Rebeca Has An Alter Ego

October 17, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 51


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rebeca Izquierdo lives in the same apartment complex here in Houston. By day she claims to be studying accounting at U of H, but at night she transforms into her alter ego, the prostitute Emma Amour. Sometimes I’ve seen up to 3 clients in the same night!?! Nik, I’m worried about this disgusting horse bringing my apartment value down.

She needs more chest to even her out.- nik

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Spanish Nanny Is Famous World Wide

October 17, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, The Nanny 127

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out Spanish Nanny doing big things.  This is a huge artist in Mexico and she is in the video.  The girl is world wide while all you basic bitches talk sh*t about her.

Scooby if you were skinny you would look like Gerardo.- nik

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Aryanna De Marin Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend

October 17, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is Aryanna De Marin of Vancouver who I recently just found out was the conniving undercover whore who spread her legs and her DRD for my boyfriend, only for me to find out an entire year later.  I sorted through his cell phone over the weekend and although this scum bag has temporarily moved to California apparently, she is texting him nude disgusting images of herself to further lure men to her filthy diseases. Nik, I am reaching out to you to please put Aryanna De Marin on blast so all women out there know to regularly check their man’s phone to ensure they are Aryanna (aka rat face) free! This will help all of us have fewer filth and DRDs spreading across both Vancouver and California. Oh and also, I say her face looks like a rat, or what do you think? Thanks Nik!

Why didn’t you submit the nude images? Don’t hold out on us.- nik

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+2s Giveway In Tampa At The Drynk Halloween Night

October 17, 2014 Orlando, Tampa, The Dirty 0


I’m doing my Halloween party in Trampa this year. Because Trampa appreciates +2′s!! Trampa come celebrate a very Dirty Halloween with me at The DrYnk for your chance to win +2′s from Dr. Martin in Scottsdale.- nik

Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win +2′s!!!

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People In South Korea Are Crazy

October 17, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 94


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we criticize people here in America for getting +2′s or a nose job but it doesn’t even compare to what people do in South Korea.  They take plastic surgery to the next level, its very common for an ugly person, male or female to look completely different within 12 months.  I think its genius, because they are just making their society better looking.

That dude gets chicks and gays now like a champ. I decided.- nik

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Yhasmina Tiphaine IG Posts Are Not Saving The World

October 17, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong since 2011. Love what you do. Help me put this rich skank, Yhasmina Tiphaine, on blast for being a stuck a biatch who thinks fashion saves the world. Of course she’s a rich daddy’s girl from Puerto Rico who has yet to do anything of value in her life but bend over for men. I met this girl way back when in college over at the University of Miami back when she was Jimmy Graham’s and the rest of the football teams f-buddy. Things coming out of her mouth have included things like: “Kim Kardashian is my hero”…this is back in the day when all she had was the sex tape. Back when was running with the football team she was a bit more thicky thick but since she couldn’t nab one of them she’s lost weight to bang her rich stockbroker friends. She’s just another example of a vapid, narcissistic generation of women who value their looks and money over substance and values. Trips to London, Mallorca, NYC paid for of course by daddy or her boyfriend since the rest of us have to actually put in the work. I’m glad daddy’s money is still going strong in your mid 20s, has Jimmy talked to you since he got drafted? I think not. Know your place as a warm hole and cut the attitude.

I don’t see any plastic parts, Yhasmina looks organic.- nik

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Thickness Got New +2s

October 17, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty, Thickness 57



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Thickness went and got her +2′s done again and of course is all over social media bragging about them.  I don’t get why fat girls just get bigger boobs to feel skinny.  I feel like if she invested in lipo or even a gym membership it would be a lot better for her. So what do you think?

I think this was a smart business move.- nik

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Is Hooking Legal On Twitter

October 17, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 27


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how does Lita Chase aka Lita Lourdes get away with pimping her girls so openly on twitter? Is it just a matter of time before she goes down like Heidi Fleiss and her client list and “model” list get exposed?

Direct Message is a game changer.- nik

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