Cassandra Cunningham

THE DIRTY ARMY: I found a post from June about this girl I met and I just wanted to update her location. She’s been living near new philly, oh and apparently is living in Miami, fl. She is a pathological liar and if you befriend her after reading this, you deserve everything you get.

Brittney Stone Only Has Two Things Going For Her


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittney Stone. She’s proof that having huge tits will make people ignore all your other faults. People talk about her like she’s some kind of Goddess. Aside from those boobs she just looks banged up to me. Do you think she has anything going for her besides those two big assets of hers?

She is one kid away from living a 250 pound life with no chance of comeback.- nik

Talk About A Refund Gap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, had to show you this.  She works at Club Risque in Philly.  Yes, those +2’s are that jacked up, I hope she makes enough money to get them redone.

Spongebob?- nik

How Hot Is This Brunette


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I found a brunette for you. Her name is Lauren Young, she’s an up and coming model. She went to my high school and was one of the sweetest girls, so it’s really awesome to see her becoming successful. What do you think Nik- I know you can’t say no to this beauty!

I don’t like her teeth.- nik

Police Chief’s Daughter Among Three Charged in Philly Gay Bashing


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think you need to read about this girl Kathryn Knott here, can’t believe she is the Police Chief’s daughter. Three suspects, including the daughter of an area police chief — have turned themselves in to authorities in connection with the assault on a same-sex couple in Philadelphia earlier this month. Sept. 23rd, police announced charges against Kathryn Knott, 24, Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, in relation to the September 11 attack, with each suspect facing two counts of aggravated assualt, two counts of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and criminal conspiracy. All three are residents of nearby Bucks County, Pa.

I blame the Fireball for her eyebrows.- nik

HQ132 Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Slam hog. Cke Whore. Where do we even begin? This bitch is probably the biggest cm dumpster around. She’s all about the white ~ weather is cke or cum she loves both . Her boyfriend is a huge pill head whose eyes are pinned and he thinks he’s some bad ass from the burgh or someshit when he was raised in cow shit territory. Anyways back to this cum guzzling skank. If you do coke you’re her best friend if you sell c*ke you’re even more of a best friend she will give you any type of ride you want. She’s a mother who doesn’t care how late she’s out or rather how many nights she’s out a week partying as long as she’s getting her fix and her child is at home with her parents. Oh and let’s not forget to mention she works at a local hill billy drug bar under the table but still seems to be collecting unemployment from her previous job she got fired from for being a piece of shit. Congratulations you dirty bitch you play the game well… Until you get caught. It’s about time this skank gets her fair share at being called out. Enjoy Nik

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