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Monica Monroe’s Spearmint Rhino Billboard


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this glorious billboard is on the 60 freeway west heading through the City of Industry. Has anyone ever seen her at the Spearmint Rhino or is this false advertising? If she does not want to dance, she could provide beautiful classical piano music.

**#JohnGray and Monica have confirmed they will be on NRP Episode 6.- JV

Wow — thank you Producer JV.- nik

James “Pepsi” Holder Has Some Explaining To Do


THE DIRTYA RMY: Nik, did you hear about the NY dermatologist, Kiersten Cerveny, that was found dead after a night of partying?  She is a mother of 3, sadly.  Apparently she spent the night out in Manhattan partying, drinking, and doing Pepsi.  She also met up with an HBO producer Marc Henry Johnson that is not her husband (maybe just friends? who knows). They met with the producer’s drug dealer, who goes by the name “James ‘Pepsi’ Holder”. I’m wondering if he came up with the term or if he’s an avid reader of The Dirty. When Kiersten turned blue, they dragged her into an apartment lobby and left her before the paramedics showed up. Classy! Partners in crime! Well, keep on inspiring, Nik!

Marc you really need to produce this show. Sounds like an HBO hit series.- nik

My Experience With Allison Elizabeth Peer


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, in 2012 I started working at Dairy Queen where I began a relationship with one of the managers. I thought we fell in love and a few months later I found out I was pregnant with our son. I quit Dairy Queen so me and him could be together. After my son was born I started working their again and this girl named Elizabeth had started working there while I was gone. When I got there she acted like my best friend in the world. She would come over to my house and hang out with me and my son (who was 6 months old at the time.) It wasn’t until over 6 months later I found out about there little relationship. I quit working there and tried everything I could to move past it because I wanted it to work, then out of no where he decided that he would rather be with her. So I move out and she moves into my apartment the next day. So I do the only logical thing I could think of in that moment and rammed her car in the Dairy Queen parking lot with my car. Cause I’m batsh*t crazy, apparently. I still continued to let my son see him but my only rule I ever had was she could not be there while my son was there, but he continued to lie to me saying she wasn’t when she was. I found out that she kept calling herself “Mommy” to him and that isn’t okay. So I made the decision to move to another state and take my son with me and cut off all contact. Legally I can do whatever I want because he is the one who refused to sign the birth certificate, so I think I did the right thing and we are better now than we ever were!

All the sudden I’m a huge fan of Dairy Queen.- nik

NRP — Sharkey Breaks The Internet (Part Two)


The much anticipated part 2 that takes you back inside the mind of street mogul James Theodore Sharkey. Nik dives deeper into Sharkey’s journey of love, drugs, prostitution, heartbreak and secrets. You cannot miss the continuation of this movie!

Meanwhile In Brazil…

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as a soccer fan I’m pretty sure you can appreciate this video… Futbal is no joke in most parts of the world… and this just shows how crazy they can get about it.

I’m still waiting for a referee to use the shaving cream can as mace.- nik

Am I Gay


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met this girl at the club named Zury. Got her back to my place she was a transexual. I went through with it and we had sex. I really enjoyed it, does this make me gay?

Yes.- nik

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