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Farid Hassani is the Middle Eastern Fake Equis

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this jerk named Farid Hassani is a liar, thief, cheat, and hustler. He should not be in France and needs to go back to Iran. His dad is a big time thief in Iran, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from poor people and causing the government to sell the oil for really cheap. Farid always drives a top of the line mercedes based on the money that his father stole. Now he has come to my country of France and got a great job as Auto-ID Innovation Manager at Airbus Group, it is because of his dad and Farid Hassani lied about his job experience in Washington, DC. He is a bad person and he looks like a rapist. French women beware of this Muslim! He is a thief, liar, and possible terrorist. How can an academic own his own private jet? This is the middle eastern Fake Equis, since daddy is funding his lifestyle by funneling money from innocent people through crime, fraud, and abuse. Farid Hassani’s father is a mullah and a criminal. Farid tries to make us hard working white people jealous with the money that his father stole.

Strong hairline for an Iranian dude.- nik

Madonna’s Ex-Boy Toy Brahim Is Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I really need to post this about these people down with Brahim who are all French or Israeli and are wealthy Jews. I get that you people hate Muslim’s in France and the world. I get it now!! I get the Defend Paris clothing line and the basic message. Here’s my message: IF YOU WANT TO POSE WITH MILITARY WEAPONS AND HAVE A MILITARY MESSAGE TO SEND THROUGH YOUR BASIC CLOTHING LINE… Why not.. Wait for it….. JOIN THE MILITARY! YOU CAN ACHIEVE MUCH MORE THIS WAY. Other than that, go learn another dance routine- you poser! Bon Voyage.

Poor guy — he will always be remembered as Madonna’s left overs.- nik

The French Kim Kardashian


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is the French Kim K – aka – Arbia Kidadi who claims to be the Kim K – but I’m not sure because she uses so many make up too much… and def for me she is not Kim K!  She has no identity and always wanna be Kim, she’s so obsessed on Kim! She was on a French reality show to meet Kim, she was crazy, this girl is nothing but goes to Dubai with Demi Rose.  What do you think of her? For me she has no personality just a poor girl from France who needs fame CHECK her IG!

Europe’s Most Sought After Woman


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please explain to me how this is considered attractive?  This girl is the most sought after pay for play girl and is booked months in advance.  I just don’t get why… her boobs are beyond too big and those lips look so hideous.  Euros need help.

Mother Goose.- nik

Germanwings Co-Pilot Appears To Have Crashed Plane Deliberately


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Holy Sh*t-I just saw this! POS co-pilot locked out the pilot and crashed the damn plane in the French Alps?! Damn! Insane actually… to think of free falling for ten minutes on a plane to your death. Sick! This is an act of terrorism! I don’t buy the whole story so far. Thoughts?

Total terrorist act. I heard there was two Americans on the plane. What a terrible tragedy. The world is getting crazier everyday. Nobody is safe anymore.- nik

Yeezus Really Thinks He Is Jesus


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, how can Kanye West call himself a ‘fashion designer’ when he wears hoodies to a fashion show. Yeezus you are a rapper and your wife is a pornstar. Stop going to Paris acting like you know fashion. You and your wife make America look like clowns when you sit front row in a hoodie. None of these designers are your real friends, they just like to make America look bad. Ok I’m done venting Nik. Thank you.

Word on the street — Anonye is coming for Kanye. Hide yo kids hide yo wife…these players don’t mess around. Trust.- nik

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