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Lisa Duncan Thinks She Is A Real Housewife Of Hicksville

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is 43 yr old Lisa Duncan from NC. She has a mad obsession with looking like a girl half her age. She does youtube videos in which she hauls the makeup, shoes, clothes. But, every week she spends $2500to $4000 in makeup, shoes, clothes and its been going on from past 3 years. I don’t know how she does it because she lives in average home, drive old car. She has around 6 pair of Valentino’s and countless makeup. She is trying to catch up on her youth but fails.

Stephanie Narron

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, let me just make this short and simple. This c*ntbag is Stephanie Bitch Narron, oops I mean Stephanie Bailey Narron. She thinks her shit doesnt stink, and trust me it does, i have smelt it. This girl thinks she is better than anyone and always has the best drama from her momma if you know what I mean. She says she lost her virginity to her “husband” who is a low life and cannot keep a job or just one girl for that matter. Little does she know he hasent only been with her since they have got married 2 years ago…. she works 24/7 to support him while he goes off to “play” with me, i mean look for jobs. She needs to get a relaity check and focus on the important things in life other than the drama she creates AND trust me she was not a virgin before Brandon…I do have some proof. dont even get me started on her sister or family. im not even going to waste my time to go there so here is yawls warning too STAY AWAY FROM THIS GHETTO FAT A** JOHNSTON CO SLOOT…

Krazy Kim Zebraski

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lunatic is Kim Zebraski. She is a middle aged single mother of three who can’t keep a guy because she is nuts. And not to mention, she thinks her shit don’t stink so she walks around all high and mighty and belittles people. She is quick to talk junk on people and their relationships and she definitely has no room to speak. The last guy she dated was a real sweetheart. I can’t blame him for dating her because she is average looking and quick to sleep with him but then her true colors come out. She called the cops on him and fabricated all these stories because she was mad she got caught in a lie. She is always getting drunk and drunk texts and calls guys she has slept with in hopes they will give her a booty call. Somebody needs to put her in her place that she is not a catch. She has three kids and lives in a trailer. She’s just trailer trash looking for a meal ticket and baby daddy. This is a warning to the fellas out there, stay away from Krazy Kim she will dig her talons in you and make you think you’re the bad person while she is running around seeing other people and sending pictures. You best net she won’t let you anywhere near her phone. She’s a real winner let me tell ya. Put some wheels on that house and roll on down the road KIMMIE. You and the whole farm. Your exes are glad they escaped your high school mind games. Nice hat and shirt BTW. Loser!

Mom of the Smithar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mom of the year that will never happen. Food stamp fisting, mother of 3 that has none of which it is feeding, living and willingly the tailer park trash in which she obviously came. A mother that can shun off her child for 3 years and once again, you are obsolete. Use your money to get another trashy tat or keep your fu** friend up but please by all means, make sure it DON’T GO TOWARDS YOUR DAUGHTER! oh, wait, you already got that one covered you low life piece of shit! Gotta love this mother of the year…spouse of the month, slut of the hour!!! If there ever was a call for a good time, contact me for the number but do know, you are signing up for a lifetime of hell and responsibility!!

Kodie Super

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this drug addict sloot will do anything for some drugs. 21 years old and bounces from guy to Guy to sleep with to get liquor, drugs and money. That’s only when she’s not jumping back in bed with her ex who beats her a$$ all the time! Be careful ladies if you see her and have a man…RUN! She’s got Drd’s and ain’t scared to spread them around like butter! She had to move from garner to clayton to Zebuloun cause her reputation is so bad! She tries to get pregnant by any guy. Oh and tries to prance around calling herself a redneck and so called country girl and goes out f her way to try and be like that. LoL I just have to know what you think of this hot mess put together Nik!?!

Heather Criminal Shearin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather Shearin got her ass locked up AGAIN! This bitch can’t so shot without being caught or put on blast. She sucks as a mom, a daughter, a girlfriend AND a criminal. She is SO damn stupid. Bitch you ain’t cute. I don’t care what kind of bling you put on your face or in your grill. You still look like a bull dog. Your fat ass had to quit stripping because your ass got fat and you have too much drama. Bitch ain’t got no sense. This drugged out hooker (back page slore) got locked up over Easter weekend for burglary and manufacturing m*th. I’m sure the stupid bitch was mixing up a concoction of her own shit to shoot up but thought she could make a quick dub selling some shit. But she’s too dumb to even do that. She can’t hold on to a job, her son or a man. What’s the attraction at all to any guy that is with her? Is dieing really what they want because you can be guaranteed you gonna catch something you can’t get rid of and she is just gonna steal your shit. I love her mug shot. Crack pipe lips and all. Way to go Super Hoe! I know yo mama is proud as hell.

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