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Shay McCall Is Back At It

November 22, 2014 Huntington Beach, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shay McCall back at it! Can’t stay away from drugs just like her best buddy Jenna Jameson. They both choose drugs and prostitution over their children. Both ladies are looking haggard as f*ck! Crack kills! It’s ok their kids are in better hands anyways! P.S. when you have to hash tag #soberlife on all your photos, you should re evaluate your life! Haha!

I thought Jenna is engaged to be married again?- nik

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Jen Wilke Is Engaged To Her GoPro Greg Hale

November 22, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 174


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, to the sadness of her fans Jen Wilke posted the news that after secretly being with her manager/boyfriend Greg Hale, they got engaged and are immediately getting married.  They are going on a 4 month honeymoon/photo shoot excursion across the globe. This marriage is destined to be as successful as the Titanic.

Why does this person talk like she is famous? Nobody cares about Jen Wilke.- nik

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Courtney Kenny Is Back At It

November 22, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well Courtney Kenny is about to celebrate her 6 month with her BF Joey Colletti. Too bad she hasn’t been faithful as him. She might have sent me pics and we might have had sex multiple times… sorry Joey but not sure if you really found the one.

And this is the picture you share with us? Soft!- nik

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A Toys For Tatas Thanksgiving At Bar Standard In Denver

November 21, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 0


Ladies may the odds forever be in your favor. The holidays are here which means Saint Nik is in a giving mood thanks to my friend and +2′s specialist Dr. Martin [click here to see what he looks like]. A special thank you to Bar Standard in Denver, Colorado — they want to give toys to the children and make the world a better looking place all in one night. Ladies of Denver don’t miss out on your chance to win FREE breast implants (life changing)!!!! I will see you November 26th at Bar Standard!!- nik

Here’s how it works: CLICK HERE TO READ ENTRY RULES!!! – Each NEW toy ($10 value or more) that you bring gets you an additional raffle ticket. Bring up to 10 new toys for the charity, and get 10 additional raffle tickets. Also, raffle tickets can be bought onsite for only $10. For those of you who want to take it up a notch, you will receive 10 raffle tickets for each bottle of liquor you buy at your VIP bottle service table! Raffle will be held onsite and will be filmed for validity. All toys collected will be donated to Volunteers of America for distribution to Denver youth.

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She Is A Poor Excuse For A Latina

November 21, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just find it so hilarious how girls like this poor excuse for a Latina can’t make up a size for photoshopping their bodies, like really? Make up your mind so we can’t figure out if you edit your photos. Is it that hard to choose proportions? Oh and she’s a SB, she only records videos of where and what location she’s at in Hollywood, so her GoPro would probably be somewhere in the distance paying for her multiple meals and expenses. Sorry  but your photo editing skills need some more work, or y’know try taking a Zumba class.

First and last name please. The only way to save the world is to team up with Google.- nik

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Helping Her Find A Sugar Daddy

November 21, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 71


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is so desperate for a Sugar Daddy, I thought I would help out.  She will do anything for money and that including having other girls join in on the fun.  So all you TO GoPros, you know where to find her, just get on your seeking arrangement profile lol.

Please don’t call them ‘Sugar Daddy’, that is so 2010. They are GoPros now!- nik

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Mary Balint Is Fake

November 21, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick of Mary Balint and her fake ass. It’s bad enough that she pretends to make her money off of high-stakes gambling when she is a very well-known prostitute (who has been pimped out by some of the most well-known: Armani, AP9, Mally Mall and more) but all these girls getting thousands and thousands of dollars of plastic surgery just to look more fat and disgusting that they already are… I don’t understand it Nik! Her face looks like an 80-year-old Mexican witch and her overdone lips are good for nothing but sucking d*ck. But she wants to post workout pictures and act like that’s why she has such a ridiculously big ass. Everybody knows that she had the Brazilian butt lift done by Dr. Hughes and you can even see on her Instagram the before and after her recovery. Mary, if you’re going to spend your hooker money on plastic surgery, make sure that it makes you look better and not worse. And when you’re doing illegal activity maybe you shouldn’t flash it around on Instagram. I can only imagine what this girl is going to look like in a few years. Kim Kardashian is ruining the world! The left pic is from 5 months ago, tell him that ass grew so fast.

Why did she get fat injections in her arms?- nik

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Oh My Bomba

November 21, 2014 Bomba, The Dirty, Toronto 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just needed you to see this… Wow. I was genuinely grossed out.  This cam thing is getting to her head and she thinks this is attractive.

That just ruined my weekend…thanks.- nik

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