Philly’s Biggest Gold Digger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Michelle Cabuenos, Philly’s Biggest Gold Digger! She goes by the name Michelle Antoineth on Facebook and Michelle_Antoineth on Instagram. You can find her on any given night of the week at any of Philly’s casino’s, nightclubs, or stripclubs accompanying one of her many sugar daddies. Her “day job” as a flight attendant for a regional airliner is just a front so that she can find sugar daddies. Personally, I think that she is manly looking; actually it is even rumored that she used to be a man but got a sex change operation in her home country of the Philippines. The crazy thing with this gold digger for all the money, clothes, and jewelry that she has gotten from her sugar daddies is that she has nothing to show for her life because she rents a bedroom at her friends house. Sugar daddies everywhere beware you are just one of many sugar daddies in this gold digger’s roledex.

User and Repeat Rehabber


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware is Giovana Fusco she will give you a huge song and dance she will take $ presents dinner for a long if slim chance of a night with her… Bar/restaurant owners beware of her she lies on applications and says she has done everything from A – Z… Maybe in drugs but not work experience… She is one hot mess

Jenna Jackola Betar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Jenna Jackola Betar… My brothers whore. I won’t even claim her as my sister in law or refer to her as a wife or mother…. Anyways, let me just say she LOVES every dude BUT my brother. She is queen of going out to ‘slimeway’ getting plastered and straight railed by dudes who are friends with my brother..the guys in these pictures with her are my brothers friends who she cheats with. One has a girlfriend and a baby on the way! Guys, If you’d like to meet Jenna hit her up :

Phoenix Fisher


THE DIRTY ARMY: Who doesn’t love a truck slut? Better yet who doesn’t love a slut who lies about everything where she works, her cars an her age. Stay away from this one she will tell you anything to get her way. She’ll claim your truck is hers all over social media an won’t even say she’s letting you hit it. It’s sad if you add up the people she’s slept with is more than how old she is. She is a dirty skank who loves leaving her so called truck owner at home while walking around holding a 30 year olds hand. If you fuked her I have no idea how anyone could even feel anything shits parted like the Red Sea. She lies an says she has a great job when she works at McDonald, she’s even home schooled why because people would call her out for her lies an countless sleeping around.

Beware of Nika Kaushal


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I found Nika off a backpage ad the Philadelphia area. She told me she was a fashion student attending Drexel University. She showed me her fashion blog and I found her to be mildly attractive for only charging me $250 but I saw track marks on her arms after we had sex. Things got carried away and I woke up on Sunday with a burning sensation. She gave me a DRD. I called her and she threatened me. I unfortunately just found out by other Drexel students that she uses heroin.

Biggest Scumbag in Philly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Noah Sokoloff. He is one of the biggest scumbags in the trigger state area. First the guy is a loser. He is an idiot and is going nowhere. His posse is a bunch of fat ass washed up guys who think they are rock stars because they play local bars. He would be broke but he used to sell a lot of weed to everyone in Philly montco and bucks. He bought his house selling drugs and got a nice ego because of it. He’s a real piece of shit and everyone should know.

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