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Jewel Sauter Lucier Disability Scam Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one is a real ‘ trip, I’ll call her a “she” just to be polite, but I’d rather call her an “it”. She’s a huge tramp, married twice, has at least 4 kids, possibly more that nobody knows about & has had many sexual encounters over the years, locally and in California (while supposedly visiting her husband). She’s on almost every dating and casual encounter website there is. SWIM has no idea if her current man knows what she’s doing, but SWIM thinks he will now. Watch out for this trampy hoe, if you come across this skag on a dating website, RUN! Run for the hills! It, sorry, SHE has no money unless it’s prescription day and she’s sold her pills to her friends or if it’s disability cheque day. Being obese with a thyroid issue doesn’t mean you’re disabled, unless you’re a good whiner/liar to any Doctor that’ll listen. Seriously, stay away from this winner!

Martina Couturier

2015-03-26 23.57.55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick loves nothing more than to get sloppy drunk and lay men that don’t belong to her. She slept with my husband while they were working together on an out of town job after only being there one night. Shows up at his motel room door after drinking in the bar with him all night in nothing but a robe, comes in, drops it and says “take me”. Then she shows up 10 months later when, big surprise, her marriage fails. Starts coming to his jobsite trying to hook up again and trying to get him to leave me. Thank God he had the good sense to finally see what a skank she is and tell her to leave him alone. If you know her don’t trust her and for God’s sake don’t leave her alone with your man because she’s a nasty drunk who likes to throw her p**sy at any penis that gets near her.

Queen of all Filth


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this stank mother, never married , has at least 3 kids 1st on little boy taken by CPS 2nd little girl taken by CPS and finally to the third little angel. This piece of filthy unwashed , stinky skank had a little girl early and she was kept in hospital for a couple of months. Finally the little girl is allowed home and this totally stupid girl rolls over on the baby in the middle of the night and k**s her. Now suddenly she is all weepy eyed but only for the attention. Why she was never charged , can only be because the cops were to busy at the donut shop. Full of drd’s and can’t hardly read or write just a total useless whore. Collects all gov’t money and lives with some boyfriend , but doing anybody she can at the beach. Goes by the name Tara when on facebook as Patricia Harrington (mama cray cray) Totally nuts and lies about everything and everyone. Everything is about her and her child abuse she apparently suffered. Good news is if she is pregnant ever again , the baby will be taken immediately .

LG hunting at 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Connor Collin is one of the lowest and disgusting pos I have ever met. He works at the penticton super save gas station and uses his charm and alcohol to get in girls pants. Says hes “allergic to latex” so he can go in raw. Usually around the age of puberty(13-18) he is ugly af but always buys young girls alcohol. He recently got my girl knocked up at 16, then blocked her on Fb and got another bitch pregnant 2 months later. He denies the first baby and barely sees the other. Cheats with anyone willing. Usually seen anywhere from oliver to kamloops. Shares a red truck with his “woman” even though he leaves her with the baby to drink and drive. Thinks he’s hot shit with a big dick but ain’t s**t. Watch out for him in your daughters inbox. Wouldn’t want another poor girl getting knocked up by this nasty a-hole.

I don’t think its possible to bang anybody in that bed…just saying.- nik

Sabrina Bille new and improved


THE DIRTY ARMY: Pentictons local foster kid gets 130,000 views trying to become a singer. Apparently she loves it when we trash talk her… What a hoochie. She’s absolutely fabulous! Not gonna lie. Give her some dirty love.

She just looks more photoshopped.- nik

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Worst Tattoo Ever


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Elissa Wilander a huge sloot with the ugliest tattoo ever! I nominate her for worst tattoo on the dirty! Sooo pathedic and gross.

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