User and Deadbeat Father


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chris Haddix is known to pass around g***a to over 5 women. He uses women to live with them and steals from their house. Claims to be a hard working dedicated father and doesn’t do anything for his kids and only sees them when he’s trying to crawl up his b.m ass. Most of his pay checks go to paying for women to have abortions. He is abusive and has anger issues check his record.

Is his shirt off to show off his $20 tat?- nik

Latisha Bass aka Coco the Backroom chick

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this stripper will Do anything, saying anything to get you in her pants and steal your wallet. She works at local hotels and strip clubs or where ever you can pick her up something to smoke with a quickie on the side. Claims to be a hustling money maker ( true) if you call lying, cheating, scamming and dirty work the Hustle – she’s the girl who will flip your life upside down and make you beg for more. The dude in the pic with her is Marlin and he is on the run for wrecking cars, beating her and all kinds of drug issues. Stay away from ‘Team Green’- as they say. If you want a half a$$ bj and drd then throw her $1000 or get your car stolen then hit up the highschool cheer team in Pittsburgh and find her there.

Johnstown Delusional Baby Claimer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik so heres the thing this girl is completely delusional , claiming kids that arent hers! She dates this dude by the name of Devon apparently they have been together for not 1 but 2 years & got some other girl pregnant before her while they were together . The funny thing about this whole situtation ive heard about is the dude dont see , talk , or for that matter take care of his son. And now the girl just found out shes pregnant to the same guy that cheated on her not once but multiple times an dont even take care of the kid he has now , but word on the street is shes not even a female shes a he/she TRANNY ! So who knows whats true. Guessing jealousy is this situation?? Im not sure why you would want to have a baby to someone thats in an out of jail , all over the news , dont have a job , an dont see nor take care of the kid he has now. This must be the new trend just now getting out of high school an having a baby while still living at your mothers house with your boyfriend ? How do you feel about this situation my dear friend Nik ?

Jacqueline Freeman lives double life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Jackie Freeman lives quite the double life. She tries to convey a sweet girl-next-door image to her family and friends and she regularly attends church services with her mother but she lives a double life as a stripper and an escort. Jackie Freeman dances in strip clubs under the name Jasmine. She’s worked in most the area clubs. She was a regular dancer at Blush for many years before being fired in March for using drugs and accompanying customers back to their hotel rooms at closing time. She now dances at the Penthouse Club where she has been known to give “extras” to her customers if they pony up enough money. She is also a serial homewrecker ruining several marriages and she loves to brag about it. She got a local doctor, David McAdams, to leave his wife and two young sons for her. The doctor frequently did VIP rooms with her at Blush before they began to date. The relationship only lasted a couple of months and ended when the doctor realized Jackie had a drug and alcohol problem. She was also seen around town last year with a sugar daddy named Jason that she met at Blush. Thinking of sugar daddies, she poses on Facebook and Instagram with her $2000 hair extensions, $800 sun glasses and $3000 designer handbags that her clients bought for her. She is into this bratty Princess fetish where men accompany her shopping and they must buy her whatever she wants and in return she will give them whatever they want sexually. Jackie Freeman was in the hospital for a week in March under suspicious circumstances. She told her stripper girlfriends that one of her escort clients slipped her a roofie and tried to rape her and in the struggle that ensued she broke her wrist. However, a broken wrist does not require a week long hospital stay. She was unable to contact her customers because they took her phone away from her when she was in the hospital. She was either in the hospital detoxing or she had a mental breakdown. Once she got out of the hospital she posted on Facebook that she had a new lease on life and was a graduate of the school of hard knocks. However, she was unable to stay away from the stripper life. She is now working at the Penthouse Club and she is also back to dating customers for money. Her mother is a nurse and she has no idea her lovely, church going daughter leads such a double life.

Narcissistic man Jatavus Smith


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this man is a pathalogical liar he has a pof, says hes single looking for long term relationship but living with his gf x gf whatever he chooses for the day. He lies all the time. Said he was opening a business for medical billing and coding but havent heard of that since February, now he is going back to nursing school. He lost his job supposidly 2nd week of june. In the time he was with me or whatever he stood me up 3 times, calls his gf boring and says shes a huge bore to him. Her name is Tracey Spicuzza. I messaged her and told her he was messing w me after I found out, bc in the beginning of our relationship he was ending it with her bc she is boring and he wants two live in gfs. They broke up bc she did not believe in it, but after she found out about me she took him back and suddenly shes ok with him wanting a polyamorous relationship. I told him values don’t change overnight. Hes done nothing but talk crap on her and pick up other girls on pof. His screen name is pghguyjt and hes listed as single and looking for a relationship. He is not single they live together and he has no intentions of ending it with her, he is determined to find two gfs. He struck out w a girl named beth, I think she saw right through him. He told me i was lucky he was dating me bc im a single mother and feels that i should not feel entitled and i dont. I have my own income. But here he is lying lost his job, thelive in rewarded him for losing his job by taking him to pride. But he was supposed to be w me for my bday. Hes a loser. He discrespected my diceased daughter told me tracey lost a baby and cant have no more, had no clue bout this till todaywhile telling me to f*** off about my kid. He smokes weed. Hes on zoloft. Hes a pathalogical liar and mentally abusive. He talks so much crap on his live in its not funny. Says shes boring, cant give head, hes just flat out bored but stays w her, her only good qualities hes ever said is shes a nurse and works bc neither clean or cook. He thinks its 1950s. He has to send his clothes out tobe washed, she dont knoe how totake care of a man. He said many many times shes a bore in the sack. When I say shes not pretty he dont stick up for her, hes even agreed in txt that shes a dog and only around for financial purposes.

Pathological Liar Paul Barsotti


THE DIRTY ARMY: Please put this man on blast! Paul Barsotti Is a pathological liar. Has one kid he only sees every few months and in the summer time. His other kid is across country because his kid’s mom left him because she caught him sending dick pictures to one of his coworkers. He is also suspected to be bisexual by many people. He brags about his good job and uses his good looks and charm to get women into bed. He tells people that his wife cheated on him and that she ran off and left him when this is the furthest thing from the truth! He treated her like crap for a long time and left her and her kids with no water while he was flirting with other women at work and texting them behind her back. He thinks he is a player because he talks to several women at once and he tries to put it in all of them with no condom. All he does is sit around on Facebook and try to add woman all day and go to bars and his breath stinks horribly. If you see this man coming RUN! Ask him about all his ex’s. Everything is THEIR fault. He is immature and can’t take responsibility for his actions. He lies to everyone about owning land and having his own business because he is insecure and a loser. He seems like a good guy but when you get to know him he’s nothing but a fake and a liar. He tells everyone he was a war hero but he was never deployed and he received a dishonorable discharge. Google his name and dishonorable discharge and you will see it. If you don’t believe it, send his wife a message on Facebook and she will verify it. He told me he was going to buy me a car and take me on a cruise, only for me to find out he was still trying to get his wife back. Run from this lying manipulator or you’ll be his next victim!

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