Trisha Heidmiller Deserves Better

September 29, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Trisha.  She is gorgeous and a great person in San Diego. Her boyfriend cheats on her all the time, total scumbag. She deserves way better. I’m sure she could have a line of guys willing to take his place.

It’s amazing how +2′s can help a smile.- nik

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Why Isn’t Ines Helene A Dirty Celeb

September 29, 2014 Llyod, London, The Dirty 112


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Ines Helene. She’s been posted on here once before, but I have to say, those pics didn’t do her any justice and made her look like a man. Better pictures submitted here. Tell me what you think, Nik!  She is a student in Investment Banking, so obviously she is one smart girl.

Tell me more. I would love a London DC.- nik

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Drugs At Tomorrow World

September 29, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 75

1 5.25.23 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Molly going around Tomorrow Land was phenomenal… Check out this fella, I think he took one too many.

Drugs are bad.- nik

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Wet Republic At Night This Tuesday With Calvin Harris

September 29, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 3

Wet Republic Ultra Pool transforms into a night time extravaganza with Calvin Harris in the booth.

Click here to get your tickets!!!

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I Can’t Believe Nikita Kahn Posted Herself

September 29, 2014 Malibu, The Dirty 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was shocked when I saw Nikita Kahn posted herself on here.  Didn’t she learn from getting kicked off of Wiki for mistaking it 4 Whorepedia? All this notoriety has flattered her. She thinks being LE’s whore makes her a celebrity. Wiki deleted her for being a nobody full of herself!  Who posts herself on Wiki and then pesters everyone to get her name on IMDb for a movie produced by her John’s kid? Her failure to get an acting role after so many years makes her more pathetic.  She has never gotten paid for modeling either.  What the hell is modeling “everything” she puts in her resume? How can she be so dumb to think she may break it into the industry at her old age? She got a photog and PR to pretend she models. Her persistence to pass herself as a model/actress screams desperation and makes her look dumber. She spreads her pics on the net and even opened a .org website 4 the sole purpose of posting her pics! I know she is desperate to hide the Dirty posts but why does she keep fame chasing if she has a good life and not looking for any more golddiggin targets?  What kind of “animal activist” gets a camera crew to follow her to shelters only to squeeze herself in btw shots of actual volunteers for self-publicity?  She claims she got a degrees by age of 21 in an unrecognizable college..of course in the very credible Ukraine LOL… but somehow she couldn’t do anything with her imaginary MBA and had to go to community college & satisfy old gregs for a living! Why does she insist to embarrass herself?

Looks like someone is a fraud. Wikipedia decided.- nik


Nik Richie Is Jealous Of Me

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My Girl Cheated On Me With This Guy

September 29, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 176


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know this post makes me look like such a pussy but I really don’t care. I gave this girl my life, spent my time waking up early before work just to get her a college degree. While I was doing that she was cheating on me. I need the resources of your army to find our who the guy was. I don’t have any purpose in life anymore because I gave her my heart and soul. Dude I need your help and wisdom. I know you are busy and this isn’t real dirt but it’s my whole life. I can’t offer a lot but what I can and did offer is absolute loyalty. I just want this girl to face some degree of consequence and the only person that can provide that satisfaction is you.

I hate to break it to you, but that dude is way better looking — almost gay looking. You had no chance. It’s time to move west buddy, everyone cheats on the east coast to stay warm.- nik

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Lexus Amanda Can’t Remember If She Slept With Dave Navarro

September 29, 2014 Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is classic.  This sugar baby doesn’t remember if she banged Dave Navarro.  What a classy girl right?  Maybe she did bang him and is trying to act all cool cause she did.

I wish Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra would just get back together. They are soul mates.- nik

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Turn Down For What

September 29, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 52

I posted this video on my Facebook last week, but it’s so good I had to share it with the DA. The best Lil Jon music video ever!- nik

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