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Morgan Sloriet Loves a Truck


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out boys this girl will date you then cheat on you with your best friends. She’s a down right slut. If you have a jacked up truck she’ll sleep with you, or she’ll sleep with you to get parts for her truck. She has drd but won’t tell you until after you f’ her. She works at the gents club but apparently has her own escorting business. Also ladies watch out for her she’ll tell you she’s a lesbian then she’ll try to sleep with your boyfriend.

Escort Glamor Shots


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Red Deer is full of this girls drama. Stacey jt Pitcher the girl that started out as a $40 dollar bj hooker and $80 dollars to ride her bare back used the hole city dollar by dollar to achieve one goal in life after being a f’in m**h head/ Pepsi user to get her name right with skids and family members of hers in her circle of life. You will never find or meet anyone like her a low life that met some f’in bi*ch from across her apartment hall from the streets of Hastings (Vancouver) Brittinay Proudfoot (stinky foot) other wise Stacey your still a goof you little b**ch leached off a city that was in already blind along side her cousin Justin George (crackhead Gumby) wanna be biker. Lotz of classy ppl in the city that give a f’ will always be looking for this witch weather it’s in stettler, Red Deer, Bonnyville karma isn’t about what you have or how many gangsters you had to f’over or get f’ed by to get where these skid f’s got ! It’s not a crime to watch ppl burn as God has intended for cold hearted witches & Gouls……..

Freda Lundberg Fraudulant Tax Accountant

f pic 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman (FREDA SAVUT CHHENG LUNDBERG )claims to be a legitimate accountant with an education in accounting principles and ethics. Upon further investigation it has been discovered that she did not complete her accounting program at Red Deer College. My business suffered as a result of FREDAS poor accounting skills and lack of current tax knowledge. My business and family lost thousands of dollars as a result of he poor accounting skills and lack of current tax knowledge. I personally know other people who have lost thousand after using FREDA’S FRAUDULANT TAX SERVICE. I also read text messeges sent to my husband from FREDA and seen pics. Freda is a homewrecker so keep six of your husband or boyfriend around her. I am currently in the process of taking legal action and would like to give any other victims of Fredas fraudulent accounting a chance for justice with a collaborative legal effort. I believe the City of Red Deer and all of its corporate and private citizens deserve a chance to rid the community of illegitimate business.

Red Deer Pepsi Slut


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been f’ing my best buddies girl since they pretty much got together a year ago. Her name is Jenny Bird aka dirty bird.Everything was going great until I went to the Dr to get a check up done for work to find out the b**ch gave me drd and the cl**. I know I’m not the only one who she has been f’ing for rails. So I warn anyone who has been with this nasty slut in the last little while to go get tested. Now I have an drd I can never get rid of and I now know my buddy has it too. How do you tell your long time buddy that first all you have been f’ing their girl and second that she has multiple drds she is spreading to all the other guys she is f’ing that I imagine he has as well. Beware she is all over lacombe as well. She will do just about anything to get her hands on drugs of all kinds especially pepsi.

Drugged up Transient


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Haley Jaide Kerekanich is Red Deer & Innisfails latest junky thief. Hales, you always know how to steal the right things to get your fix. Haley is a pro thief wannabe who steals clothing with tags on, and sells on Kijiji for pepsi. She thieves clothes, booze, gas, food, prescriptions, property offences & anything she can sell for the next fix. Shes wanted by several people in Rocky, Red Deer & even her newest home Innisfail. She jumps around banging anyone who can get her a shelter over her head, and on to the next fix. Think of Aubrey haley, is this what she wants in you? Watch out for her. She will steal you blind.

Delusional Drug Head


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natalie Normand is her name and this b**ch needs to be put on blast because she’s cheating on her man while the poor basterd is away working for their family!!! But she tells everyone that he is in jail for some reason. She is cheating on him with one of the biggest junkie flails in Red Deer and many of you probably know the scab himself,his name is Benjamin Bjarnason AKA The Rush/Lil Russian. And hahaha he’s not Russian he is just mind f’ed and has a personality disorder cuz he’s a f’ing native half breed!!! He has really failed since he’s been rolling around with that ditch pig like he literally looks like he’s on the verge of death,it’s soooo nasty as f’!!! She’s 37 and he’s 28 lol it’s so messed up!!!! She claims to work at the hospital as a lab tech lololol but word has it that she is still taking courses for it so Natalie that does not make you an employee at the hospital you crazy old bag. Nat I hope your man finds out what your doing!!! Cuz how dare you treat a good hard working man who provides for a couple nights of dirty unprotected sex with Ben like omg. Give your head a shake and get your head out the m*th clouds B***H!!! Do you think it’s normal to have Rush around your kids until Jason or Jay or whatever his name is gets back? Put down the pipe cuz you having too many dreams on it

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