Am I A Bad Mother

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your advice. My daughter is 20 and she has been sucked into the modeling scene like a pack of coyotes looking to recruit a new member. It’s everywhere you turn on Facebook; and I can’t seem to avoid it. However, there is a bit of a difference between her and these aspiring “Facebook models”. My daughter has done beauty pageants her whole life, even won several. She’s natural. As much as I don’t want her to become one of these gals on Facebook with thousands of perverts, I live to make my daughter happy. She recently came to me and asked to attend a bikini model search in Cancun. She entered a contest that was built around likes comments and shares but lost, due to the fact that the girl she was up against apparently purchased likes & comments (I didn’t know you could do such a thing). I felt bad about the cheating going on and so I went ahead and booked my daughter the trip to Cancun. All in all I spent $1400 on the event, and $600 on flights. To top it off, I gave her $500 to spend on whatever she wants. Total, $2500. Now, normally I would ask you if I am a bad mother for doing this, but here is where my fire burns. You see, after booking this event for my daughter, I saw more girls losing in this “contest” because of what my daughter claims to be girls buying them. This one girl in particular; her name is Ashley Salazar, lost to another model and the very next day I saw that she was attending the event. My daughter messaged her asking for modeling advice and this girl told her that she will never get anywhere in modeling, to stop trying, unless she shoots with her (Ashley) and her connections. Now I have learned that this Ashley is also a photographer. As time progressed, I learned from my daughter and other parents I speak to online that dearest Ashley cried to the owners of this bikini model search and ended up getting to go to this event FOR FREE!! As time progressed more, I learned her husband is also going FOR FREE, because Ashley is apparently some celebrity that I was unaware of. After searching the Internet to learn about who she was I found out on your site that she lost custody of her daughter – over modeling – and that she has told off many girls and is extremely competitive. My blood boils not because my daughter wants to pursue her dream, but because I just shelled out $2500 to pay for this trip and this rude girl and her husband gets to go for FREE. So now I will ask you: Nik, am I a bad mother for doing this and getting screwed?

You are a bad mother because you are letting your daughter go to Cancun. Free or not, there is no modeling in Cancun. It’s just girls getting naked.- nik

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ICK Is A Real Model

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ICK is really a model.  She didn’t make it up, its all the haters spreading lies about her.  Which is sad she had to go through all these hater’s lies and knowing their lies poor girl….. She is a Model and is with agencies and host and does get private invites to red carpet events, movie screenings she’s proved her haters wrong good for her! Do you see the @ sign given credit to the photographer?  That means a real photo guy is shooting you and you are 100% model… She recently made a video inviting everyone in her home if must say it was very nice. She’s doing her thing and no one is stopping her.

Keep sucking it in ICK.- nik

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Nicki Minaj Needs To Get Laid

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Click Here to see Nicki Minaj’s +2′s!! What is wrong with her?

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Madison Lee Actually Spoke

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Madison Nicole Lee recently posted a video of herself speaking on her IG. What do you think? Can hormone shots significantly change voices? Apparently, she’s convincing people that she was born a female now. Talk about ambiguity! It’s still really awkward, though!

How creepy is this video?- nik


Madison Nicole Is The Hottest Girl In Newport

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Manchester United Fires David Moyes

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last year when the legend himself Sir ALex Ferguson stepped down from leading Manchester United they said his place would be impossible to fill… and they were totally correct. Just 10 months after David Moyes got the impossible job, he has been fired. I’m more than happy cause it was just embarrassing watching my club this year. Nik, I know Man U is your squad, so you must be excited like the rest of us.

Thank you God!- nik

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Adam Campbell Is Going To Shutdown The Dirty

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hope you are ready for WAR! My buddy Adam Campbell is going to shut you down. He hired private internet hackers and internet detectives to shut down your servers. All you had to do was remove his post. Since you won’t comply Adam is going to use all his contacts to erase you. Be ready for a job McDonalds after AC is done with you. Jealously is a bitch Nik. It’s obvious you wish you had Adam Campbell\’s life, all the girls and owning Pearls and being so rich you can pay for dinners with twenty girls if you wanted. Sucks to be you. Hope you’d ready for termination.

We have the same contacts and those contacts say he is a Male Bottlerat who has never pulled his wallet out for anybody.- nik

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Shauna Gardner Is Not That Sweet

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik!  This is Shauna Gardner from Las Vegas the queen of hypocrites. She acts like she is the ultimate trophy wife and that she is God’s gift to man. Just totally in denial. All she does is complain and talk about escorts and models having sugar daddies and how they are such downgrades (which is fine since we are all entitled to our own opinions) But she really needs to take a step back and take a look in the mirror before she digs herself deeper. She is no amateur. She definitely looked and has been looking for the Gold for awhile now. I really think her title should be gold digger. She finds and feasts on easy ways to make money the “right way” as she claims. So she dates successful business man and “works for them” including her boyfriend now and before it was NOAH AUSPITZ who has also been posted on here before about his gay pornography. She is so close to looking like a man, so I’m not surprised her and noah banged it out and went on trips. These men give her jobs so she ends up working for them but tell me what happenes if she splits with these guys? NEW JOB AND LIFE. She is a a sugar baby without even knowing it. The thing is though she’s one of those girls who won’t even look at you unless you have your own business and are making more than 4 figures. It just amazes me how fake people can be, she is supposed to be in engaged but its been over two years now and no wedding date or rsvps for her wedding at all. HMM maybe he’s realized she’s not everything she seems.

It must be weird… being in love with a man who did Gay porn. Now that is a downgrade.- nik

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Amanda Sobocinski Is A Phony

April 22, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 39 98,501 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to blast Amanda Sobocinski. She is a total fraud here in LA. She will act like your best friend only to advance her own life and leave you in the dust. She totally screwed me over and I thought we were friends. Nik I know you think she needs a nose job and a boob job. That’s obvious. I really just want to warn the world about Amanda. Stay clear Hollywood.

I’m guessing Amanda didn’t chip in for gas on that flight.- nik

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