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Lisa Stagner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sonik,  this one right here Lisa Redmond Stagner is a pretty big whore. She has cheated on her husband around seven different times. The last time she broke up her marriage and a so called “friend” of hers by cheating with the friends husband. I am pretty sure she is probably pretty well known at the bar scene in charlotte since she was always going out “dancing” with friends so she could go and cheat on her husband. Oh and she also hooked up with several of the new mans friends before she hooked up with him. She is also an amazing mother. She up and left all five of her boys with her husband in charlotte to come play house with the new man in raleigh. She doesn’t work and basically lives off the friends husband. Apparently she loves to be fisted as well. Be careful if you see this one out guys she is a money hungry cow who also gave the new man an drd which he so nicely passed on to his soon to be ex wife. And she probably has whatever type of pill you might need to “feel good”. This used to be nurse loves to sling pills on the side but only if she hasnt taken them all already. her and the new man love to go on little cke benders as well. If you see this one out I would run the other way and if you had her already you may want to go get your shit checked.

Courtney Brown

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a hardcore her**n addict and beats on her man. She causes a scene everywhere she goes and has no respect for herself. She sends tons of nasty pics to men and lives in Reliegh North Carolina. If you see this girl turn and walk the other way. She brings nothing but drama with every step. Courtney Brown. Let the game begin babygirl.


THE DIRTY ARMY: it’s quite funny that this woman if she is a female.. likes to send naked pics and such to young guys around the world. her story– an abusive husband that locks her in a dungeon in a mansion because she is ‘too beautiful and too much of a tramp’ to be seen by the world. so she spends her days that shes not feeding her lil son.. sending pics to guys on poker websites because she knows they’re all losers that will give her attention and entertain her. its all a joke and scam. she claims to be from idaho and has horse farm but it appears jolene actually is from a trailer park. figures. get a life hunny no one wants your saggy anorexic and bulimic ass. sorry there’s no machines at the gym to fix that face my dear.

Meagan Reedy Is Reality TV Trash And Dirty Celeb Gold

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been DA strong for years now and I have the perfect new dirty celeb. This girl is Meagan Reedy and I grew up with her in Wilmington, NC. She has always been mean, slutty, and completely delusional. All through high school she claimed to be a famous model, saying she would go to NY and LA every weekend. She also claimed to be dating one of the stars of that lame show that was filmed here, One Tree Hill, and told everyone that we were gonna see her on the big screen one day. Well, turns out home girl was right. A few years ago she was in an awful locally-produced horror movie called “Dismal.” It was acted by a bunch of UNCW film students, and Meagan played a hooker who got naked, had sex with a black guy and then she was murdered. I figured that would be the last I saw of her, but much to my surprise (and amusement), a few weeks ago, the E! channel premiered a new reality show called Escape Club about a bunch of broke idiots who get drunk on an island and act crazy, and who should be one of the cast members but the lovely Miss Reedy! They’ve only shown 3 episodes and already Meagan has made an idiot of herself by screwing a guy in a shower and having a psychotic breakdown, and I am loving every minute of it! Nik, she’s already proven that she will do ANYTHING to be in the spotlight, so let’s give her what she wants and make her a dirty celeb. Trust me, this girl is as crazy and trashy as they come and she will always give you plenty to talk about!

Daniel Duke Law’s Girlfriend Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Daniel law school alum and military man also a top notch wolf in sheep’s clothing. This \”man” beats up on his girlfriends. He has already had charges and restraining orders brought against him by a previous ex and he has left his most recent ex black, blue and bloody. Girls need to be warned about this guy he seems sweet and innocent but he is far from it. But hey if the military/lawyer thing doesn’t work out maybe he has a decent career in drag?

DJ Boogie D the Wife Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Here is another example of another popular DJ with a dirty little secret in his closet in Raleigh, North Carolina. This guy needs to be aired out for what he is. A WIFE BEATER. No man should ever lay their hands on a woman, let alone their significant other. He plays at a ratchet club Downtown Raleigh called Oryx and people think he is so cool, but little do they know he put a 100 lb girl in the hospital. Boycott this ass holes gigs if you have any self respect, and respect for women. Oh and if you think i am lying, here is the link for proof (link) Seriously people, stop supporting guys who hit girls, especially this douche-troll DJ Boogie D. Hope someone teaches him a lesson one day, nik!

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