Hot Selfie at Pet Burial


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I came across this on Facebook. This chick is trying to be “hot” as she buried her dead dog! Who takes a selfie while burying a pet?

Goose is better off dead if this is the mentality of his/her mother.- nik

Don’t Ever Date This Guy


THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Christopher Copeland (Chris). He is a psychopath. Most say he is bipolar. Stay clear! He has two children from two different women. He lost custody of one child because he is an incompetent parent. He is a TOTAL LOSER! His motto is “Life is all about having fun!”. With no responsibility and no accountability. A few years ago he decided to become a Jehovah’s Witness because he fell for a women who was a Witness. So they married and she divorced him after a year because of his relentless verbal abuse. (Jehovah’s are not supposed to divorce. They can always work things out. If they do they are shunned). So she lost all her old friends. And of course he spread the lies about her that she was the crazy one. But he was the one who would email her and beg her to come back. She took her child and left her own home which he moved into. He squatted in her home for 4 months and broke things out of anger because she would not return. He still “practices” to this day. He has not committed to the religion but sure does make up his own rules with heavy drinking and drugs. He seems to be all fun and games, he is very charming. But once you are his the true him comes out! He does not throw punches but he may spit in your face. His verbal abuse is much worse. He only does this behind closed doors or when you are alone (1 on 1). He will call you every name in the book and he will also deny every word. How can you prove anything when no one can hear or see him. In this way he is smart…. was trained very well. He lies more than he realizes and then believes his own lies. When an opportunity strikes he will cheat on you. Often with old friends. He loves to drink and party hard. He is a train wreck! Dont fall for his charm. You will end up with many regrets that you wish you could take back. He will often say he is a “good guy”… but ask yourself if you are a “good guy”… why do you have to tell someone? Stay clear of this LOSER! He will promise you the world and deliver on nothing! Even his best friends say that “Copeland has never done or finished anything he has ever said he was going to do”. Trust all of us, It will be your own funeral!

Wayne Rinker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put Wayne Rinker on blast. He has a habit of browsing Craig’s List for trannies and wasting time. He’s also married and was busted by his idiot wife. This dude is a jerk and tried to use his company credit card to buy condoms and the card was of course declined.

I’m Surprised This Case Didn’t Get National Attention

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sick and tired of the media sensationalizing the race components of the Trayvon Martin case. In response to the question, “What if Trayvon were white and Zimmerman were black” I urge you to look up the case of Roderick Scott. He was a 42 year old black male that shot a 17 year old unarmed white teenager for breaking into cars on his street. Mr. Scott was the size of an NFL linebacker, and shot a scrawny white boy.  This got no media attention, so wanted to show this example so people are aware.

Everything is Black vs. White these days. We are going backwards… FYI- Roderick Scott was found not guilty in 2009.- nik

Creepster Galore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to get the word out on this guy! He works at Wegman’s Grocery in Rocherster, NY and is a major predator! He is so dirty the way that he tries to hit on little girls all the time. I work with him and I’ve seen him in the store getting phone numbers from girls that are 15! He offers to get them cigarettes from work and alcohol. He also talks about how he has the DRD and hope all those little skanks get it. Nik, you have to get this out asap! He’s a danger to everyone!

Cortland Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick amanda is the biggest, most disgusting walking std. The girls 18 and has a body count of at least 29 (last I knew). shes cheated on every bf shes had- my best friend recentlyy being one of them. not to mention from what I hear she has a complete roast beef vagina. and she calls herself a “model”. help me put this her on blast please?

I hope she washed her hands after that.- nik

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