Way Back Playback


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, me and this trick tawine go way back as we got older it was like she was trying to compete with me she went after my boyfriends caught her having sex with some of them and had sex with my xs boyfriends she did all this when she had no place to stay so I let the hoe stay with me shoulda never did that because she wanted my lifestyle and she still does girls if you are friends with her make sure you watch who you bring around her especially your boyfriends because she will do anything for the D and she talks a good game saying she’s a good mother when she told me herself that she signed over her kids to her mother because she wants to party and do drugs and get beaten up by her boyfriend now that’s love isn’t it. Its like she likes to get beaten up makes her feel good her baby’s dad beats her up I will never feel sorry for her she deserves what’s coming to her learn how to keep your legs closed oh yeah you don’t know how tawine your legs are always open for anybody

Regina Ladies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, If you’re curious how classy Regina ladies are and why people stay away, have a look! Nuff said

There’s urinals in that washroom…nuff said.- nik

Escort Druggie Thieves


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mercedes really needs to check herself into rehab . this witch was caught stealing from a local store with Leslie Clarke. Everyone knows you’re on drugs. Can’t believe it’s so bad that you have to steal from a Business that aims to help kids! And kaitla LA LA LA rydaaaaa or whatever dumb ass f’ name she uses on Facebook, we all know you’re still a drug using escort so cut the crap.also sticking your flat ass out like that doesn’t make you look like you have one. Lmao and didja ever hear of braces, snaggle tooth? Oh and mercedes you’re not hot so stop posting updated slutty pictures of yourself thinking you look good! It’s just an update to your downward spiral in drugs

Your shirts not long enough for that belly trick.- nik

Kayla Marie Corey Needs A Reality Check


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Kayla Marie Corey of Regina, Saskatchewan. Have been following her posts on Facebook for awhile, I don’t like her (which I will get to), but it’s hard not to follow this woman posts since she is the most superficial out there and her life is so pretentious. It is interesting to follow her life since I would never choose to live like her. She thinks she is the toughest person out there, she calls other women bitches and is constantly spewing vulgarity and racial slurs- Kayla, you are not black, no matter how much you wish you were and you have no class speaking like that. She is constantly flashing wads of cash, travelling across Canada and driving a vehicle my parents could not afford after working their whole lives with very respectable jobs. I know people with legitimate, decent professions who cannot afford to do the things she does. Something does not add up about Kayla.  She has a decent body but there no way anyone earns the money she makes from just taking off their clothes. Her face is not attractive, it is somewhat manly looking….

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Narrssicistic Political terrorist


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Don the narcissist Narine!   guy is one fake Ass ugly short gross middle aged like 45 yr old attention seeking DRD. Yuck He is very dangerous in every conceivable way! Not too bright but If he can’t pressure you off for extra booze $ he will scream around and throw shit while he demands respect !! Hahaha. He threatens to beat it out of you if u make fun of him or he will diplomaticly steal it …steal it !!!! In front of you!!!! Then pass on his w**s and blisters and f’ a 200 pound 35 year old while your passed out … ( not me ) Ty tho thought he was funny . But it’s not … He has been charged in regina for actual RAPE in 2010 ! But why I hate him is because he beat up my friend twice in a month and even his own mother has said he pimped her out !?. He claims he has never hit a woman but I would see his ex Beat up , bruised, she was even bloody once and she acted like … It was normal.. Her lip was busted right up , was difficult to see my girl all f’ed up and scared of him.

Queen City’s Used and Abused


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is drama, sleeps around(mean while she’s in a relationship), big whore & can’t take care of her own kid and expects everyone to look after her child while she runs around opening her legs and if you have a boyfriend and your boyfriend does not take a liking in her slutyness she gets really ugly and defensive and posts rude comments about them on Facebook so no matter how much she crys out to you for help don’t! if she doesn’t like what you say or do she crys to her mom and trys to destroy your family! She acts like she isn’t from Regina & plays that she is better then Regina people! let alone she’s just a homeless bum romming around Regina with no one to turn to! 306 people should just chase her as back to 780 . I don’t blame her baby daddy for leaving her! Her and her mom can’t stand anyone who has a loyal still there man so they do anything to break it up!

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