Joe Nguyen Criminal and Cheat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! I wanted to provide the lovely ladies of Portland insight into a man who is not only a cheat but withholds information of his previous criminal record. Ladies beware and stay as far away from this man as he is a master con artist as well.

Amy Thirdgill


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, what can i say? Amy is a real treat. She is probably the meanest person i have ever met. She loves to call people stupid. She is constantly argueing about everything and thinks she knows all. As far as her bedroom life, well i wont lie. She is good in the rack, but the truth is she seems almost disingenuous about how much she enjoys it. She is self centered, egotistical, and a bitch of the largest magnitude. I have met alot of women in my life, but she is without a doubt the worst one yet. She talks about being positive but she is alway complaining about her daughter and alcoholic son. I bet she is the reason her ex of 25 years cheated for years. She earned it and got what she deserved. Finally, she boasts about how hot she is, but the reality is she is pretty for 48 but she has the saddlebags, saggy tits, flabby arms, and cottage cheese to prove it. She has a very positive view of a very dim reality. If your looking for a flake, Amy Thirdgill is your hoe.

Sloot who cried Attention


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shelby or Kali queen, this CNT has such a boring life, she cried fake rape on one of the best bouncers at stars. And why? Because the other manager she was attempting to trap for money, found out how big of a cow she really was and dumped her. Losing her spot light she charged an innocent man with rape. But, how does a rape victim the next morning go to breakfast with her attacker then have him give u a ride to work? BULL HONKEY LIES! STAY AWAY FROM SHELBY DICKERSON!!! She has also tried this bull 3 times before! Maybe that’s why she is always pepsied out of her mind cuz she can’t stand how f*cked up she is but she can’t stop. Who knows….

NFL Benchwarmer James Dockery


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is James Dockery. Total douche! He has a girlfriend but sends me pictures constantly, even if I don’t respond to him. He thinks he’s so cool since he’s been bouncing around the NFL, the dude hardly gets playing time. He told me to watch one of his games and I felt awful for him, no wonder they don’t put him in!

How do you not get playing time on the Raiders?- nik

Will Love for Bud


THE DIRTY ARMY: sloppy lay, but easy. Being her weed and her extra large pants drop. Thinks she’s a model with her prison tattoos and “thick” bod. Really just a fat girl with low self esteem. Has a boyfriend but that doesn’t matter. Her Facebook says she has a baby. But I never saw it.

Is She The Hottest In Portland


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to know this girl and she’s a natural red head trying to hide under all that fake tan and hair dye. She thinks she is the hottest sh*t ever and even did a swim suit photo shoot in what looks likes someone’s sketchy garage. I’m really interested in knowing what you think of this recent resident of Portland?

It’s weird. Her friend is normal looking with real parts and is better looking. Stay Red Portland.- nik

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