Kimberly Toppin needs Stoppin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little bitter old lady is insecure of a dead woman! MY aunt passed away 2 years ago, she was married to my uncle for 30 years, he attempts to move on and THIS is what he got! She moved herself into HIS home without discussing it, she pays NO bills and contributes nothing! This b**ch had the nerve to move my dead aunt and cousins ashes because she feels “they are no longer his family” which is also how she feels about his whole WIFE’s family, deceased or not he is still MARRIED and ALWAYS will be to my aunt JUDY! She has been told over and over to leave his home and she just decided to become a squatter! She is a home-wrecking, insecure, bitter OLD lady! Im sorry my uncle will never love you as much as he LOVES his wife! You f’ed with the wrong family!

You can’t angle out a wig.- nik

Kylie Maria Is A Masterpiece


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, first off, I’m not gay or anything like that.  This is Kylie Maria and I just came across her.  Just look at this masterpiece.  You wouldn’t even be able to tell she was a boy before.  Easily can pass as a straight up women.  I want her so bad it hurts, when I have sex with my wife, I think about Kylie the whole time.

I’m confused like Kylie Maria.- nik

This Slag Needs Outed


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slag Wynona needs outed. She goes to horror conventions and sells herself for money to fans and has sex with no name D list celebs. The only person she claims to have been with that amyone knows is Stan Lee from Marvel. She claims to have given him favors in the restroom. Who knows if it is true or not. She gave a friend of mine a favor in exchange for some autographs last year. She needs help asap.

Whose “Fernando”?- nik

Paola Rosas Thinks She Is A Philly Socialite


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Paola Rosas. The trash of Mexico. Illegal immigrant running around the Philadelphia social scene posting more selfies than Kim K.(I wish I was joking.) Her and her friends run around Philadelphia acting like wannabe socialites when they show up wasted drunk sticking their tongues out in every picture (how 2006 of you.) All of their posts are pathetic attempts for attention e.i. Squad Goals, there must have been a murder, killing it. If this girl thinks she “kills it” God help the rest of us who do.  I remember my first beer. Nik, please put this girl on blast. Not only is she shaming Philadelphia with her presence but she is not even a legal citizen.

Calling yourself a ‘socialite’ in Philly… now that is funny.- nik

Watch Out For Psycho Paula Abbruzzese


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, watch out for the cray cray bitch (Paula Abbruzzese)… she be tripping… she calls your employer to see if your working… She takes your money so she won’t work and to support her 22yo junky son….. she harasses your coworker accusing them of sleeping with you…

Ratchet momma needs CPS called


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve got crappiest momma role model of the year for you: Tameya Hartwell of Philly’s East Mount Airy neighborhood. This skinny bitch is totally ratchet because she thinks she’s a thug, going around starting fights with random strangers in the city and encouraging her daughter to join in with the physical attacks. When her daughter Zayna Coleman was under 18 and still in high school, Tameya assisted daughter Zaynah and Zaynah’s teen friend in attacking a random girl. What kind of parent teaches her kid to start violent fights?? They were all arrested but then they had the nerve to lie to cops, pulling the dreaded race card. No wonder Tameya’s baby daddy skipped out on them…I would too. I think CPS should have removed Zaynah PRONTO from such a violent influence. It’s pathetic that Tameya is allowed near her new grandchild. Zaynah goes around claiming online to have a “4.0” from Temple University… Hahahahaha yeah right. Unless 4.0 means 4% maybe. More like she probably flunked out. The truth is, these wannabe thugs think they’re tough but in reality they’re a joke awaiting another jail sentence any day now.

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