Sara Newman


THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This is Sara L. Newman. If you are dating her…she is cheating on you on AFF. If you are screwing her…she has a boyfriend from POF. And that goes for ALL the guys screwing her. She keeps at least 2 besides a bf. Every single man she has ever known…she met behind another guys back. Even her friends won’t bring guys they like around her. She screws anything that moves and uses the rest for her “pampering” Everything she owns was paid for by someone else. Avoid this woman at all costs. She is a nightmare

Rocky Bebb Gave Up His Kid

rocky 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rocky Bebb gave up parental rights to his beautiful girl cause he was too much of a wuss to keep fighting the legal system against his ex Laura West, Tons of people supported him but then all of a sudden he decided to just give up…maybe cause the courts might reveal he wasn’t actually the great person he thinks he is? All he does is talk shit, post pictures of his ugly ass wife who he started dating when she was a minor(He was 21) on facebook, and talk about gay ass video games

Am I Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have been sleeping with this guy for almost 6 months but lately he has been distant. We have a lot of mutual friends and now they are ignoring me too! Some girls think he goes the other way but he seems so sincere when we are together. Help in the 503? He works out at gym lots and friends say he meets people there.

I’m going with the EXIT sign.- nik

Help Fix this Ghetto Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK PLEASE help this girl!! I saw she was posted earlier, well here is more info! Her name is Chelsea Macintosh, obviously she is a trashy stripper in Portland. Lets start with her HORRIBLE hair extensions!! You can see how cheap and messy they are in her pics. No doubt these are the worst extensions I have ever seen!! She is always running around downtown Portland barefoot and dancing drunk on dirty light poles. She does so bad at the strip club, she even still lives with her parents and doesn’t have a car!! All her post on Facebook are talking about how she thinks she is better than her ex, she doesn’t need her ex, he dumped her for a reason and she won’t stop talking about it! She is covered head to toe in tattoos, most which are horribly done and look like cheap prison tats. Please chels, laser away that face tattoo, fix those atrocious hair extensions, fix those flat saggy tits, get a tan, go to rehab, and stop talking about your ex!!

DC Potential in Portland

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.17.22 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, all I have to say is — she thinks she is so hot and she is not. Please help me and say she is a nasty looking… I think she would  make a great DC for Portland.

I need more intel please. The bible scripture on her check tells me nothing.- nik

I Am One Of Ali Gunter’s Former Sugar Daddies/Victims


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is a new stripper in Portland, OR. She is from Kelso/Longview Washington just 30 miles north of Portland. She goes by Ali Gunter but people may know her as Alicia Holtman, she trades sexual favors, so men will pay her bills. She is a train wreck and has a rap sheet for several DUI’s and has been a drug addict for 10+years. She loves Crystal meth and is a pill popper too. She is a crazy bi-polar bitch. She likes older guys in their 60’s married or single, she loves shopping sprees and trips in trade for sex. To all the men out there, DON’T let this girl pull her game on you, cause she will ruin your life, I am one of her many victims.

You can tell by the trashy tattoos that her cell phone bill is only around $65 a month. New sponsors should focus on her bills and negotiate down the shopping sprees.- nik

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