Nikki Elicker Consistently Cheats


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik… take a look at Nikki (Ferguson) Elicker.  She was known for being the nice girl in high school… athletic, girl next door, morals/values, but now she’s known for being the town sl*t. Her poor husband posts pictures of them and their two little kids all over his social media accounts calling her “my love” and “the love of my life” while she’s busy sending naked/half naked pictures of her washed up looking self to married men behind his back. She’s a serial cheater and pathological liar. Nikki creates fake email addresses to contact these men and does whatever she has to do in order to generate attention from them. She’s pathetic. I’ve recently been able to obtain information from some women who’s husbands have cheated with her and she’ll drop her pants for anyone willing to give her the time of day. Once they break it off and come to their senses realizing what a dirty whore she is, Nikki then stalks them and/or their wives trying to stir up drama. She also makes sure to take pictures of herself from far away or in strange poses so you can’t see how busted her face is and all her “jiggle”. This bitch makes Caitlin Jenner look like a supermodel and she’s only 33. Ladies, watch out for her because she’s as fake as they come and guys, do yourselves a favor and don’t get caught up with this skank. However, anyone looking for a blowjob or random bang regardless of how you look should probably hit her up. She’ll give it to you in between changing diapers and packing lunches.

Beauty Queen scam of the century


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, time to expose an extra special scum bag here on earth! A “beauty queen” by the name of Brandy Lee Weaver-Gates of State College, PA was arrested for receiving donations for her cancer treatment… What’s wrong with receiving donations? Welp! SHE NEVER HAD CANCER! Apparently she received upwards of 14,000 dollars from a benefit held this past April. She was also forced to give back her Ms. Pennsylvania US International crown and sash…. I’m guessing this pageant was pretty low key given her appearance, lack of character, and the fact her name is Brandy Lee… This dirtbag needs to be exposed, because this is beyond pathetic! I hope they ask for a psychiatric analysis, because you have to be sick…. IN THE HEAD…. To pull some nonsense like this!

Everyone Burns


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, its been along time. this is my finale. this girl has been due to be put on this website for a long time. she was protected by her ex-bf, she is no longer protected. Everyone burns. Alex Gumbita is a disgusting, ratchet, nasty, piece of filth in westmoreland county. She smells like garbage, looks like trash, its time to take it out. It was stated that her p**sy stunk and vagi-clean was the ultimate solution. She refused, because she liked to watch her ex-bf suffer. She was cheating on him with jioio’s pizza making, tren-shooting, ex con Jake Shaffer at LA fitness. She wears wigs because she had a tug and pull war over another man and ripped her own hair out. Mom and dad now finally get to see the truth about their ratchet daughter. She tells everyone that she has cancer, and that shes sick, which is a lie. . She cried about wanting a boob job, but her insurance wouldnt cover it, so her parents tried to help her. What kind of parenting is that? Why would you want to do that when your daughter sweats in a wig? She stated that she was upset that her ex bf didnt go to her grandpaps funeral.  She also cheated on her ex with Mr. Pittsburgh, Chris Didomenico who thinks hes tough sh*t. But in all reality, everyone knows he suffers in pain from the goiters and zits he has on his face. Welcome to hell ladies and gentlemen, this is just the beginning. No one can save you. This is our house.

Mother of 2 and Girlfriend of Many


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce you to Jackie Dunworth! From Dubois Pa! She has 2 children that she never spends time with she is always running around meeting different guys! This picture right here already made its way around facebook because the dude in the picture isn’t even her boyfriend! She lives with her baby daddy at his parents house yet sleeps with anyone! She will even try to get married men from her own friends!! No worries of the boyfriend finding out because he already knows and is to dumb to care! She will admit herself that she can’t stand her own children and only stays with aj so he can take care of the kids! Add her on Facebook and see for yourself! Gotta love those who play mother of the yard for the world to see but if you know her you know she never has the kids!

Fabiszewski the home wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kylee. This is the dumbest girl I know. She is currently homeless, and has 2 children under the age of 5, that she constantly screams at. Her children are neglected. And they walk around in their own soiled diapers. She spends all of her money on Boose and drugs. She smells like tuna and hardly showers. I even heard she is sleeping with my best friends husband, when her husband just recently passed away. I really hope this isn’t true. Instead of thinking about someone else’s husband i would think about getting my children off the streets. She is the reason for her husbands passing. She has no job or car. I hope God can forgive her. I really hope she finds faith. Watch your husbands ladies if she can come after my friends then she will come after yours. Plaque stained teeth and all. Lord fix this nasty gutter bucket, because she needs saving!

House wrecking Keona Supples


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick here is a Raver slut who will just back stab you and cheat on you, let alone rob you. I dated Keona gave her a place to stay at my step dad’s but the hoe just ruins the welcome. Destroy things of my deceased step grandmother’s house. Banged my friend while I was sick and tryed to played it off and got paid for it like a hoe. Not ony did she cheat on me but she robbed me for my guitar collection a dumb pikachu hoody that i dont care for and + more but my guitars really. Thats f’ed up but i guess warning the next guy is smart. This b**ch is easily found at the Braddock Elks in some ravers gravy with the HardstyleFamily412 and One Up Productions. She lives in East Pittsburgh. This hoe will tell a lotve lies and she loves to guilt trip you. Also if i was you i wouldn’t plan on maki g kids with this hoe she might starve them and abandon them like she did to her cats oreo and reese. You will get played by this hoe. She did me dirty.

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