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Barry Nelson antisemitic music failure


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This dude hides behind the computer talking sh*t to people because he’s too much of a bitch to do it to their face. This so-called “Christian” who claims to be against porn worships porn failure, psycho, Christian pornstar Monica Foster. This old man created a Twitter account fan pager honoring her and posting all of her nude porn pics, even though he’s against porn. He believes everything that this dumb-ass bitch says and he gives her money and supports everything that she does. This Christian man is her webcam john who watches her prostitute herself on webcam to earn less than a minimum wage earner, she REFUSES to get a job as she has cheap benefactors like Barry here, she tweets about killing peoples kids, they both blame the whites and the Jews because they’re not living the life of luxury and they’re not famous, and other BS. Barry claims that he has the FUNK, truth is, he is just a PUNK! All he does is get small music gigs because his music isn’t sh*t. He tries to scam people on Twitter by telling them that he gets big deals with national commercials and other huge shit, yet his actions and stupidity with how he worships a dead beat whore proves that he isn’t smart enough to be a successful business man. This old man is a complete idiot! I and other people have never done anything to him and he attacks us because his “goddess” Monica Foster attacks first. Despite how he blames Jews and Whites for everything wrong in his life, even being a failed musician, he gets up on Twitter and kisses Jenna Jameson’s ass, who is both white and Jewish.

Your Worst Nightmare


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like you to meet the scandalous Marissa Voge. She might look sweet, but please don’t let her looks fool you! This psychopath will try to steal your job, your man, and anything good in your life. She admitted to me that she be-friends people she dislikes just to gain some type of personal advantage. The last time I hung out with Marissa she literally pulled her tits out of her shirt, and attempted to seduce my fiancé right in front of me! This deceiving piece of sh*t can’t keep a man, instead she claims to be bi-sexual and sleeps with anything that walks. She’s been blessed with a beautiful baby boy, but sadly spends the majority of her time getting completely plastered. She has no job or car, still lives with her mom, and relies on her baby’s father to support her sorry ass. I can’t believe I ever trusted this lying two-faced bitch and it’s about time people know the truth about her!

Who’s Mommy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany Massamillo. Her priorities are more f’ed than she is..okay, maybe they are quality f’ed considering what a whore she is. Why is she a wh*re? Well she has two small children, surprisingly its with the same lying piece of garbage Kirk Giardina. These two are sloppy, incompetent individuals who chose drugs, drinking, and f’ing people over their beautiful girls. She has one daughter in Maryland, and God only knows where the other girl is. She’s a lying c*nt who will f’ anyone over, or flat out just f’ for attention. She needs to be put on blast, because she is disgusting and brought two kids in this world just so she could leave them with someone else, WHILE living off of the state….AKA MY TAXES.

Don’t skimp out on clip-ins or forget to color match your eyebrows.- nik

Two birds of a Feather


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Cheryl and her on again/off again boyfriend (wannabe gangster) Dante. This pair are a couple of gambling m**h heads who like to steal and pawn stuff for the gambling/drug addictions they have. But their m**h use has an added twist: they both shoot it up their asses. You heard that right, they are into what they call “booty bumping”. She inherited 300k and took less than two years to gamble it away. He gamble away a 18k inheritence in less than a week. Cheryl has burned her own grandmother for gambling funds. She uses her friends and steals from them. She is a mother of three, however she dumjped her youngest a 7yr old with her oldest who is 23 and now that poor guy has to take care of his own plus his brother. Her middle child is 17 and also lives with the oldest while pretty much taking care of himself. And she does all this while collecting food stamps and medical insurance. He is no different. He has an 18 year old daughter that won’t hardly speak to him and his mother recently let herself be put in a home just so she wouldn’t be guilted into letting him sponge off her while stealing anything she didn’t bolt down. I tried to help her out of this junky life only to get f’ed over and lied to, not to mention that he would call talking s*it but every time I would tell him to pick any place in the entire city and I would meet him there so that we could take care of things like men he would just puss out like the pu**y that he is. All mouth no bite.

Phoenix Freeway Sniper Just Got REAL

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, how crazy is it in Phoenix driving on the dam freeway this summer? Really??? Dude, some psycho had shot at cars in broad daylight! WTF is going on in PHX?! They have placed a reward for this sniper to be caught at like $50,000! This is my hometown state and I know the crazy there. Good Gawd?! Drive Safe Valley of The Sun!

I blame Clint Eastwood.- nik

Druggie Slore Jessica Roman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this druggie and Slore Jessica ROman/ jessica Miller. You can find her at Home Depot or Zipps trying to find guys to get her drinks or drugs. She has a DRD you can see all over her face. She steals drugs from anyone including her parents and her dying grandmother while she was alive… All this while leaving her 2 daughters behind and not giving crap about them. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She drives her car totally drunk or high. Shes cheated on her husband for years and drug him through the dirt along with anyone else she can steal and lie too. She will Lie Cheat and Steal. She thinks shes so hot but wait till you see her in person.

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