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Cosplay Schmoozer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the biggest gold diggin slut there is! She thinks she’s the shit and super sexy! Truth be told, she will sleep with whoever has the most to offer then bag them and move one once she gets board! She needs a pound of makeup to look good but if you see her barefaced she looks like a dog! With a personality to match!! Men beware! She will shmooze you out of anything she can get you for!!

That’s not Cosplay, that’s groupie.- nik

King Douche

jason r

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the biggest 2 faced lieing douche bag of all time. He robbed one of his closest friends and friend grandmother while sleeping wiith another friends wife when he was staying with them cause he had no place to live. He wont get a job just goes around chico stealing from people. It doesn’t matter if your friends or family I’ve seen him steal from you all.

This guy Jeff wont stop hitting on me


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Jeff hits up post in the normal straight people section on craigslist and will ask to give a blow job among other things…watch out ladys he says he is straight but the only thing he is …is straight dirty.. I started talking to him and realized he is just a drunk and Vicodin addict and thats when the calls never stop even blocking dont help..ladys stay away I seen his messages to men , one is my friend that he contacted that I know from work thats how i found out that he is lying about being straight trying to give blow jobs everywhere in Sacramento I only had one picture of him but on craigslist he posted more here he is ladys..

Party Mom Kacey

Randomness 020

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Kacey is the worst. She has a kid (cute little girl), but would rather post photos of herself drinking, partying, hanging out with random d-bags. She must have a great baby sitter. This girl is a total mess. She clearly isn’t getting the good D. She was just messaging my buddy about kickin it while posting about how great date night was going. It literally makes my day when she post her inspirational crap on Facebook or the Gram because it couldn’t be further from the truth. She is the car wreck you have to slow down and check out. She’ll probably be stoked that someone threw her on the dirty.

Turnt Up DJ


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this suppose “hero” is far from what he claims. He may be enlisted in the military but he is evil!!! With an ego that should kill a man, Tyler Bechler, also known in the EDM scene as DJ Le Bek goes around hitting on all his “fans”, and makes enemies along the way. WARNING THOUGH HE WILL WIN YOU OVER AND TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR, but he will fail to mention how he has drd!!!! Funny thing is though he claims to have gotten the drd from his ex gf, who supposedly cheated on him. Thing is, his ex has gotten tested since then, and came up negative. Hmmmmmm sounds like he may have some dirty little secrets. Promotion companies should steer clear of trying to hire him on for events too. Seems that he is nothing but drama and a royal pain, especially when he gets an opening time slot. He WILL throw a b***h fit. Consider yourselves warned ladies and gents.

Hide your boyfriends and Hide your Dolls


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for your toys when this strange comes around or this will happen Robdy Dog Dolly will steal your dolls and they will end up like this I’m so blessed to be spending Valentine’s day with the girl I love. Ever since I first met Raferella at Sunday Funday when Clover was drinking booze out of her vagina it was love at first sight. I rescued her from the abuse of ratchet hoes at a filthy dope house and we’ve been madly in love ever since. After a lot of time together I realized it more than Stockholm syndrome. The only girl I ever met with any intelligence whatsoever and that doesn’t really say much. I’ve shared many good memories and many needles with her. She’s always thirsty. I love you Rafe. We are totally the new Whitney and Bobby. . Robby Dog Dolly keep away from this skagg

He should give Mac tutorials.- nik

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