Jess The Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Jess is dating my brother. I never liked her. She was always bragging about her sexual experiences and how she was bisexual and smoked weed and this and that. She was so full of herself. Well she had the nerve to come in my home and steal my sons medication and trade it for weed. It went missing the same day she was here but she denied it. She told a mutal friend who then told me. I threatened to call the cops and she started crying saying she was broke and all this crap. My brother feeling sorry for her begged me not to get the police involved so I didn’t. I know I should have but I have pitty on her.

What is with the bowling ball dots?- nik

She Pursues your Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. she dated my husband 15 years ago. He broke up with her to re-marry me. When our kids were grown she sent him 15 years of letters she had been saving for him. According to her emails, she had been following us for all those years. We now have restraining orders because of the escalation in threats to MY life for not “giving him back to her”. This is just one of the pics she sent my husband in an attempt to get him to leave me. Every man she has ever dated she assumes their last name almost immediately; she has several alias’s. Beware, she is dangerous! if she decided she is better for a man she will stop at nothing to get rid of the woman he is with….

Rebecca the Biker Chick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick right here is named Rebecca. She is one of the easiest girls in Sac. She hangs around the clubby just waiting to get “free” pepsi and drinks in exchange for a quickie with one of the guys. She loves sending vids and pics of her playing with herself. And trust me we all have watched them. Looks like more then one biker has been there. She is sprung on one of the guys who has been with the same girl for years. The funny thing is he tells us she is just a fun f** and keeps her around for entertainment. Anyways, if you need a good time and have coke. Find her and she will reward you.

Tran-e- Wreck Nicole Langwell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this he/she is the worst, narcissistic, pathetic person ever. She has a 8 year old daughter that she constantly says to other people she never wanted. He /she tried to get his sorry excuse of a mother to abort her, but she didn’t. But anyways this sick piece of trash troll Craigslist for men to come f her, she doesn’t even look like a girl,not even passable, she just got recently caught by her ex girlfriend who he hit sucking off his so called friend “ghost” aka zeb, but that another story. This he she that goes by the name Nicole langwell needs to be put on blast, and all you t- girl lovers stay clear, she is psycho.

Don’t get a Rash

jason r

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser is the biggest lying 2faced back stabber you’ll ever know. Jason Rash . He had 2 best friends that he mooched off of and took there kindness for weakness. One of them let him stay with him and his family because he was homeless and the thanks he got was Jason sleeping with his wife and getting her pregnant the other friend did everything he could to help him only for Jason to rob him and his grandmother and steal his truck.and to sit there and act like he was going to help find there belongings.

Dirty Babysitter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Anna Duren who runs a daycare center (Anna’s Learning Foundation) out of Natomas. During nap time, and into the middle of the night she is on the search for greg… Including the fathers who bring their children to her daycare! She’ll slip away during “nap time” and have multiple men ram her .. while her husband (yes- she’s MARRIED!!) watches and then licks her clean the men leave… Her tweaker of a mother is constantly around the children too. Scary right? What’s even worse are the nude photos she sends out to the men, married or not- begging for them to bang her.. She’s a walking drd! DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE!

Why go to a country road if your gunna show everyone anyways.- nik

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