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My Experience With Allison Elizabeth Peer


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, in 2012 I started working at Dairy Queen where I began a relationship with one of the managers. I thought we fell in love and a few months later I found out I was pregnant with our son. I quit Dairy Queen so me and him could be together. After my son was born I started working their again and this girl named Elizabeth had started working there while I was gone. When I got there she acted like my best friend in the world. She would come over to my house and hang out with me and my son (who was 6 months old at the time.) It wasn’t until over 6 months later I found out about there little relationship. I quit working there and tried everything I could to move past it because I wanted it to work, then out of no where he decided that he would rather be with her. So I move out and she moves into my apartment the next day. So I do the only logical thing I could think of in that moment and rammed her car in the Dairy Queen parking lot with my car. Cause I’m batsh*t crazy, apparently. I still continued to let my son see him but my only rule I ever had was she could not be there while my son was there, but he continued to lie to me saying she wasn’t when she was. I found out that she kept calling herself “Mommy” to him and that isn’t okay. So I made the decision to move to another state and take my son with me and cut off all contact. Legally I can do whatever I want because he is the one who refused to sign the birth certificate, so I think I did the right thing and we are better now than we ever were!

All the sudden I’m a huge fan of Dairy Queen.- nik

Meanwhile In Brazil…

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as a soccer fan I’m pretty sure you can appreciate this video… Futbal is no joke in most parts of the world… and this just shows how crazy they can get about it.

I’m still waiting for a referee to use the shaving cream can as mace.- nik

Am I Gay


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met this girl at the club named Zury. Got her back to my place she was a transexual. I went through with it and we had sex. I really enjoyed it, does this make me gay?

Yes.- nik

Jonathon Rohacek, Esq. Is a Vile Scumbag


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am begging you to expose this nasty individual for who really is. This scum pretends to be a wholesome lawyer with a good image, but is really a corrupt, sleazy, unethical asshole. Used to take bribes up in Broward County, working as a court case manager and now pretends to be competent going in front of the same exact judge every single day and using that favoritism to his full advantage. Then he talks about how he never loses! LOL! He is already mentioned in one bar complaint and it won’t be long until more are filed. Do not even consider retaining him or his firm for services. One of the associates he works with has already been on TheDirty. I guess his firm likes to hire dirty scumbags. In private, he boasts about treating women like sh*t, abandoned his girlfriend after forcing her to have an abortion (and not paying for it… Classy, right?), and physically abused and assaulted her. After she finally called the cops on him, he begged and cried for her to make them go away. Pathetic. He is violent, aggressive, drinks himself into a stupor every single night, basically is a functioning alcoholic. He treats all the people and staff around him like they are nothing. He will never adequately represent anyone’s interests as an attorney. His FL bar number is 112716. Please Nik, make people aware of this nastiness. They should know who they’re hiring or dealing with. Thank you.

Welcome to Miami.- nik

Kathy Ruined My Life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my fiancee of 5 years have been acting weird. I thought it was because the wedding coming up was making him stressed out, but soon I notice the way he was acting was questionable. He used to never ignore my calls, take hours and hours to response to me, work overtime, never bother trying to hang out with me anymore, or even worst take his phone with him every where he went. He used to leave his phone around or near me, but he is so scared to do that now. I found out the reason why. He was seeing another woman. I question myself should I give him the benefit of the doubt, but over and over again I kept doing that and became a fool. His relationship with this woman name Kathy started just 5 months ago. At night he would wait until I fall asleep go outside and talk to her. There were days we would sit down together and he would look at me and get irritable. He told me that I was stressing him out that our relationship was suffocating him, but when I asked him about the other woman he deny it to my face. He was sleeping when I was on his work laptop and saw emails they had sent to each other. He met her when he had a business meeting at a hotel. She came up and talk to him, she told him that he was sexy, that he caught her attention from across the room. He obviously fell for her affection. They would go back and fourth, but the worst part about reading the email was finding out that he and her slept together. Not once but over 10 times. He told her how amazing she was. How beautiful she was, but it wasn’t enough for her. She knew he was about to get married, but she didn’t care. I looked at his phone and they were sending pictures back and forth. She asked him if she was better than me and he told her yes. I laughed and cried to myself what a fool I was. I always believe in his words but his action speak louder than anything. The truth was in front of my face, but I hoped it was all a lie. This woman is a disgrace to all women. I called off the marriage a few days ago, he was dumbfound. I want to tell everyone this so it won’t happen to anyone else.

You did the right thing. Her body is made for sex and I have a feeling yours is not.- nik

Charm Killings Is A Ten


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Charm Killings is a ten. No wonder she has been paid thousands to sleep with famous athletes and rappers. I mean just look at her. No flaws from head to toe. I would toss her salad in a heart beat.

Her eyebrows are very Urban.- nik

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