Fabiszewski the home wrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kylee. This is the dumbest girl I know. She is currently homeless, and has 2 children under the age of 5, that she constantly screams at. Her children are neglected. And they walk around in their own soiled diapers. She spends all of her money on Boose and drugs. She smells like tuna and hardly showers. I even heard she is sleeping with my best friends husband, when her husband just recently passed away. I really hope this isn’t true. Instead of thinking about someone else’s husband i would think about getting my children off the streets. She is the reason for her husbands passing. She has no job or car. I hope God can forgive her. I really hope she finds faith. Watch your husbands ladies if she can come after my friends then she will come after yours. Plaque stained teeth and all. Lord fix this nasty gutter bucket, because she needs saving!

House wrecking Keona Supples


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick here is a Raver slut who will just back stab you and cheat on you, let alone rob you. I dated Keona gave her a place to stay at my step dad’s but the hoe just ruins the welcome. Destroy things of my deceased step grandmother’s house. Banged my friend while I was sick and tryed to played it off and got paid for it like a hoe. Not ony did she cheat on me but she robbed me for my guitar collection a dumb pikachu hoody that i dont care for and + more but my guitars really. Thats f’ed up but i guess warning the next guy is smart. This b**ch is easily found at the Braddock Elks in some ravers gravy with the HardstyleFamily412 and One Up Productions. She lives in East Pittsburgh. This hoe will tell a lotve lies and she loves to guilt trip you. Also if i was you i wouldn’t plan on maki g kids with this hoe she might starve them and abandon them like she did to her cats oreo and reese. You will get played by this hoe. She did me dirty.

Deadbeat Spermdonor Rich Hayden


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is the ultimate piece of terd, he is Richard Hayden. lives with his father in Hazelwood and has been known to steal money and painkillers off of him, (his father is a paraplegic, who was hit by a drunk driver and lost his leg.) He has been known to sleep around with multiple women, one of which is his adopted sister, and when he’s in a relationship with someone, he uses them for his house maid. He has two baby mamas, both of which he’s cheated on multiple times. His first baby’s mom was treated like crap and when she left him for him cheating on her and talking to other women, he completely disowned their daughter that they had together, and hasn’t even tried to see or get in contact with her. He claims that he loves his daughter and cries about not being able to see her, when she’s just a phone call away. His most recent child’s mother was physically abused for months and when she stuck up for herself and finally beat his ass, he threw her in jail claiming she was assaulting him. When she went to jail, he got custody of their kids. After she was released from jail, he went crawling back to her in hopes of getting her back. When she finally broke up with him, not long after because he was cheating for the 3rd time they were together, he threw their children in foster care and told cyf that he was mentally unstable. He also is a major alcoholic. He goes on drinking binges  He’s a convicted felon who claims he does construction, but doesn’t have an ID and can only get under the table jobs. He’s screwed over numerous, “customers” by starting a job and charging an “initial startup fee” half asses the work, and walks off.

Nudes should never have toys in the background.- nik

Obsessive Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick has been on here so many times but deserves it once more. All she does is obsess over some chick who she didn’t like in high school and constantly talks about her on her fb page. Her perception of herself is so altered that she thinks she is A. An Egyptian goddess.B thinks she looks like yennefer from the video game witcher 3 hence her stupid choker necklace, C. thinks that she should be president of the U.S. D. thinks she is literally hotter than ever other woman on the planet , E thinks she is a true Wiccan and can cast spells on people F. I could seriously go on and on. She has spread so many drds and slept with so many men that even Madonna would be amazed. She enjoys men banging her in the a** and then licking ** off of their d**ks. She thinks she is so hot in this pic yet she fails to realize how large her nose looks. One classy gal here.

Age will not be kind to her figure.- nik

Rob Pasparage is a Punk

robert pasparage jr

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, about 3 years ago, this punk biotch jumped a man with two of his buddies. The guy they jumped ended up paralyzed and they never got charged…until last week! Now he’s running scared and whining like a toddler about how he had nothing to do with it. He comes from a long line of inbreeds and his sister Jazmine has been posted on this site twice! His father was convicted of sex assault. Jasmine has a history of “marrying” guys with serious issues and having babies with them. One was convicted of having sex with a teen girl while they were together and her latest husband recently had an infant son killed by a former girlfriend! His brother was convicted of a string of arsons. And this half baked fool is making babies with a piece of trash that was also on here, Crust Kristina! These people need serious help! Nik, can we start a spay and neuter program for dirtballs in Jeannette, Pa? This whole family is disgusting!

Pittsburgh Pigs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pedophile is Larry Ervin. He goes to car cruises and flashes little girls AND boys. His fat wife takes pics of him while he does this. He works for penndot and he goes home every day and sleeps while he is on the clock. They take advantage of employers and steal from friends. Wifey likes to use other people’s credit cards, and proposition any man that looks her way! These two WILL be brought to justice! Please circulate this pic so you know to keep your kids far away from them.

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