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Is Project Monarch Real


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just have to ask… is Project Monarch real? I know everyone jokes about the ‘illuminati’, but this is not an illuminati question!  This is about Project Monarch or Project Bluebird, or whatever they call the practice of traumatizing and torturing a child until their mind splits and dissociates, and is able to be programmed into whatever alter persona is required for them. If this is true, then the entertainment industry is full of these mind controlled puppets. It is sad to refer to them as such, because they are humans, but they are so programmed that they can only follow their programmed orders. This explains why Britney Spears shaved her head, or why Amanda Bynes had her breakdown, or why Lindsey Lohan has her glitches. No disrespect, but this truly scares me and I do not agree with this practice at all!

I always wondered how Taylor Swift crossed over from country music so easily. Total PM.- nik

Kristina Dellaquila


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kristina Dellaquila. This Average Girl might look innocent but she is a True Redneck Hoe… Always in people business and NEVER minding her own. She is two faced and backstabber never a true friend. Had a boyfriend for 4 to 5 years but then cheated on him with another dude. She sent out nudes and made fake accounts to get back with her ex. She is two faced and an attention seeker. The worst of all she made a fake facebook accounts to ruin other people’s happiness and they relationships. By making all these fake accounts she ended a 3 year relationship, and even marriage. Someone that needed needs to go to hell has no respect for anyone else besides herself.

TJ Cascio – West Chester Bachelor


THE DIRTY ARMY: So here’s a guy that has slept with half of west chester and has a strong history of drds. He currently is expecting two children from two women and even though he won’t date them he is still sleeping with them both and leading them both on. Quick background- he was engaged up until 2014, and that ended because he got baby momma one pregnant while engaged to someone else. This was one of many he xheated on his fiance with. Engagement cancelled. He continued sleeping around and bailed on mom one saying he didnt want a relationship… he met baby momma two and not even a month later she is pregnant. He continued dating her as well as sleeping with mom one and other women and continue his circle of lies. He is extremely attractive and charming and says all of the right things and once he’s slept with them they are assigned a number and get the boot. He brags about having slept with well over 200 women and that he wouldn’t be surprised if other children were floating around. Please give this class act a standing ovation for being a scumbag, paghological liar and cheater.

Philly’s Biggest Loser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dupi. Phillys biggest betch. Guy is a joke. All he talks about is how much people hate on him. He says other guys are jealous of him and he thinks every wanna be singer looks up to him lol This guy spends his entire day taking pictures of him self and making videos of himself singing hes still chasing dreams of being a Punjabi singer but he has no talent haha He is a big time player pretending to be innocent to every girl he talks to. He shows us his instagram and facebook with all the girls he plays around with and he does tell us everything. Ladies watch out he talks to mad innocent girls and tricks them to think he is a good guy. He talks to girls all over the world and makes them lots of promises. My boys and I are tired of him coming around and trying to act like a mentor to all us young guys. Everyone in Philly, Jersey all laugh behind his back. He thinks he’s a big dog but hes really just a washed up singer. Thinks he a celebrity from Instagram. And he is a broke con artist. He will take money from anyone and let anyone pay for him. Betch acts so hard and brags about beating guys up but cant fight to save his life. Nik, the world needs to know who this loser really is.

Dupi Phillys biggest joke


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is the biggest betch in Philly. He thinks he looks so good and think every guy wants to be him. never stops talking bout how people always hate on him and how his own friends are jealous of him. Biggest F U D U alive and he cheats on plays with so many woman. thinks hes a big time player but acts so innocent and pretends to be a good guy and tricks girls to think he is honest hahahahahah. He will show the boys how many girls he talks to from instagram and facebook. All he does is take mad pictures of himself all day and make singing videos thinks hes talented still chasing dreams of bein a singer lol. All of Philly and Jersey laughs behind his back. Munda con artist ah (he is a con artist) insult to the punjabi community and he will take anyones money that offer it. Girls watch out hes talking to so many of you. Me and my boys are tired of this played out joke trying to be popular with all the young guys. Time to show the world who this guy really is.

Do They Own A Mirror


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nik, this is Heather, Kelly, and Becky. they think they’re the hottest shit, baddest bitches around! their Mac forcefield makes them look so pretty right? I saw this on Facebook today and almost pissed myself laughing! which one would you if you had to pick?

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