. She’s not very well known yet so I don’t know enough about her personality.

I’m not a fan of her skin tone and she has a very East Russia feel. I’m out.- nik

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