Woman Sues Pittsburgh Steeler For Allegedly Infecting Her With Herpes

July 25, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Pittsburgh, The Dirty 128


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle, Camaron Thomas, Is being sued by a woman known simply as Adrienne E. for allegedly infecting her with the herpes virus. According to the lawsuit, the two met in 2009 at The Ultimate Sports Bar and Grille in Atlanta, Georgia and began a relationship. A month later, they had unprotected sex and continued to have sex several times a day until Adrienne E. noticed something alarming: Thomas allegedly had puss filled bumps on his behind and thighs. She asked him about the suspicious blisters, but he insisted they were just skin irritations from his football girdle, the documents claim. Do you think this chick stands a chance in court?  Click here to read full article!!!

How do you have sex with a guy who has ‘puss filled bumps’?- nik

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Afaf Is So Phony

July 25, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Afaf is one of the worst kinds of people- an intelligent person who chooses to lead a meaningless and dirty life. She is a terrible friend. She would rather have a gross, sketchy, and unfaithful boyfriend(s) than spend time with people who actually care about her. She posts pathetic instagram pictures about how she gets screwed over by guys, but EVERY SINGLE TIME she chooses complete losers. And then wonders why she gets in bad situations? She is a bitch and a fake. Not to mention she wears makeup that looks like something a grade schooler would apply. Grow up Afaf. Try to look classy and try to make better f*cking choices in life. I’m sick of watching you downgrade yourself.

Does ‘Afaf’ translate to ‘clown’ in English?- nik

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Hilary Duff In New York

July 25, 2014 The Dirty 16


Click Here to see Hilary Duff in New York… Her legs are looking so bulky!!

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Kevin Durant’s Date At The ESPYs

July 25, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 105



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Kevin Durant’s date Ashley was one banging chick.  She has a crazy booty and wanted to ask you what you think about her.  I give her a solid 7.19831.

Isn’t that the girl who Beyonce’s dad got pregnant?- nik

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Pathetic Pitty Party

July 25, 2014 Halifax, The Dirty 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kevin Pyle, a 44 year old, so-called gentleman hails from Truro (born, raised and still resides with his mother), works for Nova (women’s prison)as a correctional officer. He apparently has a girlfriend in which he has had since 2011 (whom works with him, lives in Truro, and is considerably younger then him), however, he uses any and every social media outlet, dating sites, to communicate with women, feed them his pitty party about being a single father, living with his mom, his ex-wife was a manipulator, emotional abuser, etc..to gain your sympathy, trust, feel bad for him. He then starts sending you pictures of himself, they start off ok to show off his physique, when complimented he sends more, then he wants to meet, after that it gets a bit more intense, the videos start coming, all along unannounced to you he has a gf, that he is not only talking to multiple women but hooking up with them also. The guy is an alcoholic, is very emotionally unstable, has no friends, he has manipulated his gf so much over the years that she actually believes all the women he gets caught talking to are obsessed with him, stalking him, he is a sad excuse for a man, and uses his son as a pawn to draw women in. He mainly targets women in the “Fitness World” which is a small community, and the joke is actually on him, after he made a few mistakes with a few girls, his profile has been shared, posted and everyone is aware of this waste of space.

I really think that’s an Albertson’s bathroom, but I don’t think that grocery chain exists in Canada. Anyway, why do people still wear the Livestrong bracelets?- nik

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How Can I Avoid Depression While Dating “Loser After Loser”

July 25, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 242

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had a wonderful ex-fiance that I loved. However, I played hard to get and ended up losing him. Now that I’m back on the dating scene, I finally realize that he was the rare “total package” (looks + personality). The guys I’m meeting are either “super sexy” or “have great personality’s”. None of the average guys seem to have both qualities like my ex did. Which makes dating frustrating, because I’m not attracted to the guys either physically or emotionally. I want to move on and find someone, but my patience for finding another “Total package” guy is wearing thin. I realize that I was a fool for letting him go, but being that he moved on… all I can do is move on too. I’ll never play games again. I just really want to start over with someone, its 10+ months.

Guys never move on. Win him back, stop looking for replacements. Love has no boundaries, explain to him exactly how you feel and no more LIES.- nik

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Canadian Dime

July 25, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 169


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, never say they’re aren’t dimes in Canada. Nikki’s a natural beauty! Lets make a Canadian girl your 2014! She lacks the +2′s but thats fixable. Great ass, tight body. Great smile and eyes. Tattoos can be covered. Come on Nik, admit this she’s the hottest thing from Canada! Representing Alberta girls! She actually dated Madchild for a bit.

Can we cut off her arm?- nik

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Is She A Bad Bitch

July 25, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 70

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl believes she is smoking hot… but in all reality is a nut job and nothing is hot about her.  Wanted to ask you and the DA thoughts about her?

Why are you wasting my time with this Canadian propaganda?- nik

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