Latrobe Sloot of the Century


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is hands down the dirtiest person you will see. She is the type of person that complains about being in a relationship and complains about how guys use and treat her horrible but she is the one f’ing around on them. She beats the sh’t out of the men she dates and then acts like the victim, just imagine what she does to her kids. She has a new guy in her life or her bed every week. And each one of them she claims to be her “ride or die”. She had her ex jumped because he found out that she was f’ing around on him, she was sending nude photos of herself to three different dudes while in a relationship. She doesn’t derserve her children the way she acts. She is a slutt, whore, and cunt plain and simple. She is disgusting, she has no self respect for herself has a woman or a mother. Look at what she wears and she just has her tits hanging out all over the place. How is that attractive.

Are those stretchy jeans.- nik

Yung Glenny


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the dirtiest dude in all of greensburg. He has a daughter he never sees because he is too busy selling drugs, he has overdosed on her**ne 3 times and has tattoos to cover up the track marks. He beats his dog and there are holes all over his trailer where he threw his dog into the wall. He makes girls think that he is a good guy with a real job but really he is a player. He was having sex

Corn child all grown up.- nik

Kelly Wilkins Queen of the Addled Sloots

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this psychotic chick dated a friend of mine. If you think you’ve seen crazy you truly haven’t until you’ve met Kelly Wilkins. When she wasn’t too busy stealing her boyfriends medication to get high. You could find her on her knees somewhere to get some pot. She goes around from guy to guy draining them for money, drugs, and anything else she can get her hands on. The worst part is that she claims that shes been raped 5 different times by different guys to try to get sympathy from people. Out of all of those times there were never any police reports of anything. You can find her mug shot online from when she “had a nervous breakdown” and shop lifted on two separate occasions. Guys if you’re looking to get laid and have pain medication this is your girl. She’ll do anything for a few pills. Just make sure you have all of your shit before she leaves!

Homewrecking around Pittsburgh


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Slut name Abigail Anderson from Pittsburgh is a man stealing slut. She can’t friend a man so she likes to sleep with married men. My man is one of them. She get most of the From jcpenney. But I just when you have no respect for yourself you will be a home wrecker. I love my husband and the kids we have together. My husband tell me that she said she won’t him to leave his family for her. What woman with respect for herself would want to put another woman through this. This is not the first my husband told me that she slept with 3 other married man and one she still works with. Please put this slut on blast so the people can be aware of the St slut that f’ my life and made me not trust my husband. I bet she sits at home crying every night cause she is lonely. Well good for her.

Baby Dropper – Courtney Marie Long


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is straight edge psycho. She left her husband LAST March and yet has been trying to run a pity party since he has found a new girlfriend. She became so drunk watching the Steeler game late last February that she dropped her 7 month old son – who had to be life lighted to children’s – and she couldn’t even be woken up! Now she’s angry her husband won’t sign over his rights to her mother- who doesn’t even think her own daughter is capable of taking care of the baby !! She spent her much of her five month marriage hooking up with her husbands co workers and whining that she wished they were her babies dad. She claims her whole life is about her son yet she spends all day stalking on Facebook and trying to ruin anyone who comes into contact with her estranged husband even tho SHE LEFT HIM.

Mac Drop-Off


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Amber Cianca Pittsburgh’s biggest pepsi slore. When Amber is not spending her free time blowing lines of pepsi off random guys d**ks she can be found slutting herself out at Cavo. Amber is the biggest Dirtball in the city! I know this girl and she never bathes or showers ever!!!!! She sleeps in her nasty sweaty make up and instead of washing her face just piles more on top of it the next day! Her trap smells rank like old fish from not washing herself and all the penis she has in her. This girl is like a total troll!!!. Her stinky beast ass should be under a bridge. She’s been with like every guy in the city and they all laugh and talk about how badly she smells. Amber take a shower and stop slutting yourself out for blow! Amber stop wearing two bras! Who are you fooling we all know your really flat chested.

I’ve never seen eyebrows drip before.- nik

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