Hailey Joseph Peddles her Bills


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Hailey Joseph the lowest b you could ever meet. Sleeps with anyone and anything that breaths. Sells herself so she can pay for her alcohol just like her mom! She has probably 20+ guys she’s playing so they can pay for her bills. She smokes weed constantly and f’s anyone who can get her some. She has the ugliest eyebrows you will ever see. And the bi**h thinks she’s hot sh*t. She gets her physco ex boyfriend to pay for her ugly ass tattoos, she can’t afford f’ all. But yet guys feel so sorry for her they pay for sh*t and give her money for sex!

Salmon Run


Meet kiana keram the biggest Slut in Surrey and Prince George she’s gone and f’ed multiple OLD men because of her “daddy issues” her dad tried selling her for cr**k and instead she took off and sold herself she has multiple craigslist ads posted and when her ex discovered them she lied and said someone must have faked them she was living with her best friend and because she didn’t want to smoke m**h with her she broke into her house and sold everything for her addictions her best friend Jennifer Stephens completely supports her habits feeding her m**h in the hospital after her abortion, they took off to Surrey to sell themselves some more she posts pictures in other people dirty laundry and acts like she’s hot shit I mean look at them saggy tits I guess that’s what happens after two abortions she’s such a slut she let a guy finger f’k her in public knowing he was taken, she sleeps with drug dealers for m**h like Dave mason, Nathan Burt, Adam stayko, offer her a point and I’m sure you can get her for an hour, this girl has ISSUES. Whether or not there daddy issues sex issues vagina issues there issues and she’s bat sh*t crazy. she thinks she’s some type of gangster for talking to PC’d inmates who have been charged with rape etc. when she’s nothing but a sad lonely addicted girl.

Nighties are hard to fill out.- nik

Tiffany Lebrun – known theif


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tiffany, without getting into much details about personal sh*t this is more of a general warning to any guys out there, this witch is dirty. She will f’ anyone for some pepsi and she will also lie to get money or just steal it and if you start to realize it she’ll play the victim card, fake pregnancy ( There’s no way she can get pregnant AGAIN with the amount of pepsi she does ), borrow money from her own family and kick them out of her life when they try to get her to pay them back. Death threats aren’t far behind this piece of class either, she will threaten to have her drug dealer which she claims is her boyfriend to kill you but I really doubt he would appreciate having someone ( especially some pepsi slore ) speak for him. She will go to clubs and go home with any guy that can provide her habit for the night, she’s sick almost every other week because who knows what kind of strange dick she’s taking for a little extra blow. She’s in a battle right now with the ministry to get her child back right now but when you’re on pepsi nearly 7 days a week 24 hours a day that isn’t very likely going to happen. She also likes to use dating sites to find guys with cocaine and lies about being a nurse when the bitch didn’t even graduate highschool. Keep an eye out for this one.

Did she photoshop on a second coat of MAC.- nik

The Pathetic denny


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This man right here Denton Johnson is the dirtiest man in PG. HE thinks he is better then everyone because he so high on himself and how jacked he really is… Sorry to say but steroids don’t count. Maybe you should stay off them.From what i heard you have a tiny co**! Your the worst person ever existed. You always lie to people to get your way. You use people to make your self feel better. Your a steroid junky and have nothing going for you. Its pretty sad that a 40 yr old has to relate to TINDER. but eh your so use to being a man whore right from what other girls say in this town…Your so insecure about himself that he has to make fun of everyone and sleep with every girl he talks to…Maybe do yourself a little favor for everyone is stay off the steroids….stop talking so many selfies of yourself as ur insecure about yourself and always asking for attention and maybe grow the hell up. i feel bad for any girl who talks to this man and plays his acts.

We Got a Runner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, NIKI CARTER, of Prince George. Its hard to say which town this woman will be in on a monthly basis. she sleeps around. she will move in with you, then while your at work she will be on pof looking for other guys to screw. she will even bring guys back to the house while your at work. She has zero respect for any one, but will make out she wanst you. in the last year she has lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie and Grande Cache also. her favorite trick is to meet guys on pof and move in with them. but she will do this while she is dating, while your at work she will clean the house of everything and have her new boyfriend pick her up. he will be unsuspecting as she will tell him that she is just renting there. she plans the move in a way that she will clean you out before you get home!!! But this dirty skank pulled an all time low. she actually got married a few months ago. in less than a week of being married, she fkn does it again to her husband!!! WTF!!! cleans the house of everything and moves in with another guy she met on pof. Last i know she was living in Fort St James, near prince George. watch out for the dirty skank!!! She will take you for everything and do a runner while your at work!!

Sticky Fingers for Drugs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel like I have to post this so no one else has to deal with this person. This is Meagen mueller she is a drug addict and a thief her and her f’ buddy stole my stereo system and sold it for m**h when I was living with them. She will lay down and open her legs to any guy that offers to buy her alcohol but let me say from experience that is one dirty hole. She also has a kid but due to the fact that her version of parenting is firstly naming it maryjane (because that super cool) and getting the kid high with her when ever she can I don’t really think she’ll end up much better than her mother. To any one that may hang out with this girl beware she has multiple drds which she doesn’t tell you about till its to late and will steal anything she can get her hands on so she can sell it for drugs




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