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Lizbeth Bravo and Gerado Need a Reality Check


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Liz was not happy at all about being exposed on TheDirty. It was quite funny actually she deleted her Instagram and deactivated her Facebook. But not for long. She and her boyfriend Gerado will do anything for the Gram and to keep up the facade they have going. The house they supposedly own is actually my brother-in-laws, and they rent it from him for dirt cheap. I mean it’s YUBA CITY come on now. This couple is sad, desperate and pathetic. Liz instead of constantly posting selfies inside your “new home” tend to your kid. Stop living your life for the gram when everyone in town already knows what frauds you and Gerado are. Seriously just love your life in quiet and peace. Also stop lying about what Gerado does for work we all know what the scumbag does for his cash..

What does Gerado do for work? I wont be able to sleep tonight if you don’t tell me.- nik

Lucas Maneno Stole my Fiance


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is Maried and hit on and stole my fiancé. He has at least two children and is in the middle of the sale of his company. His company signed paperwork voiding him from hanging out with her thru the sale of there company. Her name is “Kelli Connors” she is an ex stripper from centerfolds. And was living with a slore and her pimp when I met her. The both of them indulge inpepsi and Xanax on a regular basis. He owns a company called capital digital witch he is trying to sell.

Kayla Valentine Mother Of The Year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of trash Kayla Danae Valentine is the worst mother on the planet, She is too busy getting wasted and f**king anything that will give her coke to raise her son. She will litteraly drop off her son with her parents to jump on a plane to Cabo to catch some strange greg, renting a “room” and having a car in her parents name, she can’t seem to take care of herself much less her kid!! I guess the American version of c***da isn’t good enough for her!! She needs the international variety!!

Stalker Alert


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has been stalking me since last october i have had enough she has no life and pretends to be a model exploiting other models when she doesnt get her way if someone doesnt give her free shoots or cannabis she acts like she is innocent when in reality she is psychotic the biggest drama starter and stalker i have ever encountered i changed my number and she texted me and blasted it on craigslist acting like it was going to hurt my feelings she also goes to all my friends acting sweet and nice then wants to talk shit all day she wants any attention even if it negativity she even has her own fan page

Taylor Carrick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Carrick she’s 21. she is the dirtiest girl ever. She has tons of guys on her dick even though she’s tubby as fck . She is a super lying cheating whore bag cunt. She will do everything in her power to have 10,000 backup dudes always has a rebound. Her friends are nasty as fck. She clamins to know everything and gives advice to people when she’s doing the same shit . she does hard core drugs M*** and is drinking her life away. She lives off her mommy’s money and is really pathetic I’ve only been in her life for about a year or so but its been the grossest time of my life . she likes everything to do with sex if she’s not getting in she will find it and will fuck anything that moves and she claims to be this little innocent cute girl when’s she’s fucking ur man/best friend/ex bf. She likes me to pee on her. She’s a fucking freak and a disgusting creature . I’m a guy and I would never fck her again with a 10 foot pole. She cares more about her cat than a human being. Don’t ever trust this hoe she will destroy your life forever . she’s controlling she’s pychso if you see this chick stay far away from her she’s in every town be aware.

Paradise Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty skanky mother is Krystal. Bitch is so nasty she doesn’t care if her man sleeps around she so pathetic she still begs for him to fck her. Don’t blame the dude for cheating on the cow after she’s pushed three kids out her sloppy rank ass p*ssy! This bitch will suck dick for drugs just hit her up if you want a sloppy bj from thee sloot her poor me shit online are a straght up riot get over it your man left you your fat ass is lucky he stayed that long She thinks she’s perfect too dumb slut has no idea what people really think of her. This chick is covered in trench marks too it gross. She probably begs for his d cuz she can’t pay the bills on her own lazy ass cow. This bitch needs a reality check Nik.

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