Linda the Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: NiK this trash bag is a a stripper who the fck would tip her she is a home wrecking whore who turns tricks out of the key club fcking old men who last only a minute she’s a pot smoking whore who rips off her hair dresser and thinks she’s all that… She has herpes and is and hiv carrier … She’ll fck for weed .. Shel will fck up your happy home .. Beware ladies if you see this c*nt keep your husband close she has no morals or class oh wait she’s so gross she has no class she will fuk your husband and dad at the same time ..

Nikki Wyant


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch will fuxk anybody for a tattoo or a joint it’s gross she’s had so many abortions she can’t even have a baby stay away from her drd ass if you know what’s good for you … Just a word of advise … Look at this stank hoe I mean who takes photo shoots at there dead baby’s grave one sick bitch that’s who !!!

Saint’s Wanda Machado


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wanda Machado is the most careless self absorbed piece of shit boss in my opinion as well as many others! This woman if it can be called that. Is the “Manager” of Sterile Processing of Surgical equipment at Saint Mary’s hospital in Reno, Like open heart, or boob implants and more! Well this bitch had OSHA called on her for tons of safety violations she has had for the entire year she has worked there! She cusses and screams at her employees. Sense she took over as manager that department has fired so many people! And it’s because she is a sexist man hating lesbian who got cancer and seems bitter about life. She made employees use dangerous equipment! And even made them work with no breaks very often!! This woman and hospital needs to be put on the stand for what they let her do! The Human Resources Manager doesn’t even do anything with 3 people quitting because of the stress and safety issues she is causing! This woman needs to be fired! They use expired tests to test if things are sterile! And they even have sent up bloody instruments to the OR the one wine pipe cleaners!! This lady doesn’t care, and doesn’t know how to do her job! She even scheduled the department empty for an entire 30 minutes. So if there was an emergency surgery case that person would and very well died because they couldn’t have gotten the instruments they need! Let’s get this out ere and save people! DONT HAVE SURGERY AT SAINT MARYS HOSPITAL WHILE SHE IS MANAGER, it’s dangerous she isn’t even certified! You run a higher risk of getting infected!!!

Instagram Model Brittney Brannagan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brittney Brannagan Insta model and ex to a UFC Fighter is a fame chasing crazy person. Look at these texts she sent the other women, Really? Does she have no self respect? Even if that girl knew the guy had a girlfriend it is still the guy that cheats! Have a little self respect it is not that he always comes back to her, it is that she takes him back so she can try and get some fame. Brittney has a son Cash who no one knows about because her baby daddy has sole custody all she gets to do is babysit when she is allowed to. Her Insta model career is a joke this is one of the few pictures she her face is actually shown because well look at that mug. The only way she can “pay” for photo shoots is by getting naked and servicing the photographer, and she has never had a paid modeling job. This girl is pathetic and finally no need for her to be in OC anymore, back to the trailer park in reno with the rest of the trash.

JV this chick sounds perfect for you. For some reason every time JV bangs a chick she goes to rehab. Maybe that is what Brittney needs — sex with JV.- nik

Rylin Wolfe


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s the biggest piece of shit you will ever meet Rylin Wolfe, he likes to beat the shit out of girls. He threatened to kill my 8 year old sister and mom if they tried to stop him from robbing our house he also threatened to beat the shit out of my girlfriends knowing she was pregnant at the time. This piece of shit hates me because he’s jealous of me and thinks I do shit with his girlfriend even tho I strongly disslike her. If you see this piece of shit you should just beat his ass he can’t fight worth shit he always gets his ass beat but yet is always trying to fight anyone over the littlest thing just to try and prove him self because he’s jealous of everyone. Iv never met anyone that has no friends at all. I don’t even think this fools mom loves him because he beats her and is terrified of him, this piece of shit is mostly probably somewhere in stead or downtown reno trying to fight whoever he can

Tweaking Baby Killer Trent Getty


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Trent Getty. Trent is 23 and just got arrested last month for killing his 2 month old baby. He took his daughter to the hospital because “she fell out of her swing” and left her to go on the run. The doctors then figured out that he shook or beat this poor baby girl to death. Trent is just as big as a piece of sh*t as he looks like. He is a druggie, a woman beater, and a cheater. He is the defintion of scum. I dont understand how so many girls have fallen for his lame ass games. He will be telling one girl he loves her while another is asleep in bed next to him. He already has another daughter that he never takes care of or sees. This scumbag needs to be put on blast and everyone who doesnt already know about what he has done, needs to know. And he will hopefully get what he deserves in prison.

Just say NO to drugs, even weed.- nik

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