Alcoholic Cheater Ryan Flegal Has Erectile Dysfunction


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Ryan Flegal who is a MAJOR liar, and a cheater and who sleeps with anything that walks. When you are dating him he sells himself as a charming, caring “business development ” professional and all he is a “pro” at is being the best liar. He is a alcoholic, who loves any drugs he can get his hands on. He also has erectile dysfunction and takes Viagra to bang every chick behind your back. And when he is having sex with you he tells you his ED has never happened to him before so you feel like it’s your fault. He’s extremely manipulative and dirty to boot. He never showers or brushes his teeth. This guy will tell you he has to go on a “business trip” and then you find photos of him with another girl all weekend. He won’t allow you to look at his phone either because he is constantly talking to other girls and he doesn’t want you to see all the photos and messages on there. This guy is one of the WORST and needs to be put on blast to warn all the other nice girls out there who he will try to suck in and manipulate. Save yourself the heartache girls! He is NOT worth it. 41 year old trying to sleep with 21 year olds. Loser.

Ryan doesn’t look bad for 41.- nik

Michael Cavazos Freeloading Liar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Michael Cavazos is a free loader, low-life, disease infested scum-bag that is infecting other people with drd. He tells people that he has just tested negative and that is a blatant LIE! He is drd POSITIVE and having unprotected sex with any and everyone that will dip their stick in his diseased a-hole.   He is NOT employed, NOT going to school and NOT telling the truth about who he really is. He is a FREE-LOADER that squats where ever he can, eats all your food etc,. and once he is in your house he tells the police that he LIVES with you and when that happens you will not be able to get him out of your home. . Please spread this information to your friends that this punk is drd and having unprotected sex with anyone. People need to be warned about this creep!

Jazmin Ceja Sega


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hit up jazmin for a good time all you need is some yay and she’s in. Her main hobbies include traveling around Salem in her beater car taking selfies 24/7 with her clip in weave and overly drawn eyebrows. She loves trying to make cleavage in her selfies with her double a cup big brown nipple tittys is so funny. Her best friend aborted her own child just so they could party again it’s so sad. She recently was found videotaping herself getting slammed by the biggest dirty dick Darius Adams at a house party thinking she was a bad bi**h hahahhal! Take her out to eat ladies and gents it’s an easy score she loves anything to do with eating as you can see!

Whats her dress tucked into?- nik

24hr Fitness Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Karen Rios is a beautiful black widow of a woman that has cheated on every man she has been with. The latest victim was a close friend of mine. She uses her looks and nice fake rack to implant herself in her unsuspecting victims life. She complains constantly about needing affection, but is completely emotionally unavailable and unwilling to compromise. She is looking for a sugar daddy to fulfill her needs, but pushes away her man at the first sign of not getting what she wants and then moves on to the man she has waiting in the wings (her side piece). In my friends case she was begging for a ring/engagement, but when he did not respond to her request fast enough she moved to the next guy and then stopped talking to him. She is good at playing the victim, according to her this is all his fault for not moving at her pace of less than 5 months and wanting to get engaged, even though she had a guy on the side while he was at work and tech school. I just feel it is my place to warn those in Portland/Beaverton area to stay clear of this Praying Mantis of a woman that just wants to use a man for what she wants and then rip his heart out when she decides she has not found her sugar daddy that is going to look the other way when she steps out on him.

Swamp Donkey Borst


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest swamp donkey of Gresham, ladies and gents! Her name is Robyn Borst and also has the title for worst mother! Not only does this whale post pictures that clearly aren’t of her, she will leg hump any dude that will show her attention. She looks lost 100% of the time and most of the time I want to hawk a loaf of bread at her stupid duck face she makes. She thinks she’s hot shit because she got groupon fake tits but you can’t even tell because her stomach sticks out further then them! Let me know what you think of this cow because clearly Gresham isn’t impressed

Fake Ratchet Playing the Victim


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a fake hoe. She likes to make herself seem like the victim. But she really is nothing but a manipulative, stealing b**ch that thinks she can get away with anything. While her husband was on deployment, she slept with his best friend and tried to call it a rape. She maxed out a bunch of credit cards under his name that he did not know a thing about and they recently just divorced and hes stuck trying to pay off all the dept. She still trying to take money out of his account.She has a bunch of dept herself so guys if you plan on marrying her, think about it. She will get your social number and apply for a bunch of credit cards. She is living off of her parents and foodstamps. How embarrassing. She is a sad story, from having everything a girl would want to having nothing. Its a good thing no kids were involve. She cant have kids anyways, thank the lord. But my point is, she makes it seem like she has a great life and that shes happy but truthfully, shes nothing.

I see a lot of tweezer work.- nik

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