You Are Going Soft Nik

October 26, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think you are going soft! You used to call out everyone with no holds barred. You were relentless in your criticism of celebrity photoshopping etc… What happened? Put your hands in your pockets and see if you still have a set. The DA deserves better than what you have been delivering lately. Here is a pic of thunder thighs Beyonce. without the normal photoshop. Nik, get back on your game we are depending on you to rid us of this nasty sh*t!

You obviously don’t read My lawyer has muted me over the years, has nothing to do with softness. Only reason I started that new site.- nik

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Scumbags At Affirmative Auto Transport

October 26, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business, The Dirty 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Word up. Been a fan since the Matt Leinart beer bong days. Now I need your help, I don’t know who else can get the word out like you do. A couple months ago, I arranged for auto transport through a broker from a company called ‘Affirmative Auto Transport’. After a lifetime in South OC, like many Southern Californians, I’m packing up for Dallas for an awesome job opportunity. Anyhow, these dirtballs, Catia and Henry Bleck delivered my car after a 2 day delay, then arrived at 7:30 pm to drop off my car. I walked around and signed off. Next day, I get an error message on my car, bad crash warning sensor. I take it to the local dealer (still under warranty) and the mechanic tells me I have a bigger problem. He shows me paint over-spray, buffing compound, broken and damaged body molding parts (not visible while standing up)…and get this, A non original replacement bumper!!! These frauds damaged my car in transit, and then sloppily fixed it with out telling me. The estimate to repair is over $3k!!! Of course, these scumbags deny everything, and only tell me that ‘You signed the paper work, not our problem’. I signed it because it was a decent effort to conceal the damage, and dark when they delivered it. Shady moos! There are other complaints on the BBB website on this company! I know there are a lot of Southern Californians relocating to Texas because of Toyota’s new plant, 3,000 jobs. PLEASE let them know about this shady, dirty-ass company!!!!

I would never move to Dallas, too many DreamKiller’s out there.- nik

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Ashley Alexiss New Bikini Line

October 26, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss has some how managed to bullsh*t her way into getting her own swim wear line called “ALEXISS”. She claims she is in tears yeah well we are too honey after seeing you in that god awful hot pink tacky looking bikini with the cheap beads on it. What really kills me is the fact that ANYONE in their right mind would give this delusional Facebook model a swim wear line. Yes Ashley, tell us all how classy you are and what a famous international Playboy model you are. PLEASE! End the insanity. What do you think Nik, which looks worse the pink bikini or the girl wearing it?

I think I saw that swimsuit for sale at Hustler on Sunset. Looks like stripper wear.- nik

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Talk About A Refund Gap

October 26, 2014 Philadelphia, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, had to show you this.  She works at Club Risque in Philly.  Yes, those +2′s are that jacked up, I hope she makes enough money to get them redone.

Spongebob?- nik

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Meet Amanda Zielinsk Cincinnati

October 26, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cincinnati meet Amanda Zielinski she just moved from Texas to your little Ohio town. Girls just know she will have sex with anyone at anytime, so if you let her around your boyfriend, she will f*ck him. She slept with a teacher in highschool, her dads co worker and lastly her husbands best friend. They just got divorced and she’s moving in with mommy in Cincinnati.

Poor Red Cups.- nik

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Exposing Rain Perez

October 25, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve covered a few stories on a young gay by the nickname of Rain Perez. After some research it has been found that he has submitted every single one of those stories to this site. What’s sadder is often times he will enter Houston gay nightclubs and speak of them – as if he is being chased by the press. I’ve met him at a few clubs and felt compelled to set this whole mess straight and call it what it is. This kid uses photos, not of him, on the gay app Grindr to lure in people with the headline: “Looking for a Sugar Daddy.” Once he gets them interested – they quickly realize he isn’t the kid from the photo. Rain Perez is not in shape, has the hairline of an “extra” from the hit sitcom The Golden Girls, he has an awful nose and in gay standards just plain ugly. So here’s the deal on this kid. He poses with fancy cars that are parked in random valet garages. Often pissing off people by sitting in their cars to take a photo – then he walks off to get in his 1992 Honda. A joke! Second off – he purposely stages selfies with D-List celebs during their “public” meet and greets. They often refuse him – but he insists as he stunts these images on Instagram to appear celeb like. So listen – if you look like Phil Spector, have erectile problems and near death – give this kid a call. If not – just know he comes from a lower-income family and lacks good looks or style – just move on already. At the end of the day – if you got to drop cash on someone make sure they’re a 10.

Noway… that can’t be a real nose.- nik

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Chewy Is Just Like Sharkey

October 25, 2014 Chewbacca, Las Vegas, The Dirty 179


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, no one really knows this but Chewy has gone running back to Kurt Pinto. She knows Kurt doesn’t care about the escorting and no matter how much Kurt bitches online about her, he truly does love her and needs her money. Can you imagine a double date with Kina, Sharkey, Pinto and Chewy?? Talk about reality TV gold.

They live in the same building, someone is stalking someone…I just don’t know if it’s Doom or Chewy?- nik

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Melissa Is A Pathetic Girl

October 25, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 152


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, this is a warning to men in San Diego. This young “lady” is “Melly baby” MELISSA. Her last name is along the lines of something involving a crotch. Chambers or something I believe. She slept with my boyfriend and begged him to leave me. He kicked her out. The reason he wanted nothing to do with her was they slept together for years. She cheated on her boyfriend with him when they first started messing around. She used him for someone to cry to about the two abortions she had (for some reason she just doesn’t understand contraception). When I confronted her I suggested she gets tested, and she let me know she was tested before and after sleeping with my boyfriend. I realized it is pretty sad how often she has to be tested, that or she is a liar. She had the nerve to sleep with my boyfriend, attempt to lie about the details, and then tried fighting me. She works at Costco, so if you see her say “Hey” for me! -Scorned bitch!!!

Those legs are perfect for Costco. A lot of heavy lifting in bulk.- nik

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