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Yolo County Thot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty thot right here is named Tina…not only is she sellin her azz for whatever she can get ($50 and I got to putt it in her butt) but that hyna runnin mad weight for the local connects in exchange for sex and her dope fix. This thot tryin to say she pregnant by me too?!?! Mayne it can be ANYBODYS! She let me my boy Jose and my boy Danny run train on her! She tellin Danny it’s his too! And I know she was screwin Ruben still too! Claimin she a down azz bitch she loyal she a good woman….yet screwed my boy Danny in HIS GIRLS BED AND tryin to pin that baby on me him and who knows who else! Can’t even get the needle out her arm long enough to go see a doctor! She too busy stealin people’s wallets (like mine) credit cards gift cards anything….Everyone who is fuxxin with her might wanna be careful! I asked her to drop somethin off to my homie and that b**ch set me up and got locked up for a minute! Fresh out YEE! So all y’all homies havin her drive your product around, once she don’t got a use for you, y’all gonna get busted too! Heard A LOT of talk bout the ranch while I was down too! So they already watchin all y’all mofos! I THOUGHT she was cool as hell at first, let me get it in anytime anywhere…..but the last time my shit started burnin afterwards and now I got bumps on my shit from that bitch!

Looking for hand outs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this broad Ana is something else.. Hops from dude to dude dragging her sweet son with her using guys up until she’s ready for another one and moves on. You would think someone 30 years old would have their head out of their ass especially with a kid. Get a f’in job so working people don’t have to pay for your ass to get what you want. She has a horrible attitude and will blame everyone but herself for her problems. She’s a 16 year old stuck in a 30 year olds body. She may be pretty but that’s all she has going for her and that’s why she constantly needs someone taking care of her worthless ass. She’s extremely hateful and has done a lot of f’ed up sh*t to people. Truely evil. There’s Latinas that are traditional and all about family and being faithful to their man. And then there’s Latinas like her. Don’t appreciate anything, only think about themselves, and will do and say anything to look like the victim while trying to totally f’ your life up for sh*ts and giggles. This girl will suck the life out of you literally. For her being such a terrible person her son sure is a sweetheart. Watch out in this town there’s plenty of hoes out tryin to score a free ride. The only thing she’s a victim of is being born such a shitty person. Doesn’t know what it’s like to be a good giving person. She just knows how to take and take and then bail out when she sucks you dry. Her true colors are terrible. I wonder if Isis would recruit her?

Manipulative liar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mace is a lying manipulative woman user, when we started seeing each other he seemed like he liked me he said nice things to me, he took me places, bought be a birthday gift even, then as time when on I felt comfortable enough to do favors for him. For a week I helped him move when no one else would, helped him organize his new place, spent FIVE hours cleaning his apartment so that it felt like a home, because he’s last apartment was absolutely disgusting, I’ve never seen someone who is so lazy. His last apartment was covered in a thick black grime and there were cockroach bodies everywhere and enough dog hair to build two other dogs. Because he is such a disgusting slob the first night I slept with him I got a urin**y tract inf**tion and every time I leave his house after staying the night I’m covered in flea bites. Mace is the ultimate scum bag out there he got injured pretty bad he could move or get up from bed I spent two weeks taking care of him, I brought him food, cleaned up after his dog, kept him company until he was able to do it on his own again. Now after all of this and months of dating I ask him if he wants to make us an official thing and you know what he says a big fat NO. That he doesn’t want a girlfriend he likes being alone and he doesn’t see me as a girlfriend AT ALL! So after everything I did, money I’ve spent taking care of him fixing up his house and him giving me a f***ing UTI he says no. But that’s not what his online dating profile says it says he is looking for a relationship… what a lying piece of s*it. yeah he’s banging some other skank, I caught him! And it was stupid on my part to look the other way.

Brandy the PC Chaser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this losers name is Brandy Porraz, ever since she had her first purple crayon she’s been sprung and can’t get enough. The chick is like 43 and rides her bike all over south sac looking for guys to buy her 4 Loko, cigarettes or crank, but all you gotta do is give here a 4 Loko and the p**sy is yours. chick is straight nympho freak and will get butt naked in your car the second she gets in. Beware b**ch is a thief and has some kind of drd

Chomo Women Beater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag’s name is Sean Stevens. That’s Sean Patrick Frank Stevens to be exact.  FIRST OFF I found emails of him messaging some ten year old or something kid or at least someone claiming to be. They were talking about setting something with a five year old. That’s sick. I forwarded it to my email where he found and deleted it so I couldn’t report it. Second OFF this is just your classic internet dude. HE finds and preys on women who are lonely or desperate on meet me, plenty of fish, or Craig’s list (usually women with kids) and gets in serious relationships with them where he cheats on them repeatedly until they finally get sick of getting choked out all the time until they pass out. He’s the type of guy that WILL open his mouth to a guy and gets his ass beat to a pulp but never learns his lesson (I’ve seen it)  TALKS SO MUCH SHIT ABOUT LGBTQ people. So this douchebag is not only a cheater womanbeater and child molester he is a straight up Hypocrite Also he even steals money from his grandmother who takes care of all his child support accounts that he collected over the years. One time he stole prized jewelry from her dead mother for Weed. Who the he’ll steals sh*t like that for weed? Seriously! Be warned ladies. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELVES AWAY FROM THIS GUY. He has a cold case of douche Don’t fall”


Horse Faced Snitch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Horse Faced Snitch Nikole loves to portray herself as a socialite who has it all. She says all the guys want her, and all the ladies want to be her. Haha, here’s the truth: this horse faced chick is as FAKE as they come. She will sleep with any guy who has a little bit of weed, xanax, and/or her**n.   Her parents pay for everything, and if they say no, she is known to throw full on temper tantrums until she gets her way. Nikole is an extremely jealous person, to the point of giving names to the police to ensure that not only does she stay out of jail, but she also stays getting her way. If someone pisses her off or gets in her way she makes false allegations to get rid of them. Snitching, spending money, and getting high are her favorite things to do when she isn’t too busy having yet another abortion. She’s been scraped so many times, rumor has it the next one is free. She has a boyfriend, but when his funds are tapped out she is out on the prowl for the next guy who can feed her drug habit and will allow her to max out his credit card. Her boyfriend is so whipped he doesn’t even realize she’s sucking someone else’s crusty balls to get high, and sending out naked pics of her 12-year-old boy body to every guy in the greater Sacramento area. She acts like the reason she has no friend’s is because everyone is jealous of her and her lifestyle, but really nobody wants to hang out with a childish, drugged up, self-centered, shit talking, spoiled snitch who constantly is out to prove she is hot shit. From her inbred barnyard looks to her generic “HBIC” personality, Nikole is someone to avoid entirely unless you want to end up in some unnecessary dramatic situation created to feed her ego.


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