Kristyn Marie Dunagen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kristyn is a home wrecking delusional whore. First let me point out her hair. She is a hairdresser but you would never know it because she ruined her own hair and has to wear wigs. This girl dated her own cousin then wonders why she is single. She is so attention deprived she makes up sh*t. One time she told me that her daughter was a twin but the other one died..but her baby daddy said it wasn’t true. She harassed him when he got sick of her s*it and moved on..said she wanted to have another kid by him but not be with him.?? Then claimed he was a bad dad….not to bright is she? She pops pills and smokes weed every night then tries to act like she’s better then us… Like she don’t party.  She kept their kid away from him and said his wife could never be around her…and kept her away from his family  She successfully ruined his marriage by making her ex spend the night with her or he wouldn’t be able to see their kid. … Poor guy drove 3,000 miles to play more head games to see his daughter.  You know what they say….u can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig!! Just another teen mom with only a high school education with major self esteem issues… With an innocent child she uses as a pawn. Get a life girl!!

Bryant Savidge


THE DIRTY ARMY: Bryant Savidge is a personal trainer. What he won’t tell you is that he has genital drd. He will give it to you and then blame and accuse you of giving it to him. He is pill popping and smoking weed around the clock and getting completely fcked up on cr*ck more often than not. This is not a lie… if you want to sleep with him then have him get tested (go in the room w him.. he WILL lie to you abt results) or make him wrap it bc it’s not a fun disease to catch.

Cara Nicole, A Total Catfish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl, Cara Nicole, or Instagram name @caranicci, is not only a total catfish, but She clinically insane. She’s likes to play the innocent girl when in reality she is a compulsive liar, a cheater, and a complete fake. She is a fan of beating herself up and telling people her ex is to blame. Look at those fcking Hickies she put on her arm and tried to claim he grabbed her too hard. She is also a fan of men 3 times her age, she loves her sugar daddies. Also, don’t let the picture fool you, THAT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE. This girl needs to learn that she isn’t the center of the univers and that everything you do has consequences. You can’t go around telling lies about someone when they can obviously be quickly proven wrong. Fellas, DONT FALL FOR HER TRICKS. You’ll end up on the crazy side of things. Dealing with crazy outbursts, the police being called on you, maybe even have your name slandered. Watch out Raleigh, she is seriously one crazy bitch.

Tia Marie Freeze


THE DIRTY ARMY: Slept with 2 different men in the same night blaming it in drinking 2 beers, then claimed a pregnacy and later tried to sleep with alex r the brother of one of those men . Take responsibility

Kara Oxendine


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kara Elizabeth Oxendine can be found on several social media sites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a self proclaimed “model”, “anthropologist” and “animal advocate”…she has become quite the socialite in the internet world albeit is anything but. Kara has an untreatable drd that she has passed on to several unfortunate suitors, neglecting to inform them of such as she tends to target wealthy men of all ages, shapes and sizes. This would come naturally as her mother is the same. She is from a small town in NC called Lincolnton where the females within her family have a high reputation for this type of behavior. She now resides in Charlotte and frequents the Raleigh area often. Highly uneducated, somewhat of a party girl. Enjoys house music, raving, drugs and breeding helpless animals. And most importantly, spreading her wealth of untreatable goods to the world. Do yourself a favor and stay far away!!! This is absolutely no joke. People who choose to knowingly spread drd’s should be in jail! Not eying your credit card up at the bar!

North Carolina Sucks In The Tinder Market


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m a not so attractive by your standards-but attractive by Americans ever dropping standards, 25 year old, married girl. I joined tinder with no intentions of cheating, just there to see if any of our friends are on there, for sh*ts and giggles, and holy mother of god. I seriously feel for women of NC. Tinder is such a f*cking source of “lols” in this God forsaken area. Ladies, if you’re even semi decent looking and searching for a potential “mate” on Tinder, do yourself a favor, get in a car and drive as far away from this state as possible.

Isn’t Rob’s friend a judge on American Idol?- nik

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