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Failed Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cristina Villagomes is a 31 year old failed stripper she has never worked at a strip club she’s about 5’9 190 pounds what she really does for money is she has this 21 year old guy she claims is her boyfriend but he treats her like if he’s her pimp they go and rob men at motels Cristina aka Costa from Corona Ca makes ads on craigslist and sets up locations she offers her “stripper” services and upon arrival she robs her victims while her pimp waits in the car she’s a drunk mother of 2 but her main concern is her 21 year old pimp she also soliciting under age females on Facebook to pimp out and also drivers rob them for their money this dirty female should be in prison she also seems to be mentally disturbed Rejected Stripper

You People Still Think Brittanya’s Ghost Is Rented


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, all these people were talking bad about Brittanya and how she only makes 250 per IG post… well that really doesn’t add up because she makes thousands. With over 4.2 million followers on her IG she clears 5k per advertising she does. Thats why she still has the Ghost, has the HUGE mansion with her brand on the gate(it means she owns the home and not renting it)… so just keep saying IG Modeling is not a career.

She needs to charge more. Kylie Jenner gets 100-150k per Instagram “influencer” post.- nik



Dawn Bowen it’s time to grow up


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like you to meet Dawn Bowen. This slore with only a face a mother can love hasn’t realized that she is middle age and still dresses like she thinks she is 20-something, doing skanky things, and all around being a shitty person. I’m sick of watching her harass other people online when she can’t even get her sh*t together herself. Dawn darling: put some clothes on, your perm is from the 90s, you are too old to be dressing like that and acting the way you do. Grow up old lady. I’m 30 and more mature than you.

Mary Louise Love Needs To Stay In Riverside


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Mary Louise from Riverside, CA gives the word piece of work a new meaning.  She has a different scam than most.  She uses her endearing looks and persona to hook men in.  She is disguising herself on sites like Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Daddy For Me, and from time to time I catch her on back page and Eros escorts.  She plays the victim and lures men with her witty lies.  She pretends she is a victim of her past and how money and materialistic items are the furthest from what she seeks.  She has no heart or remorse she is completely selfish and her only motivation is to use people to party in Vegas and feed her bad drug habit.  BE AWARE of her because she spells the word “love” M.O.N.E.Y. At the end of the day she’s nothing but a RIVERSIDE RAT!!!!!

The Riverside section of this website reminds me of the old Rehab days in Las Vegas.- nik

OK Cupid Stalker Daveluuv


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LITERALLY messaged each other back and forth 8 times. Spoke on the phone for 20minutes in the same night. Decided I was NO LONGER INTERESTED and never responded back the next morning. This guy literally called and text me about 15 times and I finally answered and let him know I wasn’t interested and for him to please stop contact. He called and left threatening voicemails, voicemails where he was only breathing heavily :?, and texts me calling me a slut nigga and saying he’s going to make me his slave? LOL WTF Also saying he wants to meet up to fight one of my guy friends who answered and told him to back off! He called back to back for God knows how long. BEWARE OF THIS CREEP HE IS A STALKER AND SOUNDS DANGEROUS  , HE’S STILL ACTIVE ON THE WEBSITE EVEN THOUGH I REPORTED HIM SO WATCH OUT! APPARENTLY HE’S 25, LIVES IN EL CAJON CA, I CAN STILL SEE THAT HE VIEWS MY PROFILE FREQUENTLY

Gina Magnolia Mancini the Fraud


THE DIRTY ARMY: Poor Jenna, her and Gina’s photo shop fails are ridiculous, that being said, at least Gina has stopped using Australian singer Jade Angela’s pics as if they were Gina. Truth about Gina is, she isn’t married, she isn’t a stripper or escort, she isn’t even a nurse! She is 100% crazy though! Can you really be a bff if you’ve only met once? Jenna needs to drop this crazy chick and find better friends!

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