Has Been that never Was Kris Gervasi


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I met this dirtbag on social media and at first he seemed charming like most sociopaths are and as our interaction got a little more personal his true colors came shining through .. when i first saw both his ig and facebook i would always see this 40yr old white trash woman cuddled up next to him and when i questioned who she was he claimed that wish his on and off again GF .. OF COURSE i didnt believe him and i knew exactly from that lie that i was dealing with a sketch. He claims to have been in the MLB and indeed he was for about 3 days now hes a single dad with a mediocre school teacher, whose relationship he invalidates and minimizes because obviously hes hoping some 25 yr old like me will take as the weak bait he lays out (the 40yr old piece of recyclable white trash i aforementioned) when in reality he sells security alarms at a bullshit company in a bullshit entry level position hes been in for the last 10 years .. not the like ADT but like literal home alarms like the box you put your pin into when you walk through your door … anyway Nik, this guy had no problems lying about being engaged and lies about what he does and who he is and when u google him the first search results somewhat solidify the image he paints of himself but when you start looking and reading through the lines (literally) you see this guy for the scam artist he is .. after getting high on molly he sent me naked pics and then i sent him topless pics which he ended up posting after our last conversation which was the trigger for me even writing to you .. once i was sober i realized that this girl was all over his fb and his ig and when i called him out on it he exploded and started making physical threats .. he told me he would ‘make me eat thru a straw’ if i told his fiancee (with no ring BTW) and that ‘he knew people’ i considered going to the police but i mean why put myself in that situation when i could just block him and end any type of contact i had with this creep .. his words have zero merit in my book .. not only did he threaten me but then he started calling me a ni**er (im half irish half latina) and said he would find out who my mom was and make her pay for being a spic .. he is the lowest of low

He’s got one of those ‘Teddy bear’ bodies forgy’s love.- nik

Veda is a Wannabe WWE Diva


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Veda Scott. She is a female wrestler on the independent scene. She wants so bad to be in WWE but isn’t pretty enough. She blows wrestlers and promoyers to win titles and get exposure. She blew her trainers as well when she first started. She is what we in the biz call a “ring rat”.

Muffin top coverage.- nik

Mary Sita and Maddie Lawton Love Being Naked


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mary Sita and her friend Maddie Lawton.  The girls think they are hot stuff so I wanted to show the nudes they posted at the beach and see what you guys think…

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DJ Dan: A Pedophile on The Loose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- Dan Milowicki of West Chester, PA is currently out on bail after being caught with hundreds of pictures of child pornography. Caught with all that after luring a girl into his basement where she notices a “human-sized cage”. Dude was also caught with “up skirt” video he obtained from DJ’n at local middle schools and high schools…again dude is out on bail. He set up camera ahead of time to look up little girls dresses. Always been a strange dude but who would of ever predicted this…..

Everyone Loves Tina Mari or so she thinks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik something is seriously disturbing with this one. A sheltered suburban Philadelphia lesbian, man-hating, ego-maniac that thinks all men are stupid fools, and spends all her time in her parent’s bathroom taking selfies and spamming social media to make money off men because she thinks they’re all idiots. Here’s this one’s story. Three years ago, somebody gave her a free ticket for a modeling session and she openly admits she fell in love with herself. She admits in various interviews that she loves looking sexy for herself. Not for others. But for herself. Everything about her is a big secret, including a supposed long term relationship. She mainly saturates social media with constant spamming of herself she’s convinced that she’s some sort of celebrity. But almost all efforts trying to hide the fact that she’s a spoiled, sheltered, suburban, lesbian, man-hater. Two years ago, one year after receiving her magical free ticket to the ego-factory, she decided she wanted to start running for social media modeling competitions. Then, practically overnight, turned into “Everyone Loves Tina”, the nicest and most adorably friendly person in the world. . Fast-forward to after she won a few social media competitions. Immediately resorting back to her self-infatuated, attention-deprived self, she all of the sudden thinks she’s this huge internet celebrity/porn star, trying out for Playboy casting calls, and spamming social media to pay $20.00 per month for her website. For $20.00 per month you get maybe 10 new photos. She states on the site “sometimes I take my clothes off, sometimes I don’t”, yes, 10 possibly nude photos a week, for $20.00 a month.  From a sheltered suburban homebody, to a naughty wild thrill seeker in a matter of months, just to sell her $20.00 per month website.  She has about four members aside from her sponsors and photographers, and three or four of those members she has convinced that she’s some superstar and they obsessively linger on the website counting down the hours until “Tina Tuesday”, and like desperate fools, worship her every comment, following her around and licking her little pink butt-hole, and she just laps it up feeding her already enormous ego. Does this woman have some serious issues or is this common for “Models” these days?

My eyes glaze over just looking at this post.- nik

Couple Gets Married at Gamestop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nerdy coupl got married at Gamestop and had a Zelda themed wedding. I just had to have your thoughts on this.(click here for Zeldainformer article)

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